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sexy llamas!

Back to the Basics

♣ Name:
♣ Age: 16

♣ Location: Davie, Florida (s. florida)
♣ sXe? ( This is Straight Edge Not Sex )  nah
♣ Do you have a bf/gf/crush currently?(names are always kinda intersting..) yes..i have a b/f 


♣ Band(s): i have many, but to name a few..something corparate (not spelt right...im a bad speller)
, bright eyes, brand new, jack's manniquin, the starting line, mest, my chemical romance...
♣ Day of the year: halloween, thanksgiving, and christmas

♣ Movies: anything with johnny deep or adam sandler
♣ Toy: uhhh...blocks
♣ Town: i havent been to many towns...so ill say...hollywood (fl)

Other questions.

♣Why do you want to be a part of this community?  looks like fun!

♣Give us a sob story: the past June, one of my good friends was killed in a motorcycle accident. he was on the palmetto and lost control of the bike and crashed into one of the walls...he had just turned 16 10 days before
♣Why did the chicken cross the road? the get to the other side, of course!
♣How much wood would a wood chuck, chuck, if a wood chuck could chuck wood? 57
♣ What do you think of the mods? they seem AWESOME!
♣ Would you take a bullet for your best friend? of course
♣ Have you ever eaten a crayon? i dont think so...i choked on a pennt when i was little though
♣What do you think nizzle means? nose?

Last But NOT least
♣ A picture of someone hot: that i know?ummm...i dont have a picture of him..im sorry...but i promise..hes HOTT!! a celb:

johnny deep..ah! and matt damon..but no pictures of him :(

♣ Minimum of four pics:(at least 2 CLEAR face pictures)


rock on!

one in color...(not the real date btw)

me and my best friend britni

♣Promote to at least 3 places and show proof. If not get at least one new member to apply.


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