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to join :

1. Love life
Antioch arrow
Rah bras
Anal bat ross

2. female

3. straight

4. Irvine :(


6.antioch arrow,
- get Hustle
- fast Forward
- french Kicks
- the Walkmen
- the Unicorns

7. dem.

8. choke - + Royal Tenn.
running with scissors - + Amorres Perros
stiff - +Y Tu Mama Tambien

9. idsay that i'm more into photography than art. my favorite photographer : Ryan Mc Ginley.
WHY!? because, his photos LOOK like art, something from a computer or painted but it's simply from a cameraaaaaah!

10. i'm not very much "inspired" by quoutes. :/

11. computer graphics, hand crafted art, english journalism (with things that include music...that's where im at!) in other words.... music journalism

12.i just hope all of the good stuff comes from this place and i'm sure i will and does, that's what i, you, they, everyone wants... t h e g o o d s t u f f . FIN.

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