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Make new friends


make new lj friends
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What is it about?

This is a community to meet new lj friends. You can post things about you so people can add you, or you can read what people post and add them.


1.>> NO DRAMA. If I see you start drama at all, you will be banned without warning.

2.>> You may advertise your community in here, but not all the time. Please do not join here just to advertise. If I see you advertise all the time, the advertisements will be deleted and you will be warned.

3.>> No put downs. If you do not like someone from what they posted, do not tell them that you don't like them or anything like that. People here are looking for friends, not enemies.

4.>>If you don't know what to put in your post, here are some suggestions: name, age, location, music, hobbies, likes, dislikes.

5..>> If you have any questions, please contact Shelby (ox_speshull_xo) or Angie (_shakeitup)

sister communities/ affiliates:

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