September 22nd, 2010

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The name is Jessica.
19 years old.
Part time Build a Bear employee - Full time College Student.
Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy VII/VIII,IX,X,XII, and Dissidia obsessed.
I idolize Quinton Flynn, Ellen Degeneres, Gordon Ramsay, and Haley Joel Osment <3
Disney is like the most amazing place in the world and I'm obsessed with all of the movies/characters.
My friends and family are my life. I'll do anything for them.
My dream is to one day voice act. Its the only thing I've ever WANTED to do.
My major is psychology and minor is criminal justice. Ever seen Criminal Minds? Thats what I'm planning to do with myself.
My journal is full of random fanfictions, rants, and posts about my obsessions. Sometimes about random moments in life, and rarely pictures. But I do love photography.
I obsess over movies and videogames. You love it, I know. =]
I do like yaoi. I will post it in my journal. If you don't like yaoi, I apologize for that.
I have a tonnnn more useful information in my FRIENDS ONLY entry in my journal. If you wanna read that, go on ahead. Might give you a better description then I can XD Lists my favorite bands and movies and whatnot.
I like everyone. Even if we have nothing in common I'll love you, I promise =D

Lets be friends, okay? =]