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Drink Up Me Harties

Yo Ho, Yo Ho

LJ Pirates
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Welcome to the LJ Pirates rating community. All are welcome to join as long as you fill out the application within 48 hours of joining. Points are awarded each month and the winner recieves a prize. The prize changes every month.


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breezi_sparklex ; loserinagoodway ; o0felix0o ; i_liedx ; greystarsfaded ; destiny__x ; dans ; delicatealibis ; ariopathic ; unendingreverie ; xenchantressx97 ; redpapercups

Member's Page;

Click here.

Promo Banners;

Click here.

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001: Fill out the ENTIRE application. Failure to do so will most likely get you rejected.

002: Make your application interesting. Nobody likes a boring read.

003: In the subject line of your application, put "Help Me Get My Sea Legs" to show you've read the rules.

004: Don't type like a moron. Real English and Spell Check are your friends.

005: Do not post or vote until you've been accepted.

006: Where it says your favorite quote, put "May your sails stay full and your socks stay dry!" to show you've read the rules.

007: Make your post "friends only."

008: 14 years old or older- NO EXCEPTIONS.

009: Sure, you can comment on your own application. Fight it out with a member if you like. It won't help you, we'll just laugh and reject you anyway. :]

010. If you can't take criticism, DON'T APPLY.

Member's Rules;

001: Go ahead, be honest and even be a bitch to the applicants. It's fun.

002: Put either Yes, No, or Sway Me in the subject of your vote.

003: Put "But, Why Is The Rum Gone?" in the subject line of your posts.

004: There will be themes and scavanger hunts. Please be active and participate.

005: Have fun and post pictures, stories, whatever. Just no pornographic material. It's gross.

006: Make all posts "friends only" and put all picture entries behind an LJ-Cut.

007: A ship's only as good as it's crew. Remember that.



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Point System;

Aa; Making A Promo Banner: +10 Per Banner

Bb; Picture Update: +15 Points

Cc; Promoting: +20 Points Per Place

Dd; Getting A New Member To Apply: +30 Points

Ee; Doing A Theme/Scavanger Hunt: +30 Points

Points For This Month;

No Points Yet.

Theme For This Month;


Scavanger Hunt For This Month;

Take A Picture Of Each Of The Following:

  • Picture of something in your town that is funny.
  • Picture of your friends doing something stupid/funny.
  • Picture of something that makes you laugh alot.
  • Picture of someone who makes you laugh.

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    Sister Communities;

    _vintagegirls ; oh_catastrophic ; x_candyshop_x

    Please let trans__atlantic know if you're interested in becoming a sister community.