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__lithuanians__'s Journal

People of Lithuanian origin Unite!!!
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[Welcome to the Lithuanian Nationality community!]

I figured that it was time that LiveJournal had one of these. There are already 5
different Lithuanian nationality communities on MySpace, & none on here, so I
changed that. Obviously, this is a community for people of Lithuanian origin. People
that have immigrated from Lithuania and now live in the United States or in other
countries are welcome to join us here, also, but we'll understand English more
(though we wouldn't mind learning how to speak or understand some Lithuanian!).

Whether you are 1% Lithuanian or 100% Lithuanian, feel free to join.


Be respectful & open-minded. This should be obvious!
» Do not disable comments...that's annoying.
» Please use LJ-cut if needed, especially for pictures.
» Please don't spam, troll, advertise your community (unless it's
related to Lithuania), or harass people...I will ban you.

» Feel free to talk/share whatever - maybe we'll learn something.
» Most importantly, have fun!

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