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All Members , Moderated
All members, stamped or first time posters making a post put your user name and then the subject of your post in the title box. Thanks.

.:Application Rules:.

1. Post all of your application under a Livejournal cut, if you don’t know how to do that, you shouldn’t have a Livejournal. Find out how and then apply later.

2. For the subject line, write “don't I look pretty walking down the street in the best damn dress I own?”, for the actual cut text itself, pick whatever you want.

3. Apply within 48 hours of joining. We don't like lurkers now!

4. You may not comment on any other entries besides your own before being accepted.

5. Don't use improper grammar constantly, it's hard to focus on and actually read.

6. Don't post huge pictures, resize them or don't post them at all. None bigger than 600x600 please.

7. Also with your app, a 150x150 from your own server for the list of accepted on the info page.

8. If not accepted, do not delete your appilcation and do not make a post being all bitchy.

9. If rejected, You may reapply within two weeks with new pictures.

10. Fill out your opinions in complete sentences supporting your statements.

.:General community rules:.

1. Don’t be an asshole. It’s easy. Be nice. Don’t flame. And don’t pick on people.

2. Don't use pictures of any other person and claim them as your own, if caught, the consequences will be severe. Oh...and we'll hate you! Fakes = Lame

3. If accepted, write "Stamped//Subject" in the subject line, so we know you've been accepted.

4. Don't give someone a no just because you don't like them, that's really immature.

5. If giving someone a no, give a reason, same with a yes.

6. Don't expect to be accepted because your brother's neighbour's sister's best friend that you dog sat for is in the community, that is not how this stuff works.

7. Do not promote in our community, save that for your own journal.

Application, fill in all fields, and make all the questions bold, it's easier for us to read

[The Usual]

Sex[in case we can’t tell from your pics]:
Current Residence:
What stereotype/group do you fit into?
Sexual Preference:

Where’d you hear about us?
Why are you joining?
What makes you worthy?

Tell us a joke, make us laugh.


What do you think of abortion?
Gay marriage?
George W. Bush?
Self harm?


Favourite colours?
Favourite Day?
Name Ten bands you listen to most recently or often[doesn’t have to be favourite]:
Name Seven movies you like:
Name Five books:
Favourite website:
Dislikes/Pet Peeves:
Do you drink or smoke?
Favourite thing to wear?
Favourite place to be?
Thing to do anytime?


Do you have a sense of humor?
Are you friendly?
What do people think of you?
Describe yourself in ten words

Post three pictures of yourself of your face that are CLEAR: head shot, wacky (as in, do something silly), and no make-up.

Three random pictures, of whatever you want! Please don't go over 10!

Promote in three journals and one community:

Sarah - paratome Courtney - coin_op_girl


.:Banned Assholes:.

.:Sister Communities:.

***.:Promo Banners:.

+copy and paste the html, then delete the astricks and the spaces between "live journal," "photo bucket," and "h ttp".

+++Looks Like:


<*a href="h ttp://www.live journal.com/userinfo.bml?user=__liquidblack"><*img src="h ttp://img.photo bucket.com/albums/v626/xrated_touch/Banners/lbpromo2.jpg"> <*/a>
<*lj user=__liquidblack>

+++Looks Like:


<*a href="h ttp://www.live journal.com/userinfo.bml?user=__liquidblack"> <*/a>
<*lj user=__liquidblack>

+++Looks Like:


<*a href="h ttp://www.live journal.com/userinfo.bml?user=__liquidblack"><*img src="h ttp://img.photo bucket.com/albums/v626/xrated_touch/Banners/lbpromo.jpg"> <*/a>
<*lj user=__liquidblack>

Accepted, Rejected, and Banned Banners

***all banners created in photoshop, original artwork is NOT ours, by paratome (except for "mod banner" which was created by coin_op_girl )