November 6th, 2009


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22 3/16/87 I'm a pisces! Wooo
St. Louis, MO
Meaningful music, poetry, going to the movies, PS3 (Yes, I rock the controller),
dancing, writing, drawing, art period,
listening to people, caring about someone, browsing the mall, going to grocery stores late at night, adult swim-Family Guy, ATHF, Inuyuasha, Robot Chicken, Def Poetry, Blood +, too many animes to name
University of Missouri-Columbia aka Mizzou Tigers grrr
December grad 2009!!..Yeah right...I'll be in school when I'm getting retirement checks messing around with my majors (Psychology and Sociology).

I'm a very laid back. Goofy. Open. Expressive. Appreciative. Comededic. Sarcastic. Analytical. Logical. Always laughing. Brutally Honest. Opinionated. Sometimes Shy. Sometimes Quiet. Moody. Nonchalant. Unusually calm in "panic" situations. Melodramatic. Affectionate. Self Confident. Self-Content. I believe in telling the truth even if it hurts. Not brash, but tact. Alert...dude..I could go on, but I'm starting to bore myself so I can only IMAGINE what you're going through, if you even made it this far lmao

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