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Ah, Sweet Transmiddle Earthual

Lord of the Picture Show- LOTR/RHPS role play
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We mixed, we mashed, and then...well we ended up with this crap.

Welcome to The Lord of the Picture Show...

Three rings for the Elven kings on the moon drenched shores of Transsexual...
Seven for the dwarf lords in their six inch heels....
Nine for the race of men, doomed to die virgins. ..
And one for Frank N Furter, just because....

One day, while Frank was in his lab, he accidently slipped and fell into the sonic transducer. The sonic transducer was accidently set off. Thus sending , thanks to a Mary Sue “falling” into Middle Earth at the same time, the world of Rocky Horror into Middle Earth. The two worlds melded together and became one. This caused cross dressing Elves and pointy eared domestics and so on. Many questions remain...who was this elusive Sue? Is she the one trying to stop the Rocky Horror cast and the fellowship to set everything back to "normal" again? Or is it a darker force that just discovered the joys of cross dressing?

Da Rules...

1) Be kind to others

2) You can NOT be a canon character, be creative! You may be related to one or something like that. Also, you may “speak” for a canon character though, just do not be one! (For example: You may be Frank’s Auntie B but you may not be Gimli. Also, you may make a post about Arwen’s very secret thoughts about Janet, but you may not be Janet or Arwen)

3) Though, this is very AU, the laws of canon still somewhat applies! You can’t make Frank have a soft, selfless side but you may pair him up with Merry and Pippin (as long as he’s still the Frank we all know and love). Little things like that, other wise, go crazy.

4) Mary Sues will be sporked on sight, unless it is our role play Sue...named Beverawanawen Hope. Also, self-inserts shall be killed ruthlessly. (See the rule above) No one wants to hear about your fantasies about you shagging Frank or Legolas...NO ONE. You may, how ever, pair up Frank and Legolas (see above rule again mortal) blond hair and a tan indeed...

5) Two characters per person limit. For our sake and yours, please put your character’s name in the title. If you are “speaking” for a canon character, please do the same.

6)Stay within the cannon of the role play. Also, if two canon “speaks” posts are posted at the same time and they are featuring the same canon character...there shalt be a vote on which will stay and which shalt be deleted. (Just leave a comment on the one you think is best)The loser shall bring me...a shrubbery! (One that looks nice and isn't too expensive)

7) You may kill off your character and replace it with a different one.

8) PG-13 rateing please, we don't want to disturb any youngins...

9)Any age may join, don't ask...don't tell.

Have fun mortals! Please clean up and lock up once your done.

Yours Indifferently,

nightarcher- owner of the community


Character list (updated everyday)

nightarcher- Neon (Magenta and Riff’s cousin) and Beverawanawen Hope (The One Sue)
damnedimmortal- Lorelei (a domestic)