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Various ~ The Fae and Mortal Realm ~ Complete

The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.
~ John Stuart Mill
Thursday, December 21st ~ The Dawn of the Winter Solstice

Snow swirled in the fury of the wind, blinding all but those with the keenest sight. For those few fortunate ones, a glimpse of a moving shadow now and then could be caught. It bestowed a gift of unusual sculpture in the form free of kingly coverings. Exuberant, almost crackling with magic, Finvar embraced the heart of Winter. For this was the Unseelie's day - his day to wrest from Summer that which should have been theirs all along. The dance of power was a celebration of sorts. In anticipation of the glorious battle to come when the sun was allowed to rise.

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Finvar and Vera ~ The Land of the Fae and Hogwarts ~ Complete

When the wind whispers your name, listen carefully, for it does so at my bidding.
Tuesday, October 31st ~ Late Evening

Patience had ever been his, and on this night - Samhain - it rewarded Finvar handsomely. A tiny crack in the spells placed on the tree by the mortals had been coaxed to widen a bit more. Not nearly enough to send anyone through, it would take much more patience on Finvar's part to accomplish that portion of his task, but enough for now. He called forth the first of many white winter roses he would send to his Rhoswen in memory of a promise he'd made. His lips curled in a cruel smile as he remembered the last time he'd seen her.

"Do not forget me, my Rhoswen," he whispered to the rose before he sent it through the crack and toward her bedchamber. "You will again be mine and we shall 'dance' from dusk to dawn."

A final flick of his finger sent the frosty rose through the fracture and on to the mortal realm. Finvar sat back with a satisfied smile on his face before rising and heading toward the palace. The Queen would be pleased.
Faerie King

Finvar and Maev ~ Their Kingdom ~ Complete

You can discover what your enemy fears most by observing the means he uses to frighten you.
~ Eric Hoffer
Saturday, September 23rd ~ Fall Equinox

Whatever the mortals had used to block the portal, it was formidable. But not entirely perfect. To one such as Finvar, the tiny, almost impossible to detect flaws shouted their presence. It didn't make them any easier to enlarge, but it did enable him to locate the minuscule points. He'd worked almost daily on the task he'd set himself and was pleased that this day - the day the Winter Court's powers started their ascension, he'd made a difference. Not large enough yet to do what he wanted, but it was a beginning.

Returning to the palace, he looked for his Queen. Finvar was pleased and wanted to share the news with someone who would appreciate it properly.
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WWN ~ Afternoon News Update ~ Complete

Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping into the future
Sunday afternoon

The newscaster wrapped up the report on a minor river troll rampage and moved to a tiny bit of business news before the segue back into music:

"Enterprising mums are getting the hop on the back-to-school season by doing their shopping a bit ahead of the crowds soon to be swamping Diagon Alley. Shopkeepers report their early August sales receipts are up 5 percentile points from last year."

"Meanwhile, all the young folk, soon to be bright scholars once more, are eager to capture all the idyllic moments remaining before the carefree days of this summer are gone forever."

"And the perfect soundtrack to accompany all your summer fun is just around the corner — a little birdie has slipped the WWN the latest from the Weird Sisters! We'll be bringing it to you before it hits the shops, right after these messages."

Finvar, Maev and Vera || The Palace of the Winter Court || Complete

She had an horror of rooms she was tired you can't hide beat
When I looked in her eyes they were blue but nobody home
Friday, August 11 || Night

The biggest change was all the commotion.

There was always something happening, even in what should have been the dead of night. Singing, dancing, partying — the nymphs pranced, trollwights bellowed with laughter and demanded more food from the kitchens.

Though in truth disinclined to join in, nevertheless she did attend the festivities each night. It would be rude not to, and besides, she did enjoy sitting and listening — even if her reticence to do much more than smile did spawn whispers that one of the new Court members was as cold as the wind whipping around the palace spires.

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Full power

Various cast .::. Hogwarts and environs .::. Complete

It's only forever
It's not long at all
Lost and lonely
That's underground
Monday, August 7 to Tuesday, August 8 .::. In the dark of night

The Queen stepped unseen from the shadows at the border of the camp when the werewolf left. His frustration and anger was almost palpable; it truly was a shame she'd not get to tame it following this trip.

But there will be other harvests, Maev thought with a philosophical smile.

This one would have to be cut short — dislodging the fae would be a simple thing, if only the castle dwellers knew, and now that the wizards were roused it was no longer prudent to rely upon their ignorance.

But the fae could afford patience, though it chafed her.

The decision was made. They would leave tonight, with such prizes as they'd gleaned from these fields.

They had enough for her purposes.

Maev called for Vasily, and laid clear her instructions.
bemused smile

Vera, Remus, Izabel, Finvar and Maev ~ Hogwarts Grounds ~ Complete

To be matter of fact about the world is to blunder into fantasy
and dull fantasy at that--as the real world is strange and wonderful.
~ Robert A. Heinlein
Thursday, July 20th ~ Evening

Leaving Glen Hollow early left them time to visit Vera and possibly Roger before broaching the Fae camp. Izabel knew that they had already met them and was therefore a little anxious to find out firsthand what to expect. Looking up at Remus while they walked toward Vera's quarters, she smiled.

"Thank you for agreeing to this. I don't mind admitting I'm rather nervous and to be forewarned is forearmed, right?"
Fourth of Mercury

Vera and the King and Queen of Fae • Faerie camp • Complete

Facts versus romance
you go and call yourself the boss
but we're not robots inside a grid
Tuesday, July 18 • Morning

The second time Vera went to the faerie's camp, she came alone.

When Roger had said he was spending the day visiting his sister, and asked if she'd like to come along, something had moved Vera to tell him no.

Too much work to do, she'd said. Several figures had needed readjusting to match what the Queen had explained in their first meeting — and still nothing fit right.

There was something she wasn't seeing.

Not long after Vector had sat down at her desk, she was up again, gathering old charts and new to take down to the Queen.

Daphne, Harry, and the King and Queen of All Fae ~*~ Un Peu de Ciel ~*~ Complete

Dark lady laughed and danced
And lit the candles one by one
Sunday, July 16 ~*~ Evening

One hardly knew what a dining establishment meant in a world such as this. Maev knew the mortals had progressed past mud-splattered hovels at last, but other than that, her expectations were moderate.

Rather than the excessively quaint or laughably pretentious restaurant she'd half expected — had she thought on the matter at length at all — Un Peu de Ciel was ... Near worthy of those it is serving tonight, the Queen noted as she entered on Finvar's arm.

Ginevra and Finvar ~ Her Flat ~ MA ~ Complete

There's such a sad love,
Deep in your eyes.
A kind of pale jewel,
Open and closed,
Within your eyes.
I'll place the sky
Within your eyes.
~ As The World Falls Down ~ Labyrinth
Saturday, July 15th ~ Early Morning.

Ginevra had been his twice more since the first bonding. Each time left him eager for more and reluctant to leave her side. Duties and assisting in setting the snares for those they had chosen had taken more than time from him. It had taken the delights found in Ginevra's arms.

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