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Hi, I’m looking for people who actually comment and read what I have to say. ♥

I’m a lovely, lovely female who has been in this crazy world for a whole 19 years. Wowza. You can call me awesome, but most people call me Elea. ;)

I’m a little crazy at times, but really… who isn’t? The best of artists are always crazy in some regard, so I’m sincerely hoping that will make my writing proportionally awesome.

I don’t watch much TV, but when I do flick it on, I love watching shows like Criminal Minds, Big Bang Theory, and So You Think You Can Dance (both Canadian and American shows).

You’ll usually find me listening to some sort of music, often nifty stuff like Lemongrass, The Beatles, HIM, or Rose Melberg… to name but a few.

Other cool things about me? I play piano, I’m in love with video games (especially the good oldies like Chrono Trigger and Lunar – yes, the one for Sega CD), and poetry rules the world.

So yeah. I’m a pretty cool kid, if I do say so myself. Let’s be friends. ♥

[I'm friends only, so comment on my journal to be added. Thanks!]

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