January 29th, 2009


hey lovely, you should add me.

hey! ♥

whatsup?! i'm eighteen years old. i live in ireland. i enjoy photography, art, makeup, reading & sewing. i have no idea what to do with my life. i'm saving my virginity until marriage. i LOVE old 80s movies - hairspray, st. elmo's fire, etc. i listen to most kinds of music, except rap. i'll only listen to that when i'm stoned. i spend all my money on clothes, i ♥ shopping. i spend way too much time online! my favorite color is pink. i am super pale without makeup&tan. i'm really forgetful. pretty much all my friends irl are guys. i've been told by most girls that i'm a bitch, but i'm actually really nice once you get to know me. i definitely want to live in the USA someday, hopefully san francisco.
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