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i know i am not a member. but i was looking though this community and all of your guys are so sexy. i would really like it if you would just take a peek at this community? i think this community it will fit you guys. thanks. and if this bothers you just delete the post. sorry to bother you. =]

xXx Billy xXx

Stamped. Leaving.

Sorry guys. Im in too many communities and this one is slowly dieing.
If you guys want you can add me if you like. But im leaving this community.
Shouldn't matter too much cause most of you are in like one or two other
communities with me. So have a great day and such. Love you all!!




Hey guys.
This is Tabby. ((Poison_Dollie))
This is my new lj name. Im keeping
this one. I think it fits me better
then the other one. Soooo Add me or wateve.