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Colin, Myrtle, Peeves, Izabel and Sprout ~ Hogwarts ~ Complete

Death is way more fun with bubbles, that's what I say.
Death is way more fun with bubbles, mostly every day.
Death is way more fun with bubbles, Myrtle likes to play.
Death is way more fun with bubbles, when they melt away.
Prefects are freakin hot in any season,
You know they call me Moaning Myrtle for a reason.

~ The Moaning Myrtles (Prefects Are Hot)

Sunday, September 24th ~ Evening

Who would have thought children could be so... unmanageable. Colin had been aware that certain students had been out after curfew and all that during his school years, he'd done his share of DA things, too. But he'd never stopped to consider how much of a pain in the arse that might have caused for the staff. With Vector and Davies gone, Colin had stupidly volunteered to take an extra few rounds making sure the kiddies were all tucked into bed and the halls were quiet.

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Castwide ~ Hogwarts ~ Complete

Experience is a dear teacher,
but fools will learn at no other.
~ Benjamin Franklin
Tuesday, August 29th ~ Evening

The Great Hall has once again been temporarily revamped. The long student tables have been removed and round ones accompanied by comfortable dining chairs have taken their place. They dot the floor under the enchanted ceiling, the soft ivory tone of the linen covering the table tops invite you to sit and enjoy yourself.

It's been a year since the re-dedication ceremony and six years since the Dark Lord was finally defeated. This is an evening for reflection, celebration and if Minerva will allow it, more than a few glasses of good wine with friends, both old and new.

Various cast ~ Hogwarts ~ Complete

When I got to the garden party, they all knew my name
Friday, July 7th ~ Afternoon

The grounds of Hogwarts had never looked better. Pomona Sprout was in heaven.

The hedges had been trimmed and were bristling with pride, the songflowers were trilling softly in the breeze, the creeping vines had twined up onto the tables and were gently offering passersby cups of punch or tiny trays of appetizers.

She had never once in her life doubted that Hogwarts was fit to receive royalty, but to have it confirmed ... Oh! She nearly glowed.

The guest list had grown a bit in the planning. It was a once in a lifetime event, after all, to see the faerie-people and of course to see the castle grounds in the summer. Luckily, Minerva hadn't seemed to mind.

Everything, thought Madame Sprout as she looked around the mingling crowd, was simply perfect.

Draco and Daphne ~ Glen Hollow ~ MA ~ Complete

Is Being An Idiot Like Being High All The Time? - Janeane Garofalo
Saturday, April 1st ~ Afternoon

"Potter? Where the hell are you?" Draco was yelling out even as he apparated into the foyer. Tossing his cloak onto a hook, Draco muttered as he moved from room to room. "I don't have time to play bloody hide and seek with you - my decorator has been into that closet of an office at The Phoenix," okay, maybe a slight exaggeration there, "and has informed me that we really must have more space!"

Stopping in the middle of the staircase, Draco bellowed out, "Damn it! Are you listening to me you wanker?"

The Watcher/Various ~ Hogwarts to Hogsmeade ~ MA ~ Complete

Bright Is The Moon High In Starlight, Chill Is The Air Cold As Steel Tonight
We Shift, Call Of The Wild, Fear In Your Eyes
It's Later Than You Realized

Tuesday, March 14th ~ Late Evening/Night

He was in there. Hidden away and trying to deny what he was. They both were, he could sense it. They were to blame, needed reminding of their place, to take responsibility for the failings of the past. He couldn't reach them here, couldn't find a way in. In anger he made another attempt to scale the walls of the fortress they had sequestered themselves in, giving a feral cry as he fell to the ground, claws no match for the stone.

Eyes opened as he rose off the ground, aches of the body fading. The nervous shifting of animals called attention and he paused as he caught their scent. Fur - blood, rushing through their veins as adrenalin coursed - but there was more.... Lingering, hanging onto his senses and teasing... They smelled of his mate, his chosen one.

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WWN ~ End of the Evening News with Ezekiel Brunderbluss ~ Complete

...And The Children Were Nestled, All Snug In Their Beds...
Saturday, January 7 ~ Late Evening

"...Parents are breathing a sigh of relief as students prepare to return to school from winter break. The Hogwarts Express pulls out sharply on time, don't be late! Teachers arrived at the school today, no doubt either enjoying those last few moments of peace or frantically finishing up in time for the new term to begin on Monday. We've been unable to reach Minerva McGonagall, Headmistress for any comment, representatives from her office have expressed her regrets, as she is also indisposed during this busy time."

"We here at the Wizarding Wireless Network wish the students and their families all the best in this upcoming year, we know they're in good hands."

"As always ladies and gentlemen WWN is always interested in the comments and concerns of our listeners. If you have one, please contact us by owl or floo. We appreciate the interest shown and will respond as soon as possible. The Wizarding Wireless Network now returns you to our regularly scheduled programing."