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The Journal

For Journals

The Livejournal Community
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All Members , Moderated

This community is for everyone who has a Livejournal.

How do I join this bizzle?

Simple. Go to the top of this page and click where it says "join this community". For now anybody can join so theres no stupid application to fill out or 21 questions to answer.

Why the fizzle should I join?
Well you dont have to join, I'll be hurt and crushed and cry and cut myself if you don't but if thats how you want it to be then dont join. But you should join because this is the only livejournal community with a livejournal theme(Cool huh?).

So what's the dizzle. What am I suppose to write in this thing?
You can write anything really, I don't care. Or post pictures. Whatever floats your boat.
heres a few suggestions.
1.write about pointless nothing stuff of that matter.
2.write about how cool the mods are
3.write about your day(dont worry we wont bash you =D=D=D)
4.post cool pictures of yourself
5.write about how cool the mods are

Do whatever seriously, you know be creative.

Our Mods.




If you wanna be a mod just ask. Maybe I'll let you.

Uhhh thats all I can think of to put on here for now so ummm... bye.