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Outisde waiting in the cold..

Kiss me once in the snow, I swear it never get's old.

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All Members , Moderated

Read the Fucking rules
♥ No age limit
♥ Don't be a gangsta bitch
♥ No nude pics
♥ LJ cut the application
♥ Make the subject line Sexy Llamas.
♥ You can promote communitys here, as long as you promote us to 2 places and show proof.

This community is now based on music as well. IF you like shitty music, don't fucking apply. WE judge on everything. Not just looks, not just music, the whole deal, And We're going to be completely honest, and harsh. If you don't like it, don't fucking apply. okay?

Theme's will change about every month.
This months theme:80's
Next theme we will take suggestions

The mod squad

If you have any questions you can contact us on AIM


real_phenomenon Danielle

Aim: RealxphenomenonX


sew_myself_shut Jenn a.k.a henn a.k.a helen

Aim: Gerardismyhmeboy

midgetxpie Kayleigh

Aim: Livninhysteria

thepenguinremix Patrick

Aim: Ali3n AnT FarM X

Join our sister community.____pinkchaos


Back to the Basics

♣ Name:
♣ Age:
♣ Location:
♣ sXe? ( This is Straight Edge Not Sex )
♣ Do you have a bf/gf/crush currently?(names are always kinda intersting..)


♣ Band(s):
♣ Day of the year:
♣ Movies:
♣ Toy:
♣ Town:

Other questions.

♣Why do you want to be a part of this community?
♣Give us a sob story:
♣Why did the chicken cross the road?
♣How much wood would a wood chuck, chuck, if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
♣ What do you think of the mods?
♣ Would you take a bullet for your best friend?
♣ Have you ever eaten a crayon?
♣What do you think nizzle means?

Last But NOT least
♣ A picture of someone hot:
♣ Minimum of four pics:(at least 2 CLEAR face pictures)
♣Promote to at least 3 places and show proof. If not get at least one new member to apply.


doughnutnazi (Kristin)Application.

americanphysco8 (Kelsee)Application.
showmeyatitties (Ben)
justjessica9795 (Jessica)Application.
_broken_hearts (Rachel)Application.
pinkroxmyboxers (Brad)Application.
color_me_lovely (Ashley)Application.
slowlyploturend (Katlan)Application.
back_stab_mex (Brittany)Application.
judeecancer (Judee)Application.
___lix (Liz)Application.
I would like to give thanks to thepenguinremix (Patrick) for helping us make the icon and promotion banner


Promote with.


If you get ACCEPTED!

If you get REJECTED!