February 17th, 2009


(no subject)

my name is jamie. i live in california, but i hate it. id rather be where you are: in europe, in the appalachia, in seattle, in nyc. i want difference in my life, i want to be elsewhere (figuratively and mentally). i wish i was older. i wish i was beautiful. i will argue everything, trying not to insult you the whole time. i wish i was nicer, i wish i was stronger. i am a runner, im not very tall (5'7) to be tall. i wish i was less arrogant, i spend two much time reading teen vogue & nylon. im blonde. my favorite movies consist of: tristan & isolde, i am legend, back to the future, girl interrupted, harry potter, ice age, seven pounds, gran torino, pride & prejudice, pretty in pink, the shining, night of the living dead. i have blue/green/gray eyes. i wish i was paler. i wish to be in love, i dont believe it will ever happen to me. i believe in God and i believe in music: nirvana, david bowie, fray, three days grace, cold war kids, green day, beatles, killers, this providence, queen, yellowcard. i have brown spots on my back. i want to study philosophy, history, & literature at columbia or univ. of washington. i cant spell. i dont care if you dont believe or like anything i believe or like. i dont care about how many friends i have. i want people to read all the stupid things i write, to comment on all my failures & shortcommings. i want to read what you have to say to the world. i want someone to wake me from this stupor. i dont want to want.