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1: spell out your name using band names
Arab strap
Tracy and the plastics
Yo la tengo

2. sex: female

3. sexuality (straight, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual):

4. location: Near Liverpool, UK

5. random picture of self or whatever:

This is all for now.

6. five favorite bands:
interpol, radiohead, cat power, clinic, massive attack

7. political party: If I were able to I'd vote labour because I'm a scruffy working class lass.

8. 3 books, 3 movies:
-Jane Eyre
-Library of Greek Mythology
(I don't really enjoy reading novels to tell the truth. I prefer reading reference/ history books. Sometimes the truth is more interesting than elaborate stories.)

-The Godfather

9. favorite artist and why: Klimt because his approach to art was very individual in my opinion.

10. most inspiring quotation:
"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing."

11. what is your specialty in the arts? (i.e. painting, photography, music, etc...)
I can adapt to most arts and crafts but I'm especially good at graphite observations and working with chalk pastels. I'm also quite alright at sewing. (I got the best mark in the year for my textiles coursework. *grins*)

12. why do you think you should be accepted into this community?
Because (uh oh, starting a sentence with because) I can occasionally be interesting and I'd like to think that I have alright taste.

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