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Ain't Misbehavin'
Wednesday, May 2 • Early morning

The chime of the clock in the other room sounded midnight, and Vera gave herself one last look-over in the mirror.

She'd begun to notice more fine lines, lately. Oh, the slight wrinkles in the forehead were nothing new — lines of concentration from night after night staring at fields of numbers.

The laugh lines, however. Those were a relatively recent development.Collapse )
I often quote myself, it adds spice to my conversation.
~ George Bernard Shaw

Tuesday, March 20th ~ Early Morning

After doing his best to immitate a bunny with Daphne, Harry had risen and let her sleep. He, Dobby and Hedwig had filled a couple of hours getting last minute details straighted out, not the least being the latest revision of his will. While he didn't plan on anything happening while they were on their little jaunt, he still liked things to be ready in case they did.

I could get hit by a Muggle bus somewhere, was his thought after he signed the new will and sent it back to his solicitors with Hedwig. She had recovered from the flury of owls sent for the wedding and only gave him a soft hoot when she'd returned.

Fingering the pile of scraps left from the Howler, which Harry had saved to remind him to respond, his mind ran over the conversation he'd had with Daphne that day. If Daphne had been there to see the smirk forming on his face, she might have grabbed the quill out of his hand.

Owl to Molly WeasleyCollapse )

"Hegwig, old girl? One last letter this morning, because there's no way in hell I want your mistress to see this before I send it," Harry advised before addressing it to Molly and holding it out.

"Take it to Molly for me, please."

Harry grinned and went off to see if his wife was stirring yet.

If she ever finds out, I'm dead.

But it's worth it.
The only reason I would take up jogging
is so that I could hear heavy breathing again.
~ Erma Bombeck

Friday, March 16th ~ Morning

While Anne had been quite busy getting her practice set up, not to mention the office itself and the flat, she'd been unable to push Charlie that far out of her thoughts. Especially since the first consultation with Percy. Biting her tongue not to ask Percy if Charlie was gay too, had been very difficult. Asking herself why it mattered so much - found an answer she wasn't sure she liked.

Which was why she was currently walking towards the cabin he and Bill lived in.Collapse )
What's an elf to do?

Wednesday, March 14th ~ Late Morning

Dobby had long since cleaned up the room where the reception had been and the guests had all left the night before. Winky had insisted on going back to Draco's flat and that left Dobby at loose ends, therefore, he'd been skulking around the hallway outside their bedroom for nearly four hours, hoping one of them would holler his name. Miss Daphne's mother had sent a package for her several hours ago and Dobby was afraid she really needed it.

Mr. Harry Potter is always awake long before now.

But that was before dearly beloveds.
I finally found someone,
who knocks me off my feet;
I finally found the one who makes me feel complete...

Tuesday, March 13th ~ Evening

Setting Daphne down gently in the middle of their bedroom floor, it dawned on Harry that he hadn't planned on ever being in this particular room again. It also occurred to him that she might want to pick a different room as the master suite, but those thoughts were quickly slid into a dark corner as his body reminded him just how long it had been since he'd last made love to Daphne.

But I've never made love to my wife beforeCollapse )

At times I'd like to break you and drive you to your knees
At times I'd like to break through and hold you endlessly
At times I understand you and I know how hard you've tried
I've watch while love commands you
and I've watched love pass you by
At times I think we're drifters, still searching for a friend
A brother or a sister, but then the passion flares again

Thursday, March 1st ~ Afternoon

After Harry's order to cancel the rest of his classes for the day, Doris tried to recover from the sheer terror respect his glare had inspired in her feet. They refused to move until Draco's voice motivated her to assist them - quietly for once - in gathering the students. While she was occupied shooing the reluctant ones into the auditorium, her thoughts tumbled around which students she needed to get out of his remaining classes. Shooting Severus and Draco an occasional glance, she decided they'd get the ass-grabbers this time around.

At least they'll live to grab another one someday.
The words of love are not enough
Though sweet as wine, as thick as blood
Wednesday, February 14 • Night

They were together again in his dream.

Shifting, sighing, one blending into the other and neither letting go.

The new moon was approaching; in theory Remus was as much in control of himself as he would be this cycle. He needed to know how much of the poison remained, and he needed not to rely upon the sleeping draughts every night. Whatever the modified wolfsbane potion would consist of, it probably wouldn't be helped with all manner of other potions swimming in his system. Lupin hadn't consulted anyone; he'd simply decided to make himself a blank canvas.

Free of restraints, his sleeping mind had gone directly to Izabel.Collapse )

Thursday, February 1 ~ Evening

Greg glanced at the clock and set the pot on the stove to simmer. The cold winter air and snow just inspired him to attempt to make hot cider. It had taken all day and several failed attempts that went down the sink but he felt he managed a lightly spiced cider. The entire house likely smelled of cinnamon and apples.

He heard the door open and close as Percy came home. “In the kitchen!” He called out as he stirred the mixture adding just a touch more of the spices.
Not everyone finds the idea of being pelted with frozen water appealing. The thrilling sensation of getting lost in a blizzard, of freezing to death in the woods and having to eat your friend's buttocks to stay alive.
That is lost on many people.
- Gilmore Girls
Tuesday, January 30th ~ Early Evening

Draco stepped back from his creation and tilted his head to the side. Perfect. Looking up as a woman passed muttering something or other about public indecency - the very idea, he was a Malfoy and therefor far beyond mere decency and into the realm of the superior - and promptly blew a raspberry in her direction.

He turned in a slow circle, admiring his work and trying to decide what was missing.Collapse )
Left Wanting
Tuesday, January 30th ~ Early Afternoon

Pansy gasped...Collapse )

"Hey babe, that was - wow that was something else, but I'm uh..."

Pansy pulled her shirt dress on and quickly buttoned it. "I know, babe."

She paused to fluff her hair in the mirror on the wall and smiled at the sight of him trying to roll off the bed and having to flop back, out of breath. "I was hoping for something more, myself."

Then she let herself out of the flat.
I should've known
With a boy like you
Your middle name is always
Saturday, January 20 • Extremely early in the morning

"So, other than having to come in to London to shepherd some people home ... how was your evening?"

Vera had had a hangover potion, and was feeling ever so slightly better, if one discounted the shame from having to be fetched home like a teenager in need of supervision.
They keep saying the right person will come along;
I think the knight bus hit mine a few years ago.
Friday, January 19th ~ Late Afternoon

Sitting down at her desk with a sigh, Anne pulled the top, right hand drawer open to find the latest forms the Ministry office had sent her to fill out.

"If I could spend as much time actually talking to the students as I do having to fill out the latest most comprehensive and efficient forms they send..." Anne was grumbling to herself as she lifted a stack of folders onto the desk top and leafed through them quickly. "Where the hell-oo. What's this?" Anne asked as one of the folders knocked over the pile of mail she hadn't taken care of yet. A colorful brochure caught her eye as it was revealed.

Pulling out the shiny foldout, her eyebrows rose at the images.

Hellloooo, handsome.Collapse )
"A married man should forget his mistakes;
no use two people remembering the same thing."
- Duane Dewel
Saturday, December 9th ~ Early Morning

The morning sun made criss-cross patterns across the rich duvet, casting shades of brilliant copper and fire in the silver blonde hair of his sleeping wife. Lucius lay on his side watching her, the lazy morning comfortableness seeping into him. He was more relaxed at this minute of the day than any other and he savored it with a keen awareness he'd been denied it for too many years.

Carefully he lifted a lock of hair, letting it slide through his fingers.Watching the light play on the golden threads, Lucius decided it was time to ask her what he'd been considering for the pass weeks. He was confident that he could persuade her to agree, after all, it was for her benefit also. He released her hair and snaked his hand under the covers, finding her warm body and sliding his hand over her arm to find and cup a full breast. "Good morning, darling," he murmured against her ear as he pressed his body close to her warm one.
Consider the daffodil.
And while you're doing that, I'll be over here, looking through your stuff.
- Jack Handey
Wednesday, December 6th ~ Evening

Theo had come to Hogsmeade with a plan - a plan that had seemed perfect. Unfortunately his prey had made other plans and not shown.

How very inconsiderate.

He was vehement that the appointment would be kept this time - he was even willing to come to them if necessary. Which would go to explain his first stop, climbing over the balcony of Draco Malfoy's penthouse and slipping through his wards.

Now, if I was a vain and vapid git, where would I keep...

The closet.

Fucking hell, Malfoy - which one?
I don't know why - it's just - wrong!
Sunday, December 3rd ~ Afternoon

Harry was whistling as he gathered the items they would need to wrap the presents they'd bought for friends and 'family'. Family was a relative term really, he decided as he got out another pair of scissors and put them on the dining room table.

Damn. What would happen if I...

He stopped and considered the thought that had just crossed his mindCollapse )
You're not the Weasley I came here for, but you'll do for now.

Tuesday, November 28th - Late Afternoon

Bad enough that he hadn't come to her again but that - that man had ruined everything by going to Harry if the wireless was to be believed. Pansy had no idea if she'd be able to salvage her plans for Harry or not, and she had never liked being unsure of something.

I can not believe I'm out here. Again! Bill Weasley deserves to have his tongue ripped out for this. Wait, no, I like that tongue. Fuck it, I'll think of something appropriate.

She stormed across the porch to bang on the front door. "Weasley! You and I need to have a long talk!"
One can hunger for many things.

Friday, November 3rd ~ Late afternoon

Pansy picked through her fruit salad with obvious distaste. All of the colorful chunks were common and most likely found at the market in town, not a single exotic bit of flesh to sink her teeth into. She speared another slice of melon and tossed it the spare plate she'd requested, then dropped her fork in disgust.

She was hungry, starving; yet nothing appealed to her appetite.

The sparse pre-dinner crowd in the pub had been beneath her notice earlier.Collapse )
And the moon is out and the stars are bright
And whatever comes is gonna be alright
Cause tonight you will be mine - up on cloud number nine
And there aint no place that I'd rather be
And we cant go back but youre here with me
Yeah, the weather is really fine - up on cloud number nine

Wednesday, October 25, Early Evening

Percy heaved a heavy sigh and wondered what on earth he had been thinking when inviting Greg over to his place for dinner. His apartment was immaculately clean - he would accept nothing less - but remained relatively unchanged from when he had first moved in. Compared to Greg's massive home, this small apartment was rather... quaint.

And to top it all off, his cooking abilities were somewhat less than stellar.

Thank Merlin Un Peu De Ciel had a take-out menu. All it had taken was a quick owl from work, and everything had been ready when he'd stopped by on his way home. He'd really have to express his thanks to the owner sometime in the future - perhaps let her know she definitely had a friend in the Ministry office after unknowingly helping to arrange this particular feast.

Thankfully, what Percy lacked in actually cooking ability, he more than made up for in presentation. The plain plates were set out on the counter, and he took the containers from the restaurant bag one-by-one, artfully placing each of the items on the plates in just the right amounts, and in a way that was pleasing to the eye. Garlic mashed potatoes with just a hint of orange food colouring, choice cuts of roast beef au jus, and spears of asparagus. Once everything was perfect in his eyes, he placed the plates in the already heated over to keep them warm until dinner was to be served.

Now, all that he needed was his guest.
The Thief Does Not Come in the Front Door
Tuesday, September 5th ~ Late Afternoon

Sitting behind the large desk, Lucius sipped the brandy, reflecting over his accomplishments of the day. Some would say lack of accomplishment since his attempt to garner the Minister's favor was unsuccessful, but he'd learn much about Scrimgeour today. That was a first step.

Unlike his predecessor, Scrimgeour was not impressed with a hefty donation to the Ministry. In fact, he'd turned it down suggesting that Lucius donated to a worthy charity instead. Scrimgeour may have been dismissive toward him but the Undersecretary was not. There were many ways to an end.
First time ever I saw your... kitchen.
Sunday, September 3rd - 4th ~*~ Around Midnight

The second movie of the night continued to run on the telly. Daphne had lost interest less than half way through and had turned her attention to tormenting Harry. Just a cuddle against his side at first, a fingernail along the shell of his ear, lips against the curve of his throat. Hand sliding down his arm to the remote.

Ever since Remus and Izabel had moved in for the summer, Daphne and Harry had made an effort to keep certain moments behind closed doors - the kitchen incident, none withstanding. But Remus and Izabel had moved back to Hogwarts for the school year and Daphne had to admit she'd begun to miss the spontaneity of some of their earlier Sunday evenings.

"The anniversary dinner at Hogwarts the other night reminded me of something." Daphne nuzzled against his neck, kisses moving upward. "I used to lie awake at night, thinking about the first time you brought me here, to see your kitchen. Wondering what might have happened if I hadn't been so..." Her voice trailed off as she reached his jaw, nipping gently.
I feel this rhythm draw me
But will I get my way
Your body slides beneath me
"Keep talking" I'll say
~ Texas, Telephone X

Monday, July 31st ~*~ Late Afternoon

Remus and Harry had gone to London for lunch, giving Daphne time to sneak back to Glen Hollow with Izabel's help. It had been difficult for Daphne to say goodbye that morning when Harry dropped her off at her flat, just like most Monday mornings, but she hadn't wanted to ruin her surprise.

Rather than going to work that afternoon, Daphne had packed for a week away and made sure that dear, sweet Becky knew what to do in case of an emergency. Or another visit by the Faeries.

Now that she was here, Daphne was nervous.Collapse )
Man is an animal which, alone among the animals, refuses to be satisfied by the fulfillment of animal desires. ~Alexander A. Bogomoletz
Saturday, July 29, Wee hours of the morning

"I think that went rather well considering the company," Lucius remarked with a smirk as they entered the elegant bedchamber, the lamps flaring on with their entrance.

The room was as he remembered, a bedroom fit for the Master and Mistress of the estate. She'd redecorated at some point yet the ambiance was the same.

Turning to Narcissa, he took her hand, bringing it to his lips. "Our son has fared well. That I must give you credit for and my thanks, my dear."
There's such a sad love,
Deep in your eyes.
A kind of pale jewel,
Open and closed,
Within your eyes.
I'll place the sky
Within your eyes.
~ As The World Falls Down ~ Labyrinth
Saturday, July 15th ~ Early Morning.

Ginevra had been his twice more since the first bonding. Each time left him eager for more and reluctant to leave her side. Duties and assisting in setting the snares for those they had chosen had taken more than time from him. It had taken the delights found in Ginevra's arms.

A crystal roseCollapse )
"Sex is simple, love stings afterward."
~Author Unknown
July 10, 2006 ~ Late Night

She had no idea how long she sat there in the darkened studio space. Long enough for any evidence of tears shed to have faded. Long enough to forget exactly when the sun went down. Long enough for her stomach to stop growling even when she hadn't appeased it with food.

Long enough to go over the pros and cons of calling for Finvar a few hundred times.

After long hours of debate, there was a long list of pros and only one con...Severus.Collapse )
You who were born with the sun above your shoulders
you turn me on, you turn me on
you have to know
Sunday, July 2 || Morning

Something was different, and Vera was much too asleep yet to figure out exactly what it was.

The sunlight was at the regular angle, the sheets felt familiar, the man she was curled up against was warm and breathing steadily.

Vera opened her eyes.Collapse )