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WWN Society News Update ~ In Progress ~ Complete

WWN Broadcast
Thursday, February 1 ~ Evening

"... And lastly tonight, a juicy little tidbit from up north.

"It seems wedding bells soon will be ringing through the halls of learning.

"Izabel Sinistra, Head of Ravenclaw House, has of course been a well-respected fixture of Hogwarts for years, instructing classes of students in the ways and means of the stars above as the Astronomy professor.

"Equally obsessed with the heavens — especially tonight, as the full Hunger Moon fills the sky — is the werewolf who rejoined the castle faculty after the Ministry of Magic made the controversial wartime political maneuver of lightening the protective anti-werewolf legislation. Professor Remus Lupin has apparently made himself quite at home at Hogwarts.

"Now, sources say, the two Heads of House will be making their long-standing affair de coeur official.

"When will the ceremony be, where will it be held, and how did a werewolf on a teacher's salary afford what is said to be quite the impressive ring?

"Trust me, darling listeners, you will know moments after your friend Ana does.

"This has been the Witherpool Whirlpool, your source for all the society news worth knowing. Tune in tomorrow night when the extracurricular activities of the filthy Falmouth Falcons get a turn under the microscope."

Kevin and Lucius, and later Ron and Harry - Hogsmeade - Incomplete.

Arrival in Hogsmeade.
Thursday, December 7th ~ Late morning.

Kevin had found, to his slight surprise, that in the various piles of books in his apartment there were also a large range of exploding and singing items that he honestly didn't remember ever getting. He had very deliberately not packed them, and with a a bag, mostly containing heavy books, slung over his shoulder, had apparated to the outskirts of Hogsmeade, near where his new apartment was.

Peering around the street and checking the map for where the apartment was, he quickly turned and headed towards his destination.

Kevin, Kingsley, Percy and Scrimegour • Assorted Ministry offices • Complete

When you walk through the garden
you gotta watch your back
well I beg your pardon
walk the straight and narrow track
Wednesday, 6 December • Afternoon

The piece of parchment hadn't looked like something guaranteed to send Kingsley's blood pressure up again, but so it had.

A request — filed after the fact — for three weeks of holiday time following the heels of an embarrasing break-in and the assignment of a new Auror to Hogsmeade. Wilson might not be much good for investigation, or security, or helping out his colleagues, but no one could deny the oafish wizard had bollocks the size of coconuts.

Shacklebolt crumpled the request and stood up to look over the cubicles in the Auror Headquarters. Too many empty seats yet.

And soon enough there'd be another — the Hogsmeade situation was ridiculous, and he was going to fix it right now.

To: Percy Weasley
Director, Hogsmeade Office, Ministry of Magic

From: Kingsley Shacklebolt
Head of the Aurors, Department of Magical Law Enforcement

It's come to my attention once more that Hogsmeade's Auror Station is in need of additional support.

Make preparations now; additional manpower is forthcoming.