Liz (moonscoops) wrote in __listen_loud__,

1: spell out your name using band names

Elliot Smith Les Savy Fav Ima Robot Zwan Ani DiFranco Bright Eyes Elefant Tegan and Sara Her Space Holiday

2. sex: Female-ish.

3. sexuality (staight, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual): Confused.

4. location: Boca Raton, FL. {Kill me.}

5. random picture of self or whatever:
Image hosted by

6. five favorite bands: Bright Eyes, Jack Off Jill, Le Tigre, the Dresden Dolls & Death Cab For Cutie

7. political party: Independent? Liberal? I guessss democratic; Liberal democrat? Something like that.

8. 3 books, 3 movies: Books = She's Come Undone {by Wally Lamb}, The Secret Life of Bees {by Sue Monk Kidd}, and My Name Is Asher Lev {by Chaim Potock};Movies = Ghost World, Welcome to the Dollhouse & Heathers.

9. favorite artist and why: Kathe Kollwitz; because her portraits are amazinggg, andd she was anti-nazi, a pacifist, my hero.. Not to mention that her artwork is just eeeee,incredible. As far as more current {living} artists go,I also enjoy Mark Ryden.

10. most inspiring quotation: "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind."

11. what is your specialty in the arts? (i.e. painting, photography, music, etc...) I draw, sketch, paint, work with mixed media, sing, act, & write poetry.

.12. why do you think you should be accepted into this community? Erm. Because I heart you?


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