September 28th, 2009


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Name: Mariana
Age: 19 (going for 20)
Location: Santiago, Chile

Not shy, but may not say a word if I don't find
2nd year nursing student, Love it!, though is kind of stressful at times, I'm starting my first clinical practice next tuesday
Native spanish speaker, english autodidact, very very very basic german (but working on that)
I don't like growing up though I'm not afraid to take responsibilities
I love music and movies , I relax drawing, I like reading and writing I dislike doing sports (I used to be a good athlete but now I can0t because my knees)
I used to play the piano
I have a tendency to bad luck incidents
I have lupus
I do not like twilight, thank you (though I don't care if you like it, just don't try to convince me it is the best novel ever written)
I do like stuff like asimov and ann rice
I can't stand studying without noise pollution.
I like learning new things
A bit ambigue looking in some circunstances
I'm addicted to sugar
I'm addicted to chocolate
I'm addicted to playfish games in facebook (restaurant city, country story)
my mother, boyfriend and friends suspect me to have ADHD
my mother and friends suspect me to have OCD
my reumatologist suspect me to have anorexia and will ask related question every time he sees me..... btw I don't
I'm quite skinny (my weight varies from 108 to 110 ad I'm 5´7´´)
In classes I'm always drawing and my writing is awful and then when I have to study I don't understand what I meant to write and I have to decipher my notes with help of my drawings
I should be studying instead of writing this :B


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                     AN INTRODUCTORY-LIKE POST

I'm starting a new journal but I've been in lj since 2006. I like reading other people's journal I try to comment if I have time (I usually have stressful weeks) I want to get to really know the people in my flist :D

feel free to add me : )

PD: I apologize for x-posting!
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