January 6th, 2009


My name is Paul and my entries tend to be quite lengthy, I read other journals on occasion but usually stick to my own, so if you enjoy reading a large detailed story that’s almost episodic in nature then I'd say putting yourself on my friends list is a good idea. I'm a 20 year old Mainer, I've had my ups and my fair share of downs, the story is emotional but It's made me tough.

I'm a Wrestling fan and writer by nature, I don’t know if my life will go down one of those paths, but it's worth mentioning, I want to do some short stories in the future and you can expect to see them posted in my journal no doubt. My journal is friends only but most likely I’ll add you no questions asked.

Lastly one of my biggest Idols is superman and I can honestly say through all the tough times allbeit he's fictional the morals and lessons you can learn by following a true hero can make a life better.

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