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Youtube is a commonly used website with streaming videos; it has a growing collection of anything that you could possibly imagine. And one of the best things is anyone can make their own channel and upload their own videos. I'm sure most of the members have heard or visited youtube before, but I've complied some of my very favorite youtube celebrities and videos that I watch alot.

Extra info: Hey guys! I’m Katie and one of the newly selected staff members here at L&L. I am 18 (19 in november!) and I've started college this fall majoring in nursing. I live in Tennessee, and try to find the good in everything. It’s nice to meet you all. :].


hayleyghoover : Hayley’s videos usually have me rofl-ing. She’s creative and fun to watch. Check out her channel for more vids. She has an annoyances series going on, and often does Broadway songs.

This video is one of my favorites to watch. This little girl summarizes Star Wars.

'Charlie bit me' I believe this video won a you tube award for cutest video.

This is that classic clip from MTV’s “NEXT” where the girl falls off of the bus.

davedays : This is daveday’s parody of the Miley Cyrus song ‘7 things’. Check out his channel for more hilariously funny videos.


Marie Digby : She has an album out right now called 'Unfold'. Her song 'Say it Again' is in circulation on the radio. Marie' also has covered 'Gimme More' 'Umbrella' and 'Makes Me Wonder' on her channel.

Tyler Hilton : Shameless plugging for my favorite artist of all time. He plays Chris Keller on One Tree Hill, and has played Elvis in Walk the Line, and was Murphy in Charlie Bartlett. His new album is coming out very soon, no date yet, and he's amazing live.

Amy Kuney : Amy Kuney is one of my other favorite unknown artists of all time. Her lyrics are captivating, and her album ‘Birds Eye View’ is fabulous. Check out her channel or her myspace (myspace.com/amykuney) for more songs of hers.

Julia Nunes : Julia Nunes covers many different songs. Some of my favorites of hers are ‘Her Majesty’ by the Beatles and ‘Survivor’ by Destiny’s Child. She also writes her own music too.

Ingrid Michaelson - I’m sure most of heard of her. This is one of her songs that is in the movie ‘The House Bunny’. I’m in love with it atm.




fiveawesomegirls : this is a year long project of 5 different girls who each vlog on one day during the week. They are over half done with it now, and I feel like I’m sort of friends with them just from watching and keeping up with their videos this past year.




This is one of my videos. It’s my music video to the song ‘Honey Honey’ from the musical ‘Mamma Mia!’ Yes I’m pimping out myself :]. Check it out. I should have a new one up in the next few weeks. girlygirlk8e.

Any other videos you like to watch? Post a link in the comments!
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