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Heroes 3.03 Discussion Post

Heroes Season 3, Episode 3 Discussion Post

3.01 - One of Us, One of Them
Aired 29 September 2008 on NBC

We start where we left off last week with this exchange between Sylar and Mrs. Petrelli:

Sylar: You are not my mother.
Mrs. P: But I am, dear...
I should never have given you up for adoption.

Mrs. P gives Sylar a woman with the ability to see the history of any object she touches, so he can add that to his list. She pairs Mr. Bennet, aka 'HRG', with Sylar to recapture the escaped 'villains'. They, along with Peter trapped in Jesse's body rob a bank, and wait for HRG to show up so they can have revenge. However, one of them realises Jesse is not Jesse, due to Peter's lame attempts to act as him. HRG turns up and Peter manages to use Jesse's ability of.. shouting really really loudly? Future!Nathan arrives to get Peter out of Jesse's body leaving HRG in trouble. Sylar comes and kicks butt, but can't resist grabbing Jesse's brain power.

Hiro & Ando follow the 'Speedster' to Berlin where they find they can't use their powers because the Haitian is there to make an exchange. They try to get the formula back but end up in the compound. Tensions are growing between the pair.

Tracy plays with her ice power and goes to see Nathan about 'Nikki'. She goes to see Nikki's body and meets Micah, who tells her she and his mum were born in the same hospital on the same day by a Dr. Zimmerman, who she then goes to visit.

Parkman is in Africa doing a spirit walk, with man who has painted scenes from his life all over the desert. He paints Parkman's new future carrying the body of what looks like Daphne. At the end it seems he's sharing his painting ability with Parkman.

Claire asks her mum to teach her how to fight, but it backfires.. mom unleashes some mental torture and gets Claire to admit to wanting to hurt Sylar rather than helping people. Tension ensues between hre two 'moms'.

Discussion Points:

Nikki possibly has cloned sisters. Cool or lame?

Hiro & Ando arguing makes me sad, what about you guys?

What do we think of Sylar being Mrs. P's son?

Other thoughts?
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