lapin_noir (lapin_noir) wrote in __listen_loud__,


1.The Beatles   Eliott Smith  Rufus Wainright   Inspiral Carpets



4. houston , texas

5. a bike i worked on for an exhibit

6 the beatles , beck , elliot smith , buxton, nick drake


8. The beatles the love you make , Lolita  Nabokov, Sons and lovers D.H . Lawrence , Rushmore, help,i heart huckabees

9. Robert Rauchenberg , his work is endlessly inspiring to me . Theres such a build of image/information in his work i cant stop looking.

10.The more I see the less I know for sure.  -john lennon

11. Im a mixed media artist , I would have to lean toward ink sketching and detailed painting as my strenghts though.

12. Honestly  Id just like to meet people with the same intrests.



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