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WWN Broadcast
Friday, April 6th ~ Evening

"This is Rita Skeeter, standing just outside, around the back, in an alley behind, the Three Broomsticks, where a reception for one of Hogsmeade's former most eligible bachelor's - and his blushing bride - is taking place, to bring you a WWN exclusive."

"Can it, Anastasia, I don't care who got the assignment from the boss, the story is Mine. Keep it up, and I just might forget to take that gag off before I leave. Understand?"

"Now, where was I? Oh, yes, the quicky wedding of hunky recluse and defense school owner, Harry Potter, to restaurateur and frump, Daphne Greengrass occurred weeks ago with almost no fanfare and a tragically small guest list. Once word of the marriage hit the streets, some of the most delicious rumors began to circulate over the mysterious circumstances behind the event."

"Some sources say the couple had been estranged, and were shocked to hear of the wedding when I told them, still others speculated on the need for such a rapid and quiet affair. So far there are no signs of impending motherhood - although the bride has been carrying a few extra pounds for quite some time - but one can't help but wonder if there might be a new member of the Potter family showing up soon."

"What? I said if, they can't sue us for merely voicing some of the public opinion, Anastasia. Stop being such a worrywart."

"As always, ladies and gentlemen, WWN is always interested in the comments and concerns of our listeners. More importantly, if you personally witnessed a sensational bit of scandal, owl me, Rita Skeeter, care of the WWN. The Wizarding Wireless Network now returns you to our regularly scheduled programing."
Something's gotta give
Monday, March 12~Afternoon

Charlie leaned on the broom he was sweeping up with, his eyes drooping. It had been a long weekend, doing three shows a night and filling in for a dancer off sick with the flu so technically he was doing six shows a night since he was on stage twice during each.

He wondered when it would ever stopCollapse )
"Do not cease to drink beer, to eat, to intoxicate thyself, to make love, and to celebrate the good days"
~ Egyptian Proverb

Sunday, January 14th ~ Evening

Bill was giddy. No, not giddy, manly men did not get giddy.

Screw it, he was giddy.

Gabby had gotten married and freed Bill of his obligation. Best yet, she'd told Arthur and Molly so that Bill didn't have to.

He wiped the wide grin off his face and pulled open the door to the 'Sticks. Remember, you've just been dumped. No giggling.

Neither of his parents were at the bar when he walked in so Bill ordered an ale and a sandwich and found himself a table near the back.
Now my curtain has been drawn
And my heart can go
Where my heart does belong
I'm going home

Thursday, January 11th

Owl to BillCollapse )

Owl to Molly and ArthurCollapse )
Bet you thought we forgot.

Saturday, December 16th ~ Early Morning

Bill unlocked the front door and propped it open so that it wouldn't bang shut when the others arrived, and then he went about making himself some breakfast. After a moment's thought he went ahead and made some eggs for Charlie too, after all it was the his birthday. Sort of.

Once everyone was in place, Bill lead the way back to Charlie's room and barged in, not bothering to knock.

Hey, if they managed to catch Chuckles in his shorts, more the better. They were all family, after all.
I'm alright - nobody worry 'bout me.
Why you got to gimme a fight? Can't you just let it be?

~ Kenny Loggins
Saturday, December 9th ~ Afternoon

Arthur couldn't help it. The Muggle song kept playing in his head and while Molly wasn't there to dance with - that didn't keep him from partnering everything else that he came in contact with while his head bobbed to the internal music.

Today was a good day. He loved his job, but it was nice to spend time at the Sticks where he could do what he wanted when he wanted and not have to worry about looking or acting 'proper'. That was why he was currently dancing backward with the mostly dry mop in his hands, not noticing the trail of dampness his partner was leaving behind.

Finally, since the only other person in the pub was Georgette at the moment, a line from the song burst out of his mouth as he heard the door behind him open.

Oh, bugger.
When you dig a hole, be careful not to fall in it.
Monday December 4, Afternoon

Mechanically Charlie went through the motions on his shift. Take the orders, serve the drinks, clean up, wash the glasses, take the orders, serve the drinks, clean up...his mind a thousand miles away, well about a hundred or so. He'd started his new job this weekend. Job. A flush rose to his face as he recalled just what his new job entailed.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, right?Collapse )
Not good, not good at all.
Wednesday, November 22nd ~ Late Afternoon

Arthur hadn't heard the broadcast since he was in his little office at the Ministry working on trying to figure out the latest Muggle device that had been brought it. It was called a DVD something or other. It had been taken from the home of an older witch and it had been given to her by her grandson. When the device started throwing hard little discs at her, she'd panicked and flooed his office. Arthur had been trying to get it to do the things the witch swore it would do, but all it did was sit there.

I wonder what kind of spell she threw at it...

His thoughts were interrupted when one of his colleagues stopped in and offered his condolences about the breakup of Bill and his fiance. Arthur had stared at the man for a few moments before he demanded to know what the other man had heard. After squashing the 'rumor' as best he could - Arthur took the rest of the afternoon off and headed for Hogsmeade. He'd considered stopping by Gringotts to ask Bill if he'd totally lost his mind, but considering the way things had turned out with Percy...

We need a plan.
And, Mama, you've always said,
Better look before you leap!
Maybe so, but here I go
Lettin' my heart lead me
-- The Judds

Sunday, November 19 - afternoon

It had been over a week since Percy and Greg had talked about a potential dinner with the Weasleys, and between work and trying to make some personal time with his boyfriend - not to mention trying to figure out what to say to his mother - it had taken him this long to get up his courage to face the inevitable.

He had in his hands a dozen red roses - it couldn't hurt to butter his mother up a little before telling her about Greg - and he walked through the front door of The Three Broomsticks. After a wave to the serving girl, he went straight to the kitchen at the back as he'd become accustomed to doing whenever coming to visit with his mother.

"Mum?" he called out as he stepped through the back door.
Two Sides of the Coin
Birthday Wishes Narcissa and Molly
Monday, October 20

The elegant restaurant was strangely empty save for two occupants seated at the best table in the house. Lucius had arranged it that way, having no wish to dine with any undesirables. The owner was very compliant to closing the place to the public for the night, paid handsomely for the favor.

A waiter refilled their champagne glasses, melting away as quickly as he came once the service was finished. The table was laden with choice plates, the skill of the chef shining through for the well-paying, intimidating guests of the evening.

Read more...Collapse )
Women will forgive anything.
Otherwise, the race would have died out long ago.
--Robert A. Heinlein
Saturday, October 28th ~ Afternoon

Arthur wanted to go and he wanted Molly to go along with him. He'd never been to Harry's house and this was the perfect opportunity to see what kind of Muggle items the younger wizard had installed. It wasn't a wizarding house at all and the idea that electricity flowed through the walls...

Arthur got glassy-eyed just thinking about all the possibilities. He fingered the portkey that had come with their invitation and glanced toward the kitchen as his wife came out before placing it on the shelf just under the bar. If he talked to her about it while holding it - his battle was lost before it even started.

"Molly, what kind of nightshirt do you think I should wear tonight? The ordinary everyday one or the silky one I save for special occasions? I don't think they'd care for the everyday one since it has the little monkey faces on it, but you never know. It might lead to some interesting conversations about where the different ones live. The ones from Central America are quite fascinating actually."
How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is to have a thankless child!
~ William Shakespeare
Saturday, October 7th ~ Evening

It hadn't taken much effort on Arthur's part to ascertain exactly where the Ministry had placed Percy and he had the address to his son's flat the morning after the press conference. He'd waited, wanting Percy to come to them on his own. He'd also watched Molly mother those around her even more than she normally did. And the cooking! It overflowed the counters and threatened to expand Arthur's waistband through his desire to keep her happy. He was actually considering sending the next bowl of her special icing to Bill since he'd had it every day for the last week.

Enough is enough, Arthur decided when he saw Molly head for the kitchen in the Three Broomsticks with the determined smile on her face. Telling Georgette and Charlie that he was going on an errand, he left quickly while Molly was otherwise occupied. It didn't take long for him to find and knock on Percy's door.
WWN News Update
Monday, October 2 ~ Afternoon

"... with continuing drizzle for the rest of the day."

"That does it for the regular afternoon news report, but stay tuned for a special briefing from the streets of
Hogsmeade, where everyone is awaiting the official announcement of the identity of the director of the Ministry Office.

"Horace Knickerbocker is out in the field to bring the conference to you; let's go out to him and see what the village can expect by way of its leadership."
Every man is a fool in some man's opinion.

~ Spanish proverb

Tuesday, July 4th |*| Early Evening

It was rare for Aeval to leave the faerie camp. Rarer still for her to leave unaccompanied. It was no secret to her that even after all these years Vasily still felt the need to keep an eye upon her.

Thankfully he was busy elsewhere this eve and Aeval decided now was the perfect time to explore.

Heads turned as she walked down the streets...Collapse )
Pay no mind to taunts or advances, I'm going to take my chances on everyday.
Monday, June 26th ~ Mid-Morning

The desk was huge... What anyone ever did with a desk this size she could not begin to imagine.Collapse )
When two people are under the influence of the most violent,
most insane, most delusive, and most transient of passions.
They are required to swear that they will remain in that excited,
abnormal, and exhausting condition continuously
until death do them part."
~ George Bernard Shaw
Tuesday, June 20th ~ Afternoon

When he heard the news, Arthur had been very, very torn. He was glad in a way, because he'd always liked her, but he was terrified that her return would mean the ninth child would rear its head in Molly's line of vision again.

No, no, no. Not now. Not when the future-possibly-on-its-way-soon-grandchild is so close to wiping out that little bugger for all time.

The shudder that ran down his spine convinced him he was ill.Collapse )
Don't Play Stupid With Me...
I'm Better At It!
Tuesday, June 6th ~ Evening

Arthur still hadn't quite gotten over his pout at not being able to attend Draco Malfoy's birthday party. From all reports, it had been quite an event. Second hand information was all well and good when one couldn't attend - but they had been invited.

I really wanted to take a look at some of those moving beds in addition to the watery ones. I wonder if they have to hold their breath or if they use charms?

Wiping off the bar, Arthur's eyes rose to the door when it opened and he spied his second eldest child.

"Charlie!" he boomed out as he came from behind the bar and engulfed the man in a hug. "Come to spend some time with your old dad?"

He was delighted to see him of course, although he'd heard that Charlie had moved in with Bill and that didn't bode well for the grandchild getting started. An idea formed in his head as he led his son to a stool.

"What'll you have?"

If he's here - that means more time alone for Gabrielle and Bill. Get him slightly sloshed first, old man.
Draco Birthday Invite
St Patrick's Day
Friday, March 17th ~ Evening

"...and to end our little salute to St Patrick, we bring you some little known facts about a drink I'm sure the majority of you will have consumed before the evening is over."

A slight rustle of paper is heard and a throat is cleared lightly.

"About 4000 years ago, it was the accepted practice in Babylonia that for a month after the wedding, the bride's father would supply his son-in-law with all the mead he could drink. Mead is a honey beer, and because their calender was lunar based, this period was called the 'honey month' or what we know today as the 'Honeymoon'.

Before invention of the thermometerCollapse )
A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it. ~ George Moore
Monday, March 13th ~ Evening

Charlie had apparated in the woods near Hogsmeade, feeling it would be safer, since he knew the place had changed and didn't want to Apparate in a wall. He'd had enough trouble with Apparition when he was younger. Of course, his choice for a place of arrival had nothing to do with the fact that Molly would most likely be waiting for him, unless the owl had gotten lost somehow. That would be brilliant...or not.

He lifted his travel bag on his shoulder, took a deep breath and walked towards Hogsmeade and the new family business, which he had incidentally never visited.

I can smell the blood from here...Collapse )
Let Them Eat Cake!
Wednesday, March 1 -- Late Afternoon

If there was one thing Ron held close to his heart, it was food and on birthdays you got a lot of food. A lot of cake too.

So he was very, very excited when he walked into The Three Broomsticks on his birthday to see his mum and dad.

To be honest he was more excited to see his mum as she was probably the one with the food and his dad would more than likely be trying to steal it...
Cats Are Mysterious Kind Of Folk - There Is More Passing In Their Minds Than We Are Aware Of.
~ Sir Walter Scott ~
Friday, February 17th ~ Evening

"That's quite alright, Georgette. It's not our cat, but I'll see what I can do with him."

Arthur took the cat from Georgette yet again and went to the back door of the pub. He'd put him out several times already and he hadn't a clue how the blasted animal was getting back in each time.

"Molly would have a hissy if she knew you'd been in her kitchen, young man," Arthur advised the feline right before he placed him outside the back door. "Go find some young lady cat for the evening and you'll be a lot happier, I guarantee it."
What's The Wizarding Family Next To You Doing These Days?
Saturday, February 4th ~ Evening

".... and that was interesting wasn't it? I'll be sure and keep you up to date on the developments as I make them appear they occur. With all the *sniff* spectacular stories lately concerning Azkaban, which I'm sure would have been of a great deal more interest if given from the woman's point of view, I'd like to bring you something a little lighter.

"With the holidays over, many people are finding themselves in a slump. What better time to have a party, just for the sake of seeing friends and relatives. If you'd care to have a special guest that could give one sided but glowing reports of your social calender, be sure a drop me an owl here at WWN and I'll see if I can fit it in my schedule.

"I was fortunate enough to slip into such a party earlier this evening. It was termed a house warming party and in my opinion, parts of it were so scorching it should have burned the building down. The night started mind numbingly dull bland enough, with sickening heartwarming displays of incestuous undertones sibling affection and the bondage? bonds of friendship. Luckily the bar was well stocked and with the promise of men to ogle and wine to drink a colorful gathering, I settled down on a wall to observe."

Er - Rita? You did actually get invited to this event right?Collapse )
I'm Alright!
Friday, January 27th ~ Evening

During his lunch hour Arthur, being the obedient husband that he was and also not a fool, ran the errands that Molly wanted done which included a trip to Gringotts to arrange for the change they would need at the Three Broomsticks over the weekend. He'd come out a much happier man than when he'd gone in. Since the little fiasco over the misunderstanding about Harry, Junior it had been more and more difficult to distract or outright ignore the hints Molly was giving about having that dreaded ninth child.

Two songs took turns running through his head for the remainder of the day.Collapse )
Telling Her Parents
Thursday, January 19th - Evening

When he'd told Ginevra that he was willing to be there when she broke the news to her parents - mostly Molly - Severus hadn't really thought ahead to just what that would mean.

Now he was wishing that he'd given it a tad more thought. There was no more time to prepare and many protective spells he had hoped to cast before giving Molly Weasley a go at unmanning him. Not to mention if Arthur or any of the boys took it into their heads to defend Ginevra's honor from the big bad bat.

The things I do for her.