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Albus ~ His Portrait at Hogwarts ~ Complete

And days of auld lang syne
Sunday, December 31st ~ Approaching Midnight

Albus straightened his beard, patting it into shape carefully. He needed to be three floors down and two wings over before the stroke of midnight when the perpetually new born babe from the portrait of "Mother and child" near the Muggle Studies classroom was brought in swathed in his festive "New Year" ribbon.

Albus' own carefully lettered sash was draped across one shoulder, the beard arranged so as to not hide the "2006".

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Colin, Minerva and Albus ~ Hogwarts ~ Complete

A mind once stretched by a new idea never regains its original dimensions.
~ Anonymous
Friday, September 8th ~ Afternoon

Minerva had listed the pros and cons of her idea and since the pros heavily outweighed the cons, decided to present her idea to Mr. Creevey.

What's the worst he can do? Say no? We'd be no worse off than we are now.

She then ordered an extra special tea from the elves and sat back to wait for her visitor.

If my arguments don't do it, perhaps a reminder of the food Hogwarts provides? To a young man without a current position...

Free room and board plus a salary in exchange for a few hours telling students about the Muggle world might make a very attractive package.
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WWN ~ Afternoon News Update ~ School's Out

Summer afternoon - Summer afternoon... the two most beautiful words in the English language.
-- Henry James

Friday, June 16th ~ Afternoon

"Thank you, Ezekiel.

"This is Anastasia Witherpool, live at Hogsmeade Station where the Hogwarts Express has just left, carrying many a thrilled boy and girl. To them school is out and summer has officially begun. Many a student mentioned plans for a celebration tonight.

"Here at home, things shall undoubtedly be quieter. Back to you Ezekiel."

...I said I'm on the air Rita, come back later.

"What was that?"

Someone cleared their throat and the anchorman's voice filled the airwaves. "Thank you, Anastasia, for that brief, yet informative update.

"As always ladies and gentlemen WWN is interested in the comments and concerns of our listeners. If you have one, please contact us by owl or floo. We appreciate the interest shown and will respond as soon as possible. The Wizarding Wireless Network now returns you to our regularly scheduled programing."

Seamus, Minerva, Albus and Vera ~ Minerva's office ~ Complete

It wasn't me, Professor, honest!
Thursday, February 9th ~ Late Afternoon

Ah, the memories of his teen days at Hogwarts... Seamus would have gotten teary if not for the fact that he'd recently decided he was going to start acting manly from now on. But really, there was something in the air, something that made him nostalgic. After all, it had been his home for many years.
That was probably why he was here, actually. Because he felt like seeing the walls that had surrounded his teenage years.

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Wise old one

Remus, Harry and Albus' Portrait || Glen Hollow and Hogwarts || Complete

And the boys say, "What do you mean?"
And the boys say, "What do you mean?"
Tuesday, February 7 || Late afternoon

Probably he should have came to check on Harry sooner. But Remus had figured Harry would need at least a full day to recover from the party, sobering potion or no, and on Mondays it always difficult to get away from Hogwarts.

Today, however, classes were over and Remus had nothing better to do than pester a certain lovelorn wizard.

Remus apparated in the foyer at Glen Hollow and moved down the hall.

"Harry? You here?"

Minerva, Albus, Narcissa, Remus, Vera ~ Hogwarts ~ Complete

You Never Know What You'll Find With A Little Surprise Visit
Monday, January 9th ~ Late Afternoon

Minerva watched the infuriating woman leave her office. She had been severely tested to the limits of her considerable patience in dealing with Narcissa. After the door closed behind her, the quill in Minerva's hand snapped in two.

"Albus, I don't know how you managed to deal with those people all those years. I certainly haven't found a way yet. She sets my teeth on edge the moment I see her. I'm certainly glad she didn't lower herself to attend the reunion celebration."
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WWN ~ End of the Evening News with Ezekiel Brunderbluss ~ Complete

...And The Children Were Nestled, All Snug In Their Beds...
Saturday, January 7 ~ Late Evening

"...Parents are breathing a sigh of relief as students prepare to return to school from winter break. The Hogwarts Express pulls out sharply on time, don't be late! Teachers arrived at the school today, no doubt either enjoying those last few moments of peace or frantically finishing up in time for the new term to begin on Monday. We've been unable to reach Minerva McGonagall, Headmistress for any comment, representatives from her office have expressed her regrets, as she is also indisposed during this busy time."

"We here at the Wizarding Wireless Network wish the students and their families all the best in this upcoming year, we know they're in good hands."

"As always ladies and gentlemen WWN is always interested in the comments and concerns of our listeners. If you have one, please contact us by owl or floo. We appreciate the interest shown and will respond as soon as possible. The Wizarding Wireless Network now returns you to our regularly scheduled programing."

Albus's Portrait and Vera * The Headmistress' Office * Complete

Ohhh, a Visitor.
Sunday, December 11th * Afternoon

Being a portrait wasn't all fun and games like people thought. Sure you could go from frame to frame and visit old painted acquaintances who had been dead for decades, and stop in to nibble a bit from a fruit bowl still life when you were peckish. But where were the portraits of sweets? No bowls of lemon sherbets, no fizzing whizbees, no sugared quills.

It was rather depressing after a few years.

Albus had rather hoped that all his subtle hinting to Minerva might one day result in a tribute portrait to Honeydukes, until then... he was stuck with roasted piggies and waxy looking fruit and a lot of stuffy old wizards for company.

He had just settled down for a nap when the door to the Headmistress' office creaked open and Albus carefully slitted his eyes, pretending to still be asleep in case he needed to surprise the intruder with an alarm or something. Intrigue was good for a bit of amusement if nothing else.