an old-fashioned girl in a modern world. (sunday_best) wrote in __loveandlattes,
an old-fashioned girl in a modern world.

five tips for a better you.

1. Bored on Facebook? Upload a picture of yourself. Make sure it's a really happy one.

2. Flirt with everyone, even with people who don't really know. I know, doesn't that sound a little odd? Firstly, it makes everyone feel better, and secondly, just think of it as excellent practice. :)

3. Face it, the days of slow-moving computers remind us of actrocious memories of dial-up. However, it doesn't have to be that way. Make an effort to clean your computer's files every night, and defragmate once a month, at least. This will keep your computer in top notch shape.

4. Make an effort to read one book a week. And bookmark/set your homepage to the news so you can constantly stay informed and in the know (msnbc is a good one.)

5. Don't forget to smile at strangers and to tip your local Starbucks barista. ♥
Tags: advice: life, poster: vanessa
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