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Roman ~ Hogsmeade ~ Complete

There was a disturbance in my heart,
a voice that spoke there and said:
"I want, I want, I want!"
It happened every afternoon and when I tried to suppress it,
it got even stronger.
~ Saul Bellow
Saturday, February 3rd ~ Late Evening

He hadn't believed it and therefore had listened to the hateful words numerous times. Each time Roman's fury turned on the faithful elf who had made the pensieve memory for its master.

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Daphne, Izabel, Roman, Remus and Harry ~ Muggle London to Glen Hollow ~ Complete

Walking with a friend in the dark
is better than walking alone in the light.
~ Helen Keller
Saturday, August 26th ~ Early Evening

After an afternoon spent combing the shops along Diagon Alley and some of the ones in Muggle London, Izabel's feet were sending her a message. A loud one and she decided she'd better listen.

"Daphne? Would you like to stop at that sidewalk cafe up there, maybe have a cup of tea or a soda? I don't know about yours, but my feet are threatening mutiny."

Roman ~ Deep beneath his home in London ~ Complete

There is love of course.
And then there's life, its enemy.

-- Jean Anouilh

Tuesday, March 14th - Long After Dark

Floor boards groaned and Roman heard the faint telling creak of a door opening seconds before an ancient wrinkled house elf appeared at the top of the small flight of stairs. He moved slowly, carefully holding a goblet.

Roman watched from the pitch black darkness, the only light coming from the candles in the room above.

"Master," the elf acknowledge, its eyes firmly fixed on the small table where it was placing its offering. The elf knew that Master was not fully well yet and prone to fits of temper and its mate had already been severally punished for daring to look upon the Master just last month. There could be no more mistakes.

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Breaking News
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WWN ~ Broadcast ~ Complete

Vigilantes in Hogsmeade?
Tuesday, January 3rd, Afternoon

An official sounding voice comes from the radio as advertisement for the newest Nimbus model ended. "Ezekiel Brunderbluss here with your noon news update. Aurors have officially closed on-scene investigations into the disturbance that occurred in Hogsmeade late Friday night carrying on into early Saturday morning. Let's go now to Lachlan Peasegood who is trying to talk to investigators as they pack up. Lachlan?"

There is momentary static and then the sounds of a busy street. Warm male tones began to speak. "Thank you Zeke. I'm at the scene of what officials have said is the result of vigilante action which may or may not be related to the recent vampire warnings issued. I'm standing here with Auror Dawlish who has agreed to talk to us. Auror Dawlish, have break downs in Ministry effectiveness led for the need for groups such as this one?"

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Vamped Out

Roman and his brides and many other people ~ Hiding / Glen Hollow ~ Complete

Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold
Friday, December 30th - Early Morning

He didn't have enough strength to make it back to the house he'd been renting, and it would be far too easy for one of them to track him back to the house in his wounded state.

Roman settled for the woods. Deep in there was game to eat and darkness that even the brightest rays of the noon day sun couldn't penetrate.

A small deer met its end and Roman drank until he felt sick. Then he dug a hole and buried himself to heal and wait until it was safe to move again.

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Various ~ The Streets of Hogsmeade ~ Complete

The Hunt is On
Friday, December 30th ~ Night

Draco sauntered down the street, swerving slightly as though tipsy. Humming lightly to cover the pounding heart he was sure was trying to leap out of his chest - his newly enhanced chest - he kept his eyes watching the street before him.

They damn well better put me in my own bloody clothes before they let anyone see my dead body.
White Shirt

Roman ~ His home ~ Complete

Since Love And Fear Can Hardly Exist Together,
If We Must Choose Between Them,
It Is Far Safer To Be Feared Than Loved.
~Niccolo Machiavelli~
Tuesday, December 27th ~ Early Evening

His roar of displeasure still echoed in the bedroom that was found vacant. The elves cowered in the corner of the room until he left it to search the rest of the house. Each elf blamed the other for missing the dose of medication needed to keep the master's chosen. That activity soon ceased when they heard the furniture being thrown and the sound of breaking dishes. They hurried to begin cleaning the mess that would be left. Neither one realized that the destruction would continue until the whole house was in shambles. Only then did Roman stop, breathing heavily in reflex, still enraged and looking for something else to destroy.

They have stolen them from me and someone must pay. Pay dearly. The wolf. He has to be involved, Roman decided as his eyes became even redder in his anger. Brushing past the scurrying elves, he turned to mist and went into the night to try and find at least one of his brides.
Smoking Jacket

Roman - His home - Complete

Come To Me, My Love
Thursday, December 15th - After the moon is full

His Dove was missing. Someone had taken her. That was the only explanation.

Roman paced the room, anger making the very air around him seem to crackle. "Who dares to touch my bride... Potter. I'll rend him limb from limb and laugh as I watch the last flicker of life drain from his eyes. Where has he taken her - and why?"

Strong fingers gripped the marble of the fireplace mantle as Roman stared into the flames. "If he was only seeking to bed her, she would have returned to me soon enough to seek forgiveness but I can barely even sense her at all. He can't know of me, none of my brides would tell. They love me too much to put me at risk. But Potter could suspect..."

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White Shirt

Roman and Daphne - Daphne's Flat / Roman's Home - Complete

I Hear You Calling
Saturday, December 19th - Evening

"Izabel," her name hissed through his lips as Roman clenched his fists, trying to leash his temper. Yet again he called to her, the one who would be his first bride and the one who lured him back to this dull village in the first place, and once more he could sense her frustration at being unable to answer his summons.

It was the wolf's fault, surely. She only denied him when she couldn't get away from her precious Remus without arousing suspicion.

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