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Alicia, Ron and Sprout * Ron's Quidditch Supply * Complete

If I'm going to help, I have to know all the details.
All the details.
Wednesday, November 29 ~ Afternoon

The deeper days of autumn always made Pomona Sprout a bit blue. The leaves were gone, everything was dormant and there wasn't even any snow yet to blanket the plants for the long winter.

Oh, her greenhouses were as vibrant as ever, but one couldn't stay in them forever. Soon enough the holiday greenery would abound everywhere, and Sprout liked to help the season along by starting her Christmas shopping early.

"Ronald Weasely! How are you, you sly young thing, sneaking about the country and leaving us poor ladies behind having to listen to Quidditch updates to know the least thing?

"Tell me all about the handsome young men you've been gadding about with, and tell me what sort of broom I should be getting my grand niece."