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The beginning of a new dream is sometimes the end of an old one.
Friday, March 30th ~ Afternoon

Rose finished grooming the small porlock that Hagrid had been raising since it was an infant. The creature didn't seem to like her very much lately, shying away from her touch unless Hagrid was near. That saddened her.

She gave the porlock a gentle smile and nodded toward the stable where the little thing liked to curl up and sleep. It scampered away on its two feet as quickly as it could, and Rose's smile fell.

"Hagrid, I am truly grateful that you gave me this opportunity to apprentice with you. It means so much to me. However..."
The Only Trouble With Wearing A Bag On Your Head Is You Run Into a Lot of Trees.
Monday, January 22 ~ Afternoon

Honestly, he'd thought of calling in sick. Trouble with that was his Mum would be over at the cabin ASAP with soup and asking what was wrong. Damn, if that would work because Charlie knew that she would somehow know what was wrong and he'd definitely have to move to Timbuktu, not that he wasn't contemplating the move anyway.

As long as he didn't see any of the people at the club that nightCollapse )
WWN News Update
Saturday, January 6 ~ Evening

"... And as parents across the commonwealth well know, this weekend the Hogwarts Express will speed across the land to bring the students back to their books.

"Tonight, though, the members of the Board of Governors and select members of the Hogsmeade community were welcomed to the castle ahead of the start of second term by the staff.

"Percy Weasley, the director of the Hogsmeade Ministry office, spoke at length and quite knowlegeably about traditional and non-traditional spellcasting methods.

"So, students, take comfort in this as you head back to class: even over the holidays, your teachers went in for a little learning themselves."

"Never too old, eh?"

The sound of a door creaking open floated over the airwaves, and if one listened closely, a fiercely whispered exchange could be heard:

"Tell them about the after-party! The drunken debauchery! Tell them what really happened!"

"Rita, get the hell out of here! You don't have any sources, we'll get sued ..."

"Some greedy witch got engaged before I could have a fair crack at the groom-to-be! That's injustice! I should write an editorial ..."

A fierce rustling was heard, and the original voice returned.

"This has been Ezekiel Brunderbluss with your evening news and as always ladies and gentlemen WWN is interested in the comments and concerns of our listeners. If you have one, please contact us by owl or floo. We appreciate the interest shown and will respond as soon as possible. The Wizarding Wireless Network now returns you to our regularly scheduled programing."
A spider crawled across my face,
Spreading its web on the human race …
Mama Loi, Papa Loi
I see fire in the dead man's eye
Saturday, Oct. 28 ~ Nightfall to dawn

"... Get your fun in while you can, because a cold front will be settling in tomorrow. Tonight will be a busy night across the land, with pubs packed and parties in full swing.

"And why do you think it is, my dear listeners? Just because the holiday proper falls on a weekday? Oh, no, I hardly think it's that simple.

"Hallowe'en is Tuesday. All Hallows' Eve, Samhain, the night when spirits may breech the barrier between their world and ours with ease.

"Let all the good little witches and wizards have their fun tonight. Make it your own. For Hallowe'en ... does not belong to us."
Yeh Can' Tell A Soul
Wednesday, October 4th -- Early Evening

Hagrid had just returned from moving the large crate to its new home and was faced with trying to put to rights the mess in his hut.

For a baby, the little guy sure was destructive.

He'd just gotten the last evidence of still smoldering bedding out of the corner and was dragging the blankets through the door when he realized he wasn't alone.

Hagrid whipped around, quick for his size, and put himself between the visitor and the bedding. "Charlie!"
There's Something You're Not Telling Me
Monday, October 2, Late Afternoon

Mondays were certainly one of the slower afternoons of the week. Charlie yawned broadly, hefting the large barrels of mead that had arrived an hour ago and stacking them in the corner. He preferred to do it manually than with magic, at least it helped keep his muscles from going south.

He placed the last one on top of the others and brushed his hands off on his jeans, not sure he could make it through another dull night. Weekends weren't bad, it was always lively, lots of conversation, the occasional fight. Maybe he'd start asking for Mondays off.
This is your birthday song. It isn't very long.

Monday, Sept. 4th ~ Late Afternoon/Evening

Everything was set up and ready - with some extra help from Greg - for Rose's birthday party and she could hardly contain her excitement.

Now all the party needed were the guests. Making her way to the front of the restaurant, Rose was ready to greet them.
Come to my party
There will be cake
Wednesday, August 30th - Afternoon

Earlier that day Rose had gone to The Three Broomsticks to prepare for her special day. It was only five days away and then she would be having a real birthday party - with people who weren't relatives. Rubbing her cat's head, Rose sighed.

"Merlin, have I always been this sheltered Pepper?" Thankful that the cat couldn't answer, Rose took out a few sheets of parchment. They wouldn't be anything fancy, just some invitations.


Come to my birthday, it's on the 4th. Bring presents.

Rose crumpled up that piece of parchment, she was still new to this. Remembering what some of the invitations she had gotten looked like, Rose tried again.

Invitation to VariousCollapse )
And all I see is little dots
Some are smeared and some are spots
Feels like a murder but that's alright
Wednesday, August 9 • Afternoon

Pince had bridled at the suggestion there were books in her library that might have helped them prevent what had happened, had they known about them. Filch had stuck his snout in, and then Roger ... suffice to say, tempers at the castle were running a bit high.

Lupin's among them.

Feelings he'd thought buried and dead since the events of last winter were resurfacing, and he'd simply have to deal with that. There were more important things to worry about.

Oh, and how buried were they, really? The whisper teased at the back of his head. Have you spoken one word to Adrian since then that didn't involve wolfsbane or something school related?

Just how much help are you going to be here? Be honest.

It was right, what they said.

The full moon did make people crazy.

Remus ignored the untrustworthy voices as he always did, and tried to focus on the pages of the musty old book on long-extinct species of frost dragons and other ice creatures that lay open in front of him.
Where secrets lie in the border fires,
in the humming wires
Hey man, you know
you're never coming back
Friday, May 12th/Saturday, May 13th * The Witching Hour

The corridors of Hogwarts were still, except for the occasional ghost or House Elf, and in their dormitories the students safely slumbered.

But in the staff meeting room, chaos reigned.

Professors in various states of alertness — some groggy and in nightdress, others prepared and eager to go out and face the night and whatever might be in it — had answered their Headmistress' summons.

( Firenze stood and watched Madame Pomfrey attempt to calm the Flying instructor. )
In this house of broken things
Everyone could use some help
Monday, April 17 || Afternoon

Unbelievably, unexpectedly — it had been a quiet week. All that worry, and nothing. Remus had slept without interruption the past few days for the first time in months.

Perhaps the werewolf had seen them resetting the wards after all, and had moved along.

Lupin didn't think so, however. And judging from what Bill was saying, he agreed.

A note materializing on Remus' desktop halted their pessimistic musings.

"The staff's been summoned to an emergency meeting." Lupin looked up. "Want to bet our furry friend's involved? Let's go."
Staff Meeting
Friday, March 17 ~ Late Afternoon

Roger sat back in his chair, glancing at the other staff members present. This full moon had brought more carnage, and although Hagrid probably felt differently, he couldn't help but be glad it had been limited to the animals. Minerva was going back over the wolfs markings and Remus' whereabouts at the time - Roger blocked her voice and pictured the castle wall in his mind again.

For something to mark stone like that - even faint scratches - it must have wanted in very badly. He gave a silent shiver at the thought. If it had made it... the children would have been like the animals in that pen. Unable to escape.
Bright Is The Moon High In Starlight, Chill Is The Air Cold As Steel Tonight
We Shift, Call Of The Wild, Fear In Your Eyes
It's Later Than You Realized

Tuesday, March 14th ~ Late Evening/Night

He was in there. Hidden away and trying to deny what he was. They both were, he could sense it. They were to blame, needed reminding of their place, to take responsibility for the failings of the past. He couldn't reach them here, couldn't find a way in. In anger he made another attempt to scale the walls of the fortress they had sequestered themselves in, giving a feral cry as he fell to the ground, claws no match for the stone.

Eyes opened as he rose off the ground, aches of the body fading. The nervous shifting of animals called attention and he paused as he caught their scent. Fur - blood, rushing through their veins as adrenalin coursed - but there was more.... Lingering, hanging onto his senses and teasing... They smelled of his mate, his chosen one.

For this they would die.Collapse )
Mourning Lost Innocence
Friday, February 24th ~ Noon

An advertisement for The Phoenix ended and a female voice in the background comes through.

"With all the crap going on around here lately I think I'll sign up for some classes."

"I doubt you'll find the professor's arse on any exams. You wouldn't be going there to learn, you'd be going there to ogle, harass and dig for dirt, Rita."

"Ezekiel Brunderbluss here with your noon news update."

A rustle of paper is heard before Rita's dulcet tones can be heard again.

"And your point is? It got me through Hogwarts, didn't it?"

"You have absolutely no shame do you?"

"It's very liberating, would you like me to teach you?"

"Someone get her the hell out of here. Rita, back off! Remember our discussion on personal space?"

"Well, if you'd hold still I'm trying to explore yours."

Horace!Collapse )
Sometimes Things Should Never Be Found.
Monday, February 13th - Mid-Morning

There was no way to know how long the children had been missing. One of Maria Rufford's dorm mates had alerted Sprout early this morning that Maria hadn't come to bed that night. That in itself wasn't terribly worrisome as children had been known to fall asleep in an alcove studying or get mysteriously stuck in a room as the castle settled for the night.

Then someone chimed in that Thadeus Harper was also missing.

Two teens out all night was more of a "finger wagging, let's have a word with your parents" offense than a reason to panic.

Until...Collapse )
Tea and Such
Sunday, February 5th, Early Afternoon

Rose walked on the path to Hogwarts, she was on her way to visit Hagrid, who didn't really know she was coming. Rose's steps faltered as she began to think she really should have sent an owl first. What if he isn't there? Wait... where else would Hagrid be? This thought comforted her, after all if he wasn't at his hut he'd probably be at the castle.

Still, she thought as she approached Hagrid's hut, I really should remember to owl people instead of just showing up as a surprise. Raising her hand, Rose knocked on Hagrid's door and waited nervously.
No, Horace. I Didn't Ask Your Opinion, Did I?
Friday, January 27th ~ Late Afternoon

Minerva glanced over the assembled professors and tried not to glare at Horace. She'd felt obligated to tell him her news before the staff meeting, but she hadn't liked his attitude at all.

The next time - he gets the news the same time as everyone else. Pompous ass. I'm still headmistress here and I'll be damned if some smarmy snake is going to try to tell me how to do my job. He just wanted time to schmooze with the new professor and get an in somehow.

"Is there anything else that needs to be addressed before I move on to the next item?" she asked with a pleasant smile. "I know you're all anxious to start your weekend," she added dryly while looking straight at Roger.
To the Winner Goes the Spoils
Saturday, January 21st ~ Evening

"Good evening, wonderful match wasn't it? Very close, very close." If you could call his Slytherin's losing by over 250 points close, but Horace Slughorn wasn't going to let a loss ruin his spirits. At least not where there were witnesses.

Having Izabel serve as his personal waitstaff at the staff meetings would have been the sweetest of victories. He could almost hear her distinctive voice asking if he wanted sugar with his cuppa and - A biscuit would be lovely, thank you, my dear.

Instead his own personal stock of fine liqueurs was about to be ravished by these... people.

"Izabel, my dear, when we discussed using my fine wines and spirits as after-party refreshments by way of my forfeit - surely you didn't mean all of them, did you?"
...And The Children Were Nestled, All Snug In Their Beds...
Saturday, January 7 ~ Late Evening

"...Parents are breathing a sigh of relief as students prepare to return to school from winter break. The Hogwarts Express pulls out sharply on time, don't be late! Teachers arrived at the school today, no doubt either enjoying those last few moments of peace or frantically finishing up in time for the new term to begin on Monday. We've been unable to reach Minerva McGonagall, Headmistress for any comment, representatives from her office have expressed her regrets, as she is also indisposed during this busy time."

"We here at the Wizarding Wireless Network wish the students and their families all the best in this upcoming year, we know they're in good hands."

"As always ladies and gentlemen WWN is always interested in the comments and concerns of our listeners. If you have one, please contact us by owl or floo. We appreciate the interest shown and will respond as soon as possible. The Wizarding Wireless Network now returns you to our regularly scheduled programing."