April 11th, 2005


Mikey is in the new Alt. Press magazine (with Weezer on the cover), he's on page 26 along with the rest of AAR. Also in the issue, there's a special with a bunch of band members from certain bands telling you where to go if you go on a road trip. He contributes to that. If someone can get scans, and post them here, that would be great!

Also if you have any Mikey icons, send them to me at bloodclots_blackholes@yahoo.com or leave them in my LJ. I have some, but they are bitmap so they won't work on here. If anyone can convert them, that would be cool :) Do you think this community could be better? Is there something you don't like, like the layout? Give me feedback! Also, if you have any good pictures that I can put in the userinfo, please send them my way! Do you guys like the ones in there? Do you think there are better ones? Well send them to me!

Okay there's my post, talk to you guys later! Start posting things! What's Mikey's fav. color? Pictures you've found, stories, how you like/dislike These Enzymes, why, etc.

[EDIT: I found this website with an interview with Nick and Mike of AAR, and it's got great pics so go! Also I found this page, it has a few sentences on Mikey. And new pics in the userinfo!]
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