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WWN Broadcast
Friday, June 29th ~ Evening

"- I had know that was all it would take to keep that hag Witherpool off my case and away from my stories, I would have volunteered to bring lunch for everyone before. It is not my fault she's got a thing for chicken salad. How was I supposed to know you aren't supposed to use the entire - What? - What do you mean I'm on the air? Already? Why didn't you say something sooner?"

"This is Rita Skeeter live in the gardens of the Black Orchid Hotel - which is the closest I can get thanks to security and that restraining order. That sound you hear is an almost tribal rhythm emanating from the hotel ballroom."

The noise grew momentarily louder before being drowned out by the unmistakable sounds of snapping twigs and a whispered curse. "They nearly saw me that time."

"Almost a primal beat, primal enough to remind this reporter of the events that occurred in that very ballroom just a few short months ago. Will tonight's festivities end in yet another veil of silence, much like the day after the Valentine's Ball and the rumored, yet sadly unsubstantiated, orgy that may or may not have taken place?"

"As always, ladies and gentlemen, WWN is always interested in the comments and concerns of our listeners. More importantly, if you personally witnessed a sensational bit of scandal, owl me, Rita Skeeter, care of the WWN. The Wizarding Wireless Network now returns you to our regularly scheduled programing."
I'm a girl watcher, I'm a girl watcher...
Here comes one now
Monday, June 26 • Early afternoon

Vera stowed the first two scrolls into her robes and drew out a fresh one.

"If the next two towers are as free of Hagrid's small friends as that one was, we can be done well ahead of tea time."

She'd been uncharacteristically late to begin their rounds; Roger and she weren't quite yet finished with the first flush of celebration and had been ... occupied.

"Although ... did you think the gargoyles overlooking the fifth-floor landing looked unusually plump?"
Men who have a pierced ear are better prepared for marriage -
they've experienced pain and bought jewelry.
- Rita Rudner
Saturday, June 23 ~ Afternoon

Roger was having his first good day in weeks - hell, in over a month truth be told. All thanks to Severus Snape. (And Poppy, but Snape was the initial cause and didn't have access to his body if he were to meet with some horrible accident so he'd stick to blaming the one that might not be in control of saving his life someday, thanks. At the very least she had control of the pain relievers.)

The sadistic bastard had to pay.

Roger was determined to find a way to turn Snape into aCollapse )
All around me are familiar faces
Worn out places, worn out faces ...
Hide my head I want to drown my sorrow
No tomorrow, no tomorrow
Tuesday, June 5 :: Late evening

Filius had tried to teach them all to duel.

If worse had come to worst, and the less-skilled teachers who were to wait in their respective Houses' common rooms with the Founders' last-ditch protective measures were forced to pull down the wrath of the castle upon anyone not within one of the four sanctuaries — they had to be ready to take on any Death Eater who might have penetrated, because there'd be no one else left to protect the students.

The dueling master's calm, measured instructions ran through Vera's head, but she disregarded them while waiting for the Aurors to arrive.

If the thing she held at wandpoint so much as twitched, she'd have no great need of skill or nuance.

Eyes black with fear and rage watched for the right moment to call forth the Killing Curse.
Gonna grow old, you're gonna grow so cold
Before the sun can deliver you
Tuesday, May 22 :: Evening

Ideally by this time Vera felt she should have a bridal shower all planned and ready to go.

Life had intervened, however, in the form of a mother with a broken hip. She had the finest care money could provide, of course, and wanted for nothing other than the presence of her many children, but it had been a sobering reminder of how different being in one's late seventies was for a wizard than it was for a Muggle.

Planning party games and selecting favors that didn't offend Vera's sense of taste had to take a backseat.

Life went on, however, and Vector had made good work of this evening out in Hogsmeade. She settled up her tab in the tea shop and gathered the various pamphlets and catalogs she'd picked up and exited the shop for the walk through the brisk evening air to Hogwarts.

She made it to the corner before enountering a familiar — if not seen in much too long a time — figure.

"Rose? Rose! Darling, we've been concerned about you, where have you been?"
If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older.
- Abraham Sutzkever
Saturday, May 5th ~ Afternoon

Roger grabbed a bottle of ale and set the broom he had just dismounted carefully aside. Looking around he couldn't keep the grin off his face. Some friends, a picnic, a few rounds of Quidditch, and a cold ale to drink - there was no better way to celebrate your birthday in his opinion.

And the best was yet to come.

Roger made his way over to Vera, thinking of the surprise he had enlisted the house elves help in setting up back in his quarters. Roger couldn't stop smiling as he plopped down next to his - hopefully - future wife and gave her a kiss.

"And what have you been up to?"
Ain't Misbehavin'
Wednesday, May 2 • Early morning

The chime of the clock in the other room sounded midnight, and Vera gave herself one last look-over in the mirror.

She'd begun to notice more fine lines, lately. Oh, the slight wrinkles in the forehead were nothing new — lines of concentration from night after night staring at fields of numbers.

The laugh lines, however. Those were a relatively recent development.Collapse )
Overwhelming News
Wednesday, April 18th ~ Late Afternoon

The sun was still in the sky when Rose lead her friends back to her building. The four women had met for tea and spent some time catching up, and Rose realized how much she missed spending time with them. Daphne had mentioned there was something she wanted to tell them, but would prefer to do it someplace less public. Izabel had spoken up, saying she had news of her own.

Since Daphne lived so far away, there was no way that Rose could go out to Glen Hollow without angering Roman, and Vera and Izabel both lived at the castle, another place Rose couldn't risk visiting, that left only Rose's flat. She offered her place up for a quick visit, saying she had to be somewhere that evening but saying that they were more than welcome to stop by before she had to leave.

As long as the sun was in the sky, then Roman should still be sleeping.

She opened the door to her flat, and hurried in to make sure the living area was clear before turning ask if the other ladies wanted anything to drink.
I'm gonna wash that man right outa my hair...
Monday, April 16th ~ Late Afternoon

Anne was by nature a patient sort. You had to be in order to counsel people. Improvements didn't occur overnight and if they did - she wouldn't have trusted them. When a couple of weeks had gone by with no word from Charlie, she'd refrained from tracking him down again and decided if she still hadn't heard anything from him in another week - she'd consider it a lesson well learned. That had been over a week ago. Today made it a month since she'd shown up on his doorstep and fallen into his bed.

That'll teach me.Collapse )
WWN Broadcast
Friday, April 6th ~ Evening

"This is Rita Skeeter, standing just outside, around the back, in an alley behind, the Three Broomsticks, where a reception for one of Hogsmeade's former most eligible bachelor's - and his blushing bride - is taking place, to bring you a WWN exclusive."

"Can it, Anastasia, I don't care who got the assignment from the boss, the story is Mine. Keep it up, and I just might forget to take that gag off before I leave. Understand?"

"Now, where was I? Oh, yes, the quicky wedding of hunky recluse and defense school owner, Harry Potter, to restaurateur and frump, Daphne Greengrass occurred weeks ago with almost no fanfare and a tragically small guest list. Once word of the marriage hit the streets, some of the most delicious rumors began to circulate over the mysterious circumstances behind the event."

"Some sources say the couple had been estranged, and were shocked to hear of the wedding when I told them, still others speculated on the need for such a rapid and quiet affair. So far there are no signs of impending motherhood - although the bride has been carrying a few extra pounds for quite some time - but one can't help but wonder if there might be a new member of the Potter family showing up soon."

"What? I said if, they can't sue us for merely voicing some of the public opinion, Anastasia. Stop being such a worrywart."

"As always, ladies and gentlemen, WWN is always interested in the comments and concerns of our listeners. More importantly, if you personally witnessed a sensational bit of scandal, owl me, Rita Skeeter, care of the WWN. The Wizarding Wireless Network now returns you to our regularly scheduled programing."
Sometimes dreams come true, whether you're ready or not.
Tuesday, April 3 ~*~ Late Afternoon

It was difficult to believe that it had only been a few days since they last found themselves having tea in this office. Daphne could have sworn so much had changed since then, but in reality very little had.

She and Vera had gone to see the healer Vera had recommended, and after a brief - but extremely tense for Daphne - wait the verdict was in.

Daphne poured tea for Vera, and handed her the cup. "Thank you, again, I really don't know if I would been able to go through today on my own. I thought once I found out, that would be it and I could go on with everything, but finding out just opened up all these other concerns, you know?" She glared at her own glass which held water instead of tea or her usual soda. "Not to mention new rules I have to try to follow."

Her glare turned back into a grin as one hand drifted down to pat her tummy affectionately. "Only another eight more months or so and then I can have my blessed soda back."
"Much as we may wish to make a new beginning,
some part of us resists doing so as though we
were making the first step toward disaster.”

~ William Bridges

Thursday, March 29th ~*~ Late morning and early afternoon

The formerly cool flannel that had been pressed to against the back of her neck had been discarded, yet Daphne continued to lay on the couch in her office. She stared up at the ceiling, and went over everything in her head one more time.

There couldn't be any confusion or doubt, not with something this important.Collapse )
Are you made of calcium, or are you carbon based?
'Cause if you're made of calcium, I'll have to take a taste
Calcium is deadly, but tender to the tooth
But it's one sure-fire way to know if you're MX-missile proof
Sunday, March 25 :: Afternoon

I should have run a chart before we left — I would have thought the situations would have been reversed.

Really, who could have predicted? First, that Roger would have been able to convince Vector to go along on a "Rollerstroll" around London, and secondly that of the two of them, she'd be the one to manage to stay upright for the most part.

"You're sure you don't want to let them look at it before we head home, darling?" Vera rubbed Roger's back and looked worriedly at his ankle.

"Can you put your weight on it?"
Life is unfair, kill yourself or get over it
Friday, March 16 • Afternoon

The chart wasn't wrong. It was recording the data accurately, a vague golden mist seemingly hovering over the parchment in the dimmed light of Vector's office.

Vera crossed her arms and frowned at it, as if by sheer force of will she could get it to show her what she wanted.

Matter — energy — did not simply disappear; that was one of the fundamental laws of the universe. What remained of the two missing Aurors could be found. There was no question of that.

It just might take a more detailed chart and more power than she — or any one person — had to track the molecules if they'd been disappated and rearranged.

Air from their lungs, flakes of skin, hairs — the entire Hogsmeade area would be glowing if I went to that level. And it will take months, and what sort of fuel?

Was the investment of time and effort worth it, given that at this point they could only find where last the Aurors' bodies had rested? Vector finally looked back over her shoulder to the other witch in the room, who'd had the courtesy to remain silent while she'd worked and even after.

"I'm sorry. There's nothing here."
To celebrate the joining of Harry James Potter and Daphne Diane Greengrass in the bonds of matrimony.

Tuesday, March 13th ~ Early Evening

Hedwig had nearly flown herself into exhaustion, but each of the handful of invitations had made it to their intended recipients in record time.

The ceremony was small and quick. The bride wore the same robes her mother had been married in, the groom a suit. Their friends had gathered in the window room over looking the lake, and Severus Snape gave the bride away.
In Your Eyes
The Light The Heat
In Your Eyes
I Am Complete

Wednesday, March 7th ~ Evening

Roger had held the door to his quarters open for Vera and immediatly after entering, tossed the teaching robes he had worn to dinner over his jeans and t-shirt (something about being 'professional') into a pile in the corner.

"Just the two of us, whatever will we do?" Roger asked Vera in a tone indicating that he might have a few ideas in mind.
But I still believe
And I will rise up with fists
And I will take what's mine mine mine
There but for the grace of God, go I
Wednesday, February 28 • Evening

Vera walked toward the gates of Hogwarts to meet Daphne, promptly and as planned.

The Pansy problem still lingered, and it seemed one found solutions much easier after a meal with friends. And if that became too much for Izabel, they could always try to cheer her up with the wedding plans that they had gone ahead with as much as they could with no input from either bride or groom.

Near-psychotic optimism was required when dealing with the bridal industry, even in the best of cases. It would work out.

She was convincing herself that when Daphne, accompanied by Miguel, arrived.

"Thank you, Miguel. I do so love delivery. I'm still disinclined to tip, however."

She smiled at Daphne.

"I made the mistake of mentioning sushi in front of the house elves, and they became very enthusiastic. I hope you like Japanese, and I hope they know what they're doing."

Fresh ingredients shouldn't be a problem, at least.
A friend will tell you she saw your old boyfriend - and he's a priest.
~ Erma Bombeck
Monday, February 26th ~ Early Evening.

Evenings were the hardest of course. Days had their own trials and tribulations, but evenings were by far the most difficult. When Izabel would forget and make a mental note about something one of the students did or said in order to tell Remus later, the fact she was in class or around other people made it easier to maintain. Unless she wanted to put a damper on Vera and Roger's relationship by spending each and every night in their company - she needed to learn to deal with the fact he was absent. Either that or learn to tolerate Horace's company and she knew already which lesson she preferred.

He will be back, became the - mantra - prayer she used to keep herself from giving up completely when she hadn't heard from him in so long. The fact another moon was on its way to pay him a visit was reason to worry and Izabel found her scope turned in its direction far too much lately - as it was now. She didn't know why really, there was nothing there that held any answers.

With a sigh, she moved back from the eyepiece and glared at the partial moon with her naked eyes. There would be a full eclipse of the moon on the 3rd and while this was a wonderful opportunity to have the students study one - she almost wished the Muggles had blown it up during their missions to explore the surface.
Distance equals rate times time
Saturday, February 24 • Morning

Shacklebolt hadn't been kidding when he'd offered to whip her back into duelling shape; Tonks had spent nearly every waking moment getting back into fighting form.

A couple of the cockier rookies had gotten blasted off the duelling platform — she was out of practice, yes, but not completely green. Kingsley and the other senior Aurors handed her her arse regularly, though.

Tonks figured it was good for the old ones to get their laughs while they still could — by Friday she was approaching respectable again.

Today, however, they'd assigned her a different — much less fun — sort of homework.

She'd taken one year of Arithmancy, enough to know it was definitely not for her, but now she found herself at Hogwarts for a remedial class.

I can use Muggle calculators now! And we've got specialists at the Ministry and ... gah.

She could hear Vector now.

Three feet of parchment on "Why Tonks isn't to be trusted with numbers" by the end of the day, please.
All the immediate unknowns are better
than knowing this tired and lonely fate.
Does he love you, does he love you?
Will he hold your tiny face in his hands?
Saturday, Feb. 17 • Midday

Vera's wand directed a large, gaily wrapped box up in front of her as she walked down the hallway to Daphne's apartment.

Holding it under her arm would crush the foofy bow, and that would never do.

"Happy birthday!"

The present bustled its way into the flat as soon as the door was opened. Vera shrugged in apology to Daphne and smiled; what could she say, she was a touch excited.

"Please accept this fine gift, and don't assume it's a bribe to get you to pick somewhere dreadfully fancy for lunch where they trip over themselves to wait on us hand and foot because I'm willing to go wherever you choose, honestly."
WWN Broadcast
Wednesday, February 14th ~ Evening

"We interrupt the 'Lover's Serenade' to bring you news from the Black Orchid Hotel. This is good, so straighten your clothes and listen to Rita for a moment, you lucky lovers out there.

"Witnesses say Healers from St. Mungo's had to be called to the scene because of a scandalous outbreak on the main dancefloor.

"Spokespeople for the Malfoy-owned establishment had no official comment to give, but according to guests it was socialite and friend of the family Pansy Parkinson who caused the disturbance. Gentlemen, please, if you're going to start panting and rioting over a witch, do it over someone with her own nose. This is 100-percent Skeeter here — get it while it's hot!

"Apparently the scene has quieted down now, but with a near-orgy going on out in the open, who knows what might have happened in the more secluded rooms? Shocking behavior indeed to be linked with one of the wizarding world's stiffly upstanding (Floo me, Lucius!) families.

"As always, ladies and gentlemen, WWN is always interested in the comments and concerns of our listeners. More importantly, if you personally witnessed a sensational bit of scandal, owl me, Rita Skeeter, care of the WWN. The Wizarding Wireless Network now returns you to our regularly scheduled programing."
A competent and self-confident person is incapable of jealousy in anything.
Jealousy is invariably a symptom of neurotic insecurity.
~ Robert A. Heinlein
Friday, February 9th ~ Evening

After leaving Glen Hollow Izabel had returned to Hogwarts. She'd reported to Minerva, given her the good news that he was conscious again, but had pleaded fatigue when the older witch asked her to stay for a cup of tea.

I should have stayed and had that tea, Izabel decided as she folded one of his shirts that had been left on a chair in her bedroom. The bare finger on her left hand kept drawing her gaze because it felt wrong. It felt - naked.

I could wear another ring, I suppose.
He's the one that I want. I'm pretty sure.

Thursday, January 25th ~*~ Evening

Dear Friend,

I know it may not be as informative and exciting as the last outing some of us went on; but if you're up for it I think I have something you might be interested in hearing.

Did I mention there would be chocolate and wine?

I should've known
With a boy like you
Your middle name is always
Saturday, January 20 • Extremely early in the morning

"So, other than having to come in to London to shepherd some people home ... how was your evening?"

Vera had had a hangover potion, and was feeling ever so slightly better, if one discounted the shame from having to be fetched home like a teenager in need of supervision.
They keep saying the right person will come along;
I think the knight bus hit mine a few years ago.
Friday, January 19th ~ Late Afternoon

Sitting down at her desk with a sigh, Anne pulled the top, right hand drawer open to find the latest forms the Ministry office had sent her to fill out.

"If I could spend as much time actually talking to the students as I do having to fill out the latest most comprehensive and efficient forms they send..." Anne was grumbling to herself as she lifted a stack of folders onto the desk top and leafed through them quickly. "Where the hell-oo. What's this?" Anne asked as one of the folders knocked over the pile of mail she hadn't taken care of yet. A colorful brochure caught her eye as it was revealed.

Pulling out the shiny foldout, her eyebrows rose at the images.

Hellloooo, handsome.Collapse )