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Time is on my side, I can wait for now. I've got all of eternity.
Friday, July 6th ~ After dark

He was home, she was sure of it. Percy was probably there with him, laughing with him, loving him.

Rose's lips curled back, baring her elongated canines and releasing the soft growl from deep in her throat.

Without a hint of breeze in the air her hair and cloak ripple and move as she stands on the long path that leads toward Gregory Goyle's house. She's far enough back to not trip any wards he might have placed on his home, but Rose can still see the building, can still imagine what might be going on inside it.

If her Master did not call, and her thirst did not grow too powerful, Rose would stand there for hours as she had the other nights. Easily overlooked by all but a few who might look down the path.

She did not react to the crack of Apparation beside her.
WWN Broadcast
Friday, June 29th ~ Evening

"- I had know that was all it would take to keep that hag Witherpool off my case and away from my stories, I would have volunteered to bring lunch for everyone before. It is not my fault she's got a thing for chicken salad. How was I supposed to know you aren't supposed to use the entire - What? - What do you mean I'm on the air? Already? Why didn't you say something sooner?"

"This is Rita Skeeter live in the gardens of the Black Orchid Hotel - which is the closest I can get thanks to security and that restraining order. That sound you hear is an almost tribal rhythm emanating from the hotel ballroom."

The noise grew momentarily louder before being drowned out by the unmistakable sounds of snapping twigs and a whispered curse. "They nearly saw me that time."

"Almost a primal beat, primal enough to remind this reporter of the events that occurred in that very ballroom just a few short months ago. Will tonight's festivities end in yet another veil of silence, much like the day after the Valentine's Ball and the rumored, yet sadly unsubstantiated, orgy that may or may not have taken place?"

"As always, ladies and gentlemen, WWN is always interested in the comments and concerns of our listeners. More importantly, if you personally witnessed a sensational bit of scandal, owl me, Rita Skeeter, care of the WWN. The Wizarding Wireless Network now returns you to our regularly scheduled programing."
Every Rose Has Its Thorn
Wednesday, June 20th ~ Late Evening

Colin has been waiting for a nice clear night, without too much moon or too little, to play with the new toys he'd picked up on his last visit home.

The special lens and film were supposed let him get some amazing shots in the dark, with a sort of eerie effect.

Which is why Colin was lurking in the bushes near the Hogwarts' gate after dark; camera pressed to his eye, breath held, as he waited for the small creature near the tree to come just a bit further out of the darkness.

Somewhere to the left, a twig snapped, and Colin froze, the creature gone in a split-second.

For a moment he was in the midst of another grove of trees, spells were flying overhead, and Colin nearly called out for his brother before he remembered where - and when - he was.

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Gonna grow old, you're gonna grow so cold
Before the sun can deliver you
Tuesday, May 22 :: Evening

Ideally by this time Vera felt she should have a bridal shower all planned and ready to go.

Life had intervened, however, in the form of a mother with a broken hip. She had the finest care money could provide, of course, and wanted for nothing other than the presence of her many children, but it had been a sobering reminder of how different being in one's late seventies was for a wizard than it was for a Muggle.

Planning party games and selecting favors that didn't offend Vera's sense of taste had to take a backseat.

Life went on, however, and Vector had made good work of this evening out in Hogsmeade. She settled up her tab in the tea shop and gathered the various pamphlets and catalogs she'd picked up and exited the shop for the walk through the brisk evening air to Hogwarts.

She made it to the corner before enountering a familiar — if not seen in much too long a time — figure.

"Rose? Rose! Darling, we've been concerned about you, where have you been?"
Taking what was his
Thursday, April 19th : Just after Midnight

White-hot rage had burned through his veins, blinding him.

In the months that he had been gone they had forgotten him, forgotten everything he had taught them, everything they had sworn to him.

His brides had forsaken him.
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Overwhelming News
Wednesday, April 18th ~ Late Afternoon

The sun was still in the sky when Rose lead her friends back to her building. The four women had met for tea and spent some time catching up, and Rose realized how much she missed spending time with them. Daphne had mentioned there was something she wanted to tell them, but would prefer to do it someplace less public. Izabel had spoken up, saying she had news of her own.

Since Daphne lived so far away, there was no way that Rose could go out to Glen Hollow without angering Roman, and Vera and Izabel both lived at the castle, another place Rose couldn't risk visiting, that left only Rose's flat. She offered her place up for a quick visit, saying she had to be somewhere that evening but saying that they were more than welcome to stop by before she had to leave.

As long as the sun was in the sky, then Roman should still be sleeping.

She opened the door to her flat, and hurried in to make sure the living area was clear before turning ask if the other ladies wanted anything to drink.
The beginning of a new dream is sometimes the end of an old one.
Friday, March 30th ~ Afternoon

Rose finished grooming the small porlock that Hagrid had been raising since it was an infant. The creature didn't seem to like her very much lately, shying away from her touch unless Hagrid was near. That saddened her.

She gave the porlock a gentle smile and nodded toward the stable where the little thing liked to curl up and sleep. It scampered away on its two feet as quickly as it could, and Rose's smile fell.

"Hagrid, I am truly grateful that you gave me this opportunity to apprentice with you. It means so much to me. However..."
Every ending is a new beginning.
Tuesday, February 27th ~ Early evening

Rose finished her shift and said goodnight to the other employees. Part of her wanted to just go home and the rest knew that she had to talk to Daphne. Tonight.

Becky had mentioned she'd been looking tired, and it was true. Between her job here at the restaurant, her work with Hagrid, and spending her nights with him there wasn't much time for resting. Something had to give.

She paused outside Daphne's office door...Collapse )
He's the one that I want. I'm pretty sure.

Thursday, January 25th ~*~ Evening

Dear Friend,

I know it may not be as informative and exciting as the last outing some of us went on; but if you're up for it I think I have something you might be interested in hearing.

Did I mention there would be chocolate and wine?


I may be going crazy, but at least I'm not going alone - Roger Harrison
Friday, September 15, 2006 - Afternoon

With winter coming closer, it was time to start getting the garden ready for it. Having magical plants in it often attracted it's share of magical inhabitants wanting a comfortable place to winter over. He didn't get angry at them for it. After all, they didn't know any better. All they thought was they had found a great place full of food to stay.

Most pests he was able to deal with. The garden gnomes were caught in humane traps and stacked in a corner to be released into the wild. Cornish pixies were being repelled by the herbal smoke bombs he was letting off. However, there was one creature in his garden he didn't recognizeCollapse )
This is your birthday song. It isn't very long.

Monday, Sept. 4th ~ Late Afternoon/Evening

Everything was set up and ready - with some extra help from Greg - for Rose's birthday party and she could hardly contain her excitement.

Now all the party needed were the guests. Making her way to the front of the restaurant, Rose was ready to greet them.
Come to my party
There will be cake
Wednesday, August 30th - Afternoon

Earlier that day Rose had gone to The Three Broomsticks to prepare for her special day. It was only five days away and then she would be having a real birthday party - with people who weren't relatives. Rubbing her cat's head, Rose sighed.

"Merlin, have I always been this sheltered Pepper?" Thankful that the cat couldn't answer, Rose took out a few sheets of parchment. They wouldn't be anything fancy, just some invitations.


Come to my birthday, it's on the 4th. Bring presents.

Rose crumpled up that piece of parchment, she was still new to this. Remembering what some of the invitations she had gotten looked like, Rose tried again.

Invitation to VariousCollapse )
Experience is a dear teacher,
but fools will learn at no other.
~ Benjamin Franklin
Tuesday, August 29th ~ Evening

The Great Hall has once again been temporarily revamped. The long student tables have been removed and round ones accompanied by comfortable dining chairs have taken their place. They dot the floor under the enchanted ceiling, the soft ivory tone of the linen covering the table tops invite you to sit and enjoy yourself.

It's been a year since the re-dedication ceremony and six years since the Dark Lord was finally defeated. This is an evening for reflection, celebration and if Minerva will allow it, more than a few glasses of good wine with friends, both old and new.

Remember to Smile
Wednesday, August 02, 2006 - Evening

Gregory Goyle stood outside the dance studio in the fading evening light. The sky was just fading to orange and grey as the lamps along the sidewalk lit up. He looked down at his clothes and straightened out his grey button down shirt and black trousers for what seemed to be the twentieth time. He hadn’t been expecting the butterflies to appear in his stomach quite so much.

Running his hand through his hair he glanced at his watch. He was ten minutes early so there was still plenty of time before the lessons started.

Roses are red, violets are blue, some poems rhyme, but this one doesn't
Monday, July 10, 2006

Gregory Goyle sat in his mother’s garden on the bright sunny day. He had many happy memories in here while his mother was alive. He remembered very clearly being no taller then three feet high and playing hide and seek amongst the flowering bushes. His mother had loved this garden and she always had something beautiful and fragrant blooming. From magical blooms that only appeared in the dead of winter to vines where the blossoms glowed with firefly radiance at night.

He finished writing a small note before selecting a rose from his garden. It was an antique white color with a tint of pink at the ends of the petals. He wrapped his note around the rose, tied it with a ribbon, sealed it in wax and gave it to one of the family owls to deliver.

Owl PostCollapse )
I Didn't Really Forget
Saturday, July 1st -- Early Evening

On Rose's day off, she had relaxed with a book, in bed then in the bath and now in her "comfy chair" and her mind only drifted to Viktor a few times. Of cours,e she didn't want to admit that those few times had her staring off into space for awhile until she realized she was brooding and she would shake it off.

Having a sudden chocolate craving, Rose went to the kitchen and took down the chocolate biscuit tin. Taking a bite, Rose smiled when she remembered how her and Charlie had that little race she started to find the chocolate first.

It was then that she remembered -- Charlie Weasley still owed her dinner. Dinner with someone would be nice. Get my mind off things.

Owl to CharlieCollapse )
Midsummer's Festival
Saturday, June 24th ~ Early Evening

"This is Anastasia Witherpool, live in downtown Hogsmeade where the Midsummer's Festival is well under way. People are crowding the streets, vendors are out offering their - "

A slight scuffle is heard over the air, ending in Anastasia muffling a curse and muttering about her foot.

"Rita Skeeter here. Voting for this year's Litha Queen is still open and remember, every vote counts some more than others so be sure to come out and vote for your favorite candidate. Someone you know and trust, someone you would welcome into your homes every evening during her segment on the nightly news. Someone, for instance, like me?"

-back that microphone, woman, before I -

"Ezekiel Brunderbluss, back at the WWN studio once more. We seem to be experiencing some technical difficulties with our live broadcast.

"Please remember WWN is always interested in the comments and concerns of our listeners. Feel free to, contact us by owl or floo. We appreciate the interest shown and will respond as soon as possible. The Wizarding Wireless Network will return you to Rita Skeeter and Anastasia Witherpool live at the Midsummer's Festival in Hogsmeade after these messages from our sponsors."
Honey, I'm Home
Thursday, June 22 -- Early Afternoon

Rose had slept in her first day back and wished she hadn't as she had gotten out of that habit when she was visitng her parents, but then she hadn't been to a party while at her parents had she? So it was okay.

What wasn't okay, she was sure, was that she still hadn't gone to see Viktor. Rose had rather hoped to see him last night and then she had gotten distracted by a party and dancing which was something she wouldn't want to admit to Viktor considering how much she had missed him. She didn't want to do any damage to his ego either.

Going for a walk, she knew she owed Hagrid a visit and to see how the animals were doing. She should probably to go talk to Daphne and get back into her work schedule as well, but she had something on her mind; Viktor.

Making it to his quarters, Rose knocked on his door...Collapse )
Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest.
Larry Lorenzoni
Wednesday, June 21st ~ Evening

Everything was set up and ready to go, the pub now decked out in western flair. Draco still wasn't sure what the purpose of the mechanical bull that had been set up in the back room was - but he was more than willing to watch the waiter's jean clad thighs clench as he demonstrated.

I wonder if he rides everything that well?

As the man was thrown, Draco checked his watch and went out to greet the people starting to arrive.
Did I Do the Right Thing?
Monday, June 5th -- Afternoon

She was tired of this, tired of sleeping all day only to wake up feeling unrested. Tired of staying up all night reading her books just to take her mind off of how tired she was of having nightmares. Tired of only seeing her parents when she left her room to shower or when they finally sat her down and told her that she was a guest and their guests ate three meals a day and nothing less.

Rose was tired of feeling sorry for herself and so that night she set her alarm clock and made herself get up at a decent hour. Then she ate breakfast with her parents before going outside for a walk which helped her not be such the drama queen.

It was her first time being outside since she had visited, she didn't want to go out at night.Collapse )

Owl to ViktorCollapse )

Owl to Izabel, Daphne, and VeraCollapse )

Owl to MalfoyCollapse )
Draco Birthday Invite
Cheer Up!
The Worst Effects Of What We're Doing...
Won't Be Felt Until After We're All Dead!
~ Ashleigh Brilliant ~
Saturday, May 27th ~ Evening

Hagrid was a kind soul and he liked to talk. He was very worried about Rose and he'd confided to Izabel that she had asked him for several weeks off to recover from all the trauma she'd gone through lately. Izabel could understand that very easily, but she was also worried that Rose would sit home and brood.

And that can't be allowed. Especially after - Him - whoever the hell he is messed with all three of our minds.

Vera. Vera is sensible. She'd be good to take along.

And Daphne.

Wasting no time, Izabel let Remus know where she'd be and asked Roger to keep an eye on the Ravenclaw students for the evening. She figured since she'd be taking Vera with her - he needed something to keep him busy.

Knocking on Vera's door a short time later Izabel shifted the package she'd thrown together and waited.

"Vera? I know you're in there - come out, come out wherever you are. It's time to play a little."
Never let your sense of morals prevent you from doing what's right.
~ Isaac Asimov ~
Saturday, May 13th ~ Afternoon

Minerva had done something she hadn't done in years. Slept in. It was Saturday and she had been tired. Tired enough she didn't care what Slughorn thought when she roused the lazy - Assistant Headmaster from his bed and informed him that she wasn't to be disturbed. She'd already made sure that the others were alright and that Poppy was handling any repercussions with the appropriate potions or healing charms.

(When Minerva finally rose for the day around the noon hour, she'd still felt tired, but not as content as she imagined she'd feel.)
Where secrets lie in the border fires,
in the humming wires
Hey man, you know
you're never coming back
Friday, May 12th/Saturday, May 13th * The Witching Hour

The corridors of Hogwarts were still, except for the occasional ghost or House Elf, and in their dormitories the students safely slumbered.

But in the staff meeting room, chaos reigned.

Professors in various states of alertness — some groggy and in nightdress, others prepared and eager to go out and face the night and whatever might be in it — had answered their Headmistress' summons.

( Firenze stood and watched Madame Pomfrey attempt to calm the Flying instructor. )
Bow Down Before The One You Serve
You're Going To Get What You Deserve

Friday, May 12th ~ Night

He waited, watching, by now knowing that she would be along and the annoying one - the shadow would follow. He had briefly thought of turning the other - he looked strong - but he was attached to her and it would not do to have his possession challenged. He would enjoy taking her away - the man had been in his way for far too long and he had to take her now - the moon would be full the next night - he had missed the last one - his pack would be strong as she needed to be - if she was unworthy the wolf would devour her, not wasting his seed.

He could hear them approach and turned to glare at the voices urging him on, to take what was his and saw them, the faces from the past, bloody and mangled. He would not make the mistake again, his children would not fail him. Excited and breathing heavily he moved behind the one that would hinder him, deny him his family, as she - the mother moved away. Dragging the struggling man back he delivered a blow to his head, watching in satisfaction as he sunk to the ground. He was tempted to snap his neck - but anxious to move back to her, lest another encroach on his territory. ( Let him live - let him live and suffer and know that she is mine - that he failed to keep us apart... )