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Bellatrix, Greg, Scrimgeour, Tonks, Harry, Anne and Snape :: London and Hogsmeade :: Complete

I got my mob scene in my eyes
You can ignore the voices of the people,
This is the beginning.

They say no consequence.
This is the beginning of the end.
Monday, June 11 :: Morning

"This is to be a precision operation. Secure the area, retrieve Lestrange and bring her back to Azkaban for interrogation."

Scrimgeour steepled his hands and looked across his desk at the hand-picked group of Aurors listening attentively to every one of his words.

Kingsley Shacklebolt wasn't among them. The Minister had wanted disciplined, obedient officers on this mission, and while he respected the Head of the Auror Office, Scrimgeour didn't trust Shacklebolt to see what was best in this case.

For instance, Kingsley would probably think it necessary to inform the Hogsmeade office of what was about to go down in their town, and that couldn't be allowed.

Kingsley and Tonks • Ministry of Magic • Complete

If we can call them friends, then we can call
Holler at them down these hallowed halls
Just don't let the human factor
Fail to be a factor at all
Friday, February 16 • Morning

The people at the Ministry were staring 'cause it had been years since she'd been sacked and they were just shocked to see her back, right?

They weren't all "oh, I hear you were caught in a public supernatural sex romp" the other night, surely?

Of course, it had been a scene worth remembering, and Merlin knew she didn't have any other explanation for why Shacklebolt might have called her here, so: Yeah, they're picturing me naked.

Tonks nodded at Williamson, who blushed and sniggered.

"I'm here to see Shacklebolt, he in?"

The Auror stood to try to lead her to the Head office, which irritated his former colleague.

"I think I can remember where the office is, you great git. I was just asking ... oh, never mind." Tonks brushed past, stopping only to say one thing.

"And I haven't forgotten about you and the squirrels, so I think you can stop smirking."

Shacklebolt • Ministry of Magic • Complete

When you walk through the garden
you gotta watch your back
Friday, Feb. 9 • Morning

Kingsley Shacklebolt was generally a mild, good-humoured sort of boss, easygoing with the Aurors under his command. Doing their jobs well — as they did — was incredibly stressful, and he saw it as counterproductive to pile on.

All that underwent a 180 when his men went missing.

Five of his best Aurors had been temporarily assigned to the Hogsmeade office to help discover what had happened to Kevin Entwhistle and Hestia Jones, and none of them had managed to give Shacklebolt anything resembling a satisfactory report.

Wilson had been called to London for a dressing-down in person, not that in this case it would do any good.

Shacklebolt stalked down to the legal department to talk to some solicitors.

They were not leaving any of their people out in the cold, and they were no longer going to allow petty politics to deprive this office of valuable personnel.

Kevin, Kingsley, Percy and Scrimegour • Assorted Ministry offices • Complete

When you walk through the garden
you gotta watch your back
well I beg your pardon
walk the straight and narrow track
Wednesday, 6 December • Afternoon

The piece of parchment hadn't looked like something guaranteed to send Kingsley's blood pressure up again, but so it had.

A request — filed after the fact — for three weeks of holiday time following the heels of an embarrasing break-in and the assignment of a new Auror to Hogsmeade. Wilson might not be much good for investigation, or security, or helping out his colleagues, but no one could deny the oafish wizard had bollocks the size of coconuts.

Shacklebolt crumpled the request and stood up to look over the cubicles in the Auror Headquarters. Too many empty seats yet.

And soon enough there'd be another — the Hogsmeade situation was ridiculous, and he was going to fix it right now.

To: Percy Weasley
Director, Hogsmeade Office, Ministry of Magic

From: Kingsley Shacklebolt
Head of the Aurors, Department of Magical Law Enforcement

It's come to my attention once more that Hogsmeade's Auror Station is in need of additional support.

Make preparations now; additional manpower is forthcoming.

Scrimgeour and others || Ministry offices || Complete

A nation of shopkeepers.
Friday, 4 November || Afternoon

The owl from the Auror at Hogsmeade had come in the morning, but had gone unanswered at the time. Had the response been prompt, Hogsmeade would have found itself without an Auror force completely for the next few days, as the prior one would have been sacked.

Not that anyone in the town would have noticed, judging from the job Auror Wilson had done.

By mid-afternoon the bile had settled to allow a notice to be sent to the Hogsmeade Ministry office.

Mr. Weasley:

In light of the incident Wednesday night, it has been agreed that the addition of personnel to the Hogsmeade Auror Station is of the highest priority.

Adjust your budget projections now; the assignment change will be made as soon as a suitable candidate for the position can be found.

Mr. Rufus Scrimgeour.
Minister of Magic

Bellatrix and Theodore || Hogsmeade || Complete

Like a thief in the night
I'm gonna steal what's mine
Wednesday, Nov. 1 || Late night

Hardly a proper test.

A doddering fool of an Auror, the cover of a quiet night and a key. Everything had been provided, everything was in readiness. If Mr. Nott failed, Bellatrix would feel it almost a kindness, the steps she would have to take to cover her tracks.

Almost she yearned for that opportunity; it had been so very quiet lately.

Bellatrix buried her impatience and waited for Mr. Nott to return.

He would succeed, the test would be passed.

A profitable arrangement for them both.