Mikey is in the new Alt. Press magazine (with Weezer on the cover), he's on page 26 along with the rest of AAR. Also in the issue, there's a special with a bunch of band members from certain bands telling you where to go if you go on a road trip. He contributes to that. If someone can get scans, and post them here, that would be great!

Also if you have any Mikey icons, send them to me at bloodclots_blackholes@yahoo.com or leave them in my LJ. I have some, but they are bitmap so they won't work on here. If anyone can convert them, that would be cool :) Do you think this community could be better? Is there something you don't like, like the layout? Give me feedback! Also, if you have any good pictures that I can put in the userinfo, please send them my way! Do you guys like the ones in there? Do you think there are better ones? Well send them to me!

Okay there's my post, talk to you guys later! Start posting things! What's Mikey's fav. color? Pictures you've found, stories, how you like/dislike These Enzymes, why, etc.

[EDIT: I found this website with an interview with Nick and Mike of AAR, and it's got great pics so go! Also I found this page, it has a few sentences on Mikey. And new pics in the userinfo!]
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(no subject)

alright did anyone else get an xmas greeting from aar.
it was adorable.
everyone looked different besides chris
wearing his awesome green sort of fishing hat looking hat mwuahah
but anyway they were drinking hot coco as what it seems like and they were acting like rich people etc etc it was awesome..
if you want it sent to you reply with your email.

it will put a smile on your face
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wow you have my mikey site on this community.
i unfortunately can't pay for it due to no credit card so it will be closing. maybe if i can talk my dad into renewing it.
i will miss designing it.
oh well i can represent here on this lj community

im new also.
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Old thing but decided to post it anyway

There is an article about These Enzymes in Alt Press # 191.1. It's the "Warped" issue...the one with 4 guys on the cover, depends on which one you got...you probably already knew this, didn't you? But anyway it's on page 30, in 'Low Profiles'. That issue is old and not in stands anymore...but if you are really obsessed with Mikey you can get it at AltPress.com...it has the bunny picture.

[Also...get the new Taking Back Sunday cd...and buy the new My Chemical Romance cd for me...and don't buy Ashlee Simpson's cd...I don't have it but she is dumb.]
conor n tim game

What more is there to distort?


Which I'm pretty excited about cos Mike's THE MAN!

Anyway, i've been lurking THIS tour journal from the kids of Feable Weiner for a while now, and they've got a couple of pictures up of the guys from AAR and 'specially Mike. There haven't been any recent tour dates for These Enzymes. Which is a major bummer. I really, really, really wanted to see them play. But, FW's tourjournal will sort of give you a look-see at what the AAR guys are up to.

Anyone know when the new C.D. for The AAR kids are coming out?
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Anything new?

Hey...I'm the mod...I changed names, yeah I know this community is not the best but keep on pimpin' it. Thanks for everyone posting stuff on Mike, I really don't know much about him because there is really nothing there (all I see is Tyson and Nick stuff) so yeah. But if you have any good pictures of Mike send them to me at keepingquietishard@yahoo.com or just leave the url in a comment. Does anyone know what Mike is up to? Well I'm gonna go now. Bye.
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fran get hit and falls to reach you(peng

atleast mike's kept busy ;)


their band (chris and mike) while nick and tyson are off recording.

don't send annoying emails. the music's for harsh hardcore emo/screamo fans only. not for the light of heart.

if you haven't heard of sparta, saosin, end this week with knives, alexisonfire, at the drive-in, pretty girls make graves or death from above or such. don't bother checking them out.

but please do support our boy mikey anyway and bare the thought of losing your eye's once only virginity.
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