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The first and only Mikey Kennerty Community

because you know he's the man!

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Mike Kennerty is a guitarist of a band called These Enzymes and is also a guitarist for another band called The All-American Rejects. Join, spread the word...introduce new people to Mikey. Post more entries, we can't let this community die out! Even if it's not Mikey-related, I'm sure that all of us would like to know about the people in this community so post! Promote for us too, the code is below in that box, just copy and paste!

made by realitydistortd

I don't really have any rules except you HAVE to like either AAR or These Enzymes, or both. Also, wherever you can, mention this community in other communities and such because we need to make it grow!!

If anyone has any good pics of Mikey, send them to me at bloodclots_blackholes@yahoo.com.

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