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1: Jile Ruin
Ayumi Hamasaki
Cat Power
BBikini Kill

2. sex: this shouldn't matter.

3. sexuality (staight, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual): " "

4. location: somewhere in LA

5. random picture of self or whatever: look at my icon.

6. five favorite bands: bikini kill, huggy bear, erase errata, the gossip & mika miko

7. political party: haven't decided yet.

8. 3 books, 3 movies: the bell jar, diy: rise of lo-fi culture, how to: sushi and sashimi // beetlejuice, big fish, girl, interuppted

9. favorite artist and why: andrey marrs, because i said so.

10. most inspiring quotation: the sound of my love will kill you.

11. what is your specialty in the arts? (i.e. painting, photography, music, etc...) i play drums, gtr, bass and synths. i go to the Art Institute and majoring in IMD. i plan on to make the art work for bands n stuff. cover photos or artwork. posters, teeshirts, logos. whatever they need. + i have a zine.

12. why do you think you should be accepted into this community?
everyone. and i mean that.
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1.The Beatles   Eliott Smith  Rufus Wainright   Inspiral Carpets



4. houston , texas

5. a bike i worked on for an exhibit

6 the beatles , beck , elliot smith , buxton, nick drake


8. The beatles the love you make , Lolita  Nabokov, Sons and lovers D.H . Lawrence , Rushmore, help,i heart huckabees

9. Robert Rauchenberg , his work is endlessly inspiring to me . Theres such a build of image/information in his work i cant stop looking.

10.The more I see the less I know for sure.  -john lennon

11. Im a mixed media artist , I would have to lean toward ink sketching and detailed painting as my strenghts though.

12. Honestly  Id just like to meet people with the same intrests.


to join :

1. Love life
Antioch arrow
Rah bras
Anal bat ross

2. female

3. straight

4. Irvine :(


6.antioch arrow,
- get Hustle
- fast Forward
- french Kicks
- the Walkmen
- the Unicorns

7. dem.

8. choke - + Royal Tenn.
running with scissors - + Amorres Perros
stiff - +Y Tu Mama Tambien

9. idsay that i'm more into photography than art. my favorite photographer : Ryan Mc Ginley.
WHY!? because, his photos LOOK like art, something from a computer or painted but it's simply from a cameraaaaaah!

10. i'm not very much "inspired" by quoutes. :/

11. computer graphics, hand crafted art, english journalism (with things that include music...that's where im at!) in other words.... music journalism

12.i just hope all of the good stuff comes from this place and i'm sure i will and does, that's what i, you, they, everyone wants... t h e g o o d s t u f f . FIN.
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Austin City Limits Festival

So who all is going to the Austin City Limits music festival? I was wondering if anyone would be interested in meeting up/hanging out because even though my friends/bandmates are going, concerts with them can be irritating. who knows, you might end up hating me, but if anyone needs a buddy, leave a comment here or on my LJ.


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1: spell out your name using band names
(for example: Beat happeningIfihadahifiLe tigre Les sans culottes)
liquid jesus
sondre lurche
against me!
2. sex:
3. sexuality (staight, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual): straight
4. location: tampa fl

5. random picture of self or whatever: postal service

6. five favorite bands: postal service, the cure <3, against me!, eisley, the sounds

7. political party:
8. 3 books, 3 movies:
choke- chuck palahniuk
the perks of being a wallflower- stephen chebowski [sp?]
the bell jar- sylvia plath

the notebook
eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

9. favorite artist and why:
if you're talking about paintings and such, then salvador dali because he's absolutely amazing
10. most inspiring quotation: 'true knowlege lies in the fact that you know nothing at all'

11. what is your specialty in the arts? (i.e. painting, photography, music, etc...) pottery, and primarily music

12. why do you think you should be accepted into this community? lindsay + __listen_loud__ = win
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