Arj. (elusivethinking) wrote in __listen_loud__,

1: Rasputina.Yo La Tengo.Arab Strap.New Radicals.
2. i'm a man.
3. gay like a mother. no, really, i'm gay.
4. fairview heights illinois. about twenty minutes from st. louis.
5. i only take pictures of myself when i drink. so, needless to say - this is the drinkin' face.
6. since a time period wasn't specified. i'll go by what my top five as of right now in the water. no.2//the fitness. no.3//magnolia electric co. no.3//pinback. no.4//devendra banhart. no.5//mirah.
7. none whatsoever. i lean more democratic...well, naturally.
8. books : queer (william s. burroughs). beyond good and evil (friedrich nietzsche). even cowgirls get the blues (tom robbins) movies : bent. sunset boulevard. house of a thousand corpses. (i could go into my disney movie fetish - but that will be another time, i'm sure)
9. andy warhol. his art makes me feel home. i can look at it and feel comfortable. any artist that can do that to me is impressive and amazing in my book. i love the repetition. i love familiarity. i love mr. warhol.
10. "don't fall in love with everyone you see." ---not necessarily a quote. title of okkervil river's second album. i've been trying my damndest to live my life by that. i tend to give myself to anyone and everyone as if i know and love them. it doesn't really go over very well. i'm sure i could quote something deep and meaningful (not that this isn't). but this is my favorite. so there.
11. i play way too many instruments. about. 8. i'm more inclined in the way of singing. and making beats. and putting music to beats. and then adding lyrics. and i like strings. and try to play them. in the style of lou reed & john cale(around the vu era.).
12. because i like the music. and i like it good.

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