just another face in the crowd (nameless4fame) wrote in __love__me,
just another face in the crowd

Add me?

My name is Cathy.
I am 25 years old.
My birthday is June 21.
My eyes are blue, sometimes light, sometimes dark.
My heritage is Polish, German, and Hungarian.
I live in Brigantine, NJ.
I’ll try anything once.
I’m afraid of birds, feet, and death.
I hardly ever make sense.
I say words like "um" and "i dunno" way too much.
I have my Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education.
I'm obsessed with hearts, stars, and music notes.
I love sushi.
I love the colors black and pink.
I love to sing.
Sometimes I act too much like a girl, but is that a bad thing?
Little kids are adorable.
I enjoy candles and warm blankets.
I am an aunt.
I will forever be a Hanson fanatic and theres nothing you can do about it.
I love thunderstorms.
I like to dance in the rain.
I love lying on the ground looking at the stars.
I love roller coasters.
I like turning my music up loud.
I like stickers.
I've been playing the flute for 13 years.
I've been playing the guitar for 8 years (and I still suck).
I'm slowy learning to play the piano.
I've always wanted to learn to play the drums.
I love swings.
I have 9 piercings.
I am a Godmother.
I love the beach.
I have 6 tattoos.
I love 90’s cartoons.
I don't like fake people.
I'm outgoing, loud and crazy.
Yet at the same time I'm shy, and keep to myself.
I'm scared of getting hurt.

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