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Scar and Sunglasses

Bill, Arthur, Molly and Tonks ~ The 'Sticks ~ Complete

"Do not cease to drink beer, to eat, to intoxicate thyself, to make love, and to celebrate the good days"
~ Egyptian Proverb

Sunday, January 14th ~ Evening

Bill was giddy. No, not giddy, manly men did not get giddy.

Screw it, he was giddy.

Gabby had gotten married and freed Bill of his obligation. Best yet, she'd told Arthur and Molly so that Bill didn't have to.

He wiped the wide grin off his face and pulled open the door to the 'Sticks. Remember, you've just been dumped. No giggling.

Neither of his parents were at the bar when he walked in so Bill ordered an ale and a sandwich and found himself a table near the back.

Bill, Molly and Arthur ~ The Three Broomsticks ~ Complete

Not good, not good at all.
Wednesday, November 22nd ~ Late Afternoon

Arthur hadn't heard the broadcast since he was in his little office at the Ministry working on trying to figure out the latest Muggle device that had been brought it. It was called a DVD something or other. It had been taken from the home of an older witch and it had been given to her by her grandson. When the device started throwing hard little discs at her, she'd panicked and flooed his office. Arthur had been trying to get it to do the things the witch swore it would do, but all it did was sit there.

I wonder what kind of spell she threw at it...

His thoughts were interrupted when one of his colleagues stopped in and offered his condolences about the breakup of Bill and his fiance. Arthur had stared at the man for a few moments before he demanded to know what the other man had heard. After squashing the 'rumor' as best he could - Arthur took the rest of the afternoon off and headed for Hogsmeade. He'd considered stopping by Gringotts to ask Bill if he'd totally lost his mind, but considering the way things had turned out with Percy...

We need a plan.

Percy, Molly and Arthur ~ The Three Broomsticks ~ Complete

And, Mama, you've always said,
Better look before you leap!
Maybe so, but here I go
Lettin' my heart lead me
-- The Judds

Sunday, November 19 - afternoon

It had been over a week since Percy and Greg had talked about a potential dinner with the Weasleys, and between work and trying to make some personal time with his boyfriend - not to mention trying to figure out what to say to his mother - it had taken him this long to get up his courage to face the inevitable.

He had in his hands a dozen red roses - it couldn't hurt to butter his mother up a little before telling her about Greg - and he walked through the front door of The Three Broomsticks. After a wave to the serving girl, he went straight to the kitchen at the back as he'd become accustomed to doing whenever coming to visit with his mother.

"Mum?" he called out as he stepped through the back door.

Lucius, Narcissa, Molly, Arthur ~ Various Locations~ Complete

Two Sides of the Coin
Birthday Wishes Narcissa and Molly
Monday, October 20

The elegant restaurant was strangely empty save for two occupants seated at the best table in the house. Lucius had arranged it that way, having no wish to dine with any undesirables. The owner was very compliant to closing the place to the public for the night, paid handsomely for the favor.

A waiter refilled their champagne glasses, melting away as quickly as he came once the service was finished. The table was laden with choice plates, the skill of the chef shining through for the well-paying, intimidating guests of the evening.

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Arthur and Molly ~ The Three Broomsticks ~ Complete

Women will forgive anything.
Otherwise, the race would have died out long ago.
--Robert A. Heinlein
Saturday, October 28th ~ Afternoon

Arthur wanted to go and he wanted Molly to go along with him. He'd never been to Harry's house and this was the perfect opportunity to see what kind of Muggle items the younger wizard had installed. It wasn't a wizarding house at all and the idea that electricity flowed through the walls...

Arthur got glassy-eyed just thinking about all the possibilities. He fingered the portkey that had come with their invitation and glanced toward the kitchen as his wife came out before placing it on the shelf just under the bar. If he talked to her about it while holding it - his battle was lost before it even started.

"Molly, what kind of nightshirt do you think I should wear tonight? The ordinary everyday one or the silky one I save for special occasions? I don't think they'd care for the everyday one since it has the little monkey faces on it, but you never know. It might lead to some interesting conversations about where the different ones live. The ones from Central America are quite fascinating actually."
Breaking News
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WWN News Update - In Progress - Complete

WWN News Update
Monday, October 2 ~ Afternoon

"... with continuing drizzle for the rest of the day."

"That does it for the regular afternoon news report, but stay tuned for a special briefing from the streets of
Hogsmeade, where everyone is awaiting the official announcement of the identity of the director of the Ministry Office.

"Horace Knickerbocker is out in the field to bring the conference to you; let's go out to him and see what the village can expect by way of its leadership."
I dont think so

Molly and Arthur ~ The Burrow ~ Complete

When two people are under the influence of the most violent,
most insane, most delusive, and most transient of passions.
They are required to swear that they will remain in that excited,
abnormal, and exhausting condition continuously
until death do them part."
~ George Bernard Shaw
Tuesday, June 20th ~ Afternoon

When he heard the news, Arthur had been very, very torn. He was glad in a way, because he'd always liked her, but he was terrified that her return would mean the ninth child would rear its head in Molly's line of vision again.

No, no, no. Not now. Not when the future-possibly-on-its-way-soon-grandchild is so close to wiping out that little bugger for all time.

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