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__lightning__'s Journal

Lightning Strikes But Once
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Lightning Strikes But Once

Human life is as evanescent as the morning dew or a flash of lightning.
- Samuel Butler -

Colin Creevey
Roger DaviesDobby
Gregory GoyleDaphne GreengrassViktor Krum
Bellatrix LestrangeRemus LupinDraco MalfoyLucius Malfoy
Narcissa MalfoyTheodore NottSally-Anne PerksHarry PotterIzabel Sinistra
Severus SnapeNymphadora TonksVera VectorArthur Weasley
Bill WeasleyCharlie WeasleyGinny Weasley
Molly WeasleyPercy Weasley
Rose Zeller

The Cast

un_veiled: Sirius Black was brought back through the veil, but not without scars, including partial amnesia. His continuous Animagus state is a puzzlement to the Healers at St. Mungo's, and until a solution can be found he's staying with his godson at Glen Hollow.

shattered_lens: After the war Colin Creevey worked to forget that the Wizarding World even existed, but that was impossible. Simple spells and charms crept into his day to day life - and no matter how often he put his wand away, vowing never to take it out again, something drew him back to it. Now he's back, teaching Muggle Studies, and trying to find his place once more.

doris_crockford: Doris Crockford will kick your arse and take your name if you give her any lip. Also, she's seeing Horace Slughorn and while that takes him off the market - to the relief of women and men everywhere - people do wonder about her mental health.

charming_roger: Between pursuing the Arithmancy professor, whom he has become rather possessive of (in a non-freaky stalky but in love sort of way), Roger Davies takes time out of his day to fulfill his duties as professor of Charms at Hogwarts. He still conducts research in his spare time - although you're more likely to find him trying to get a pick up game of Quidditch going.

dobby__: Dobby holds the (well-paid) position of house-elf at Glen Hollow, where he spends his work hours cleaning up after his best friend, the great Harry Potter. In recent months, he has coordinated the employment of his elf-friend Winky by Draco Malfoy, who also suggested writing a book (working title: In the House of M) about his experiences in the Malfoy household. On his days off, Dobby likes to spend some quality time with Winky.

albus_portrait: Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore was more than just a headmaster and decorated war hero, he was a cunning manipulator and a bit of a fruit loop. Death has not kept him from offering his own particular brand of wisdom and wit from his portraits in the Headmistress' office and at The Phoenix.

_argus_filch_: Argus Filch still maintains his position as Hogwarts cranky Caretaker. He and Mrs. Norris are ready and waiting to catch mischief makers afoot - be they students or professors. He also seems to be spending a remarkable amount of time in the library.

dung_bombs: Mundungus Fletcher has gone by many names, and has the ID to back up most of them. A con man by profession and a loser by nature, Dung works hard to avoid hard work.

minionontheleft: Gregory Goyle Jr. is a man who has learned from the lessons of Emperor Claudius. He has spent the last few years away from the Wizarding World making money as a professional gambler in Las Vegas. He has come back to Hogsmeade to clean the cobwebs from his family's attic and see what trouble he can stir up.

are_you_daph: A pureblood witch from a long line of Slytherins, Daphne Greengrass spent several years living amongst the Muggles at her mother's urging, training as a chef. In the year since her return she's opened Un Peu de Ciel, been seduced by a vampire, had several run-ins with associates of her late Death Eater father and fallen in love with Harry Potter.

mum_greengrass: When her husband died supporting "the wrong" side, Diane Greengrass tried to protect her daughter by sending her away for several years. Daphne is the only family she has left and Diane isn't above doing whatever is necessary ensure her daughter's happiness.

krummy_life: Having suffered a freak Quidditch accident, leaving the bulging Bulgarian without depth perception in one eye, Viktor Krum now teaches flying and supervises the Quidditch program at Hogwarts. He's adjusting to life off the pitch and out of his native land, though it seems he's having an easier time of it than his three dogs: Bludger, Snitch, and Nicholai.

cruel_star: Lately of Azkaban, Bellatrix Black Lestrange currently resides in the congenial confines of Malfoy Manor. She has lost a husband, and she has, it is said, lost a Dark Lord and Master — but her pure-blooded ambitions remain undimmed.

lycaon_wolf: Remus Lupin has found himself teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts once more as Head of Gryffindor House. He's also in a very devoted relationship with Izabel Sinistra. He's faintly astonished things have turned out so well, but so they have, with the exception of his "furry little problem."

sneering_malfoy: As the sole Malfoy heir, Draco Malfoy is still trying to distinguish between what he thinks he should be and what he wants to be. Boredom (as well as the promise of a room full of obedient students to curse) prompted him to accept a position as a Defense instructor at The Phoenix, as he has no need for the income. Draco has decreed that his pet tarantula, Lady Carmilla is as close to a grandchild (that elf really did make an ugly baby) as his parents can expect given his preference for those of his own gender. Now he just has to convince his father.

pure_prince: Recently released from Azkaban, Lucius Malfoy is trying to reclaim his position within society and especially his family. It is a challenge to find that things have changed; his once docile wife actually has defied him already and his son, well, that's a different story. A firm hand is needed to remind all those around him what the name Malfoy means.

narcissa__m: Although thrilled that her husband, Lucius, has finally been released from Azkaban, Narcissa Malfoy is finding it difficult to return to her former role as docile wife and mother. A taste of power and what power will do has been extremely satisfying and she isn't willing to give it all up.

proper_prof: As the Headmistress of Hogwarts, Minerva McGonagall is still the epitome of no-nonsense professor she's always been, but those that are no longer her students are finding another side. Minerva has a very dry sense of humor and doesn't suffer fools gladly, she will happily turn a blind eye to those of her staff (Yes, you Roger) that like to have harmless fun.

naughty_nott: After an absence of several years, Theodore Nott is back in Hogsmeade and looking to set up a security firm. Planning to run it by day and ensure the need for his services by night, Theo has no loyalties other than that provided by his pay. Aside from his childhood friend, Daphne Greengrass and occasional partner in crime, Dung, he has very little use for people or attachments.

temptingpoison: Pansy Parkinson, considered by some (herself included) to be a society princess, graced the Hogsmeade area with her presence for a short time. No one quite knows why she suddenly left, but isn't that the way of 'royalty'?

sallyanne_perks: Sally-Anne Perks has been a busy little mouse in a corner office of the Ministry. Well, she calls it an office. Others would look and say it's a cubby hole, but it's been all hers for a couple of years now. Anne, she abhors the Sally part of her name, isn't entirely sure she's all that happy about being assigned to Hogwarts. Even if the assignment isn't quite what it appears.

healer_poppy: Poppy Pomfrey has finally become a full Healer, although she still spends most of the year tending to the sick and injured at Hogwarts. Her summers are spent with her son and his family in Iceland, and lately she has seriously begun to consider his request that she retire from the school and set up practice in his village.

h_jim_potter: Scratch off the layers the years and trials have added and you'll still find the basic Gryffindor inside Harry Potter. It's buried pretty deep, but it's still what makes the final decisions whether it be what's the right thing to do or keeping Daphne, the woman he's in love with, safe. He still has a deep hatred of Severus Snape that will probably never change, but one good thing to come out of the 'war' against Voldemort was his deep friendship with Draco Malfoy.

roman_sanguini: Vampire Roman Sanguini knew from the moment he first saw Izabel that she was destined to be his. Years later he returned to Hogsmeade, ready to claim her and two others chosen to spend eternity by his side - Rose and Daphne. But their protectors chased him away and Roman was forced to go into hiding. For now. Time is on his side, after all.

izabel_sinistra: Aurora Izabel Sinistra hates the name Aurora and goes by Izabel. In general a studious sort who would have lived her life with her head in the stars if not for the practical Minerva giving her lessons in keeping her feet on the ground. Before Remus J. Lupin, her passion was reserved for the sky.

severed_one: Former Death Eater, ex-spy, forever smug bastard: Severus Snape has done more than his fair share of things he'd rather never see the light of day. Some may think that his nasty disposition was merely a cover to hide the sensitive soul inside, they are sadly mistaken. Now that both his former Masters are truly gone, all Severus wants to do is settle into a quiet routine. Days spent at the apothecary or Potter's school, nights in front of the fire with Ginevra and the Dog. If only fate would stop conspiring against him.

colour_n_shape: Former Auror Tonks told the wizarding world at large to sod off when she was sacked following the thing with You-Know-Who. That got boring after a while, so now she's getting back into the game. Just don't ask about the Lupin thing, and don't call her "Nymphadora."

v_vector: Muggle-born witch Vera Vector recently finished a long-term defense project with the Ministry to return full time to drilling an appreciation of the logic and structure of Arithmancy into the minds of the students at Hogwarts. More than a bit stubborn, she's moved forward and finally admitted she is head-over-heels for the Charms professor.

mugglephile: If you ask Arthur Weasley anything about his life, you'll likely get a very confusing answer and come away with more questions than you started with. His needs are simple. His wife, Molly, his Muggle artifacts and NO ninth child, but he wouldn't object to a bowl of Molly's icing on the side.

broken_weasley: Bill Weasley is the eldest of the Weasley children. He loves his parents dearly, but if he catches Arthur telling one more "little willie" story... Speaking of family, don't even mention the mess with the Delacour sisters. Engaged first to Fleur and now to Gabby, caught in the middle, being pushed toward marriage when all he wanted to do was help out a friend and earn himself some biscuits. Think of the biscuits!

fiery_weasley: Charlie Weasley returned to England to sort out what was happening with his older brother. In the course of events he's recently lost his job at the reserve but found a new calling at tending the bar at the Three Broomsticks. He's trying to adjust and missing his dragons, but reckons that it will all work out in the end.

never_ginevra: Ginny Weasley has traveled the world and managed to find home in the oddest place – back home. Having given up the fast paced life of a fashion designer, Ginny now dabbles in oils and canvas rather than swatches and patterns. She owns and runs her own gallery and studio in Hogsmeade. The red head has also turned in her former torch for the Saviour of the Wizarding World for a certain snarky Potions Master.

molly_coddled: Molly Weasley now owns the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade with her husband. In between running the kitchen she tries to run her now adult children's lives and won't rest until they are happily married and she has grand-babies to spoil.

winky__: Between bottles of butterbeer Winky has managed to garner a position of house-elf (she won't admit it's paid) within Draco Malfoy's household. Her distaste for Mr. Malfoy is matched only by his for her. It works. Her elf-friend Dobby was instrumental in obtaining it for her. She and Dobby enjoy watching and singing songs from movies - much to the horror of some residents of Hogsmeade.

returned_rose: Rose Zeller works as a waitress at Un Peu de Ciel and when she isn't working there she's usually helping out Hagrid as his apprentice. Though on the outside Rose's life may seem a bit ordinary for a young witch, and even a little boring, for her the past year has been anything but. Between dark creatures forcing their way into her life and her first real romance coming to an end, Rose considers her life to have been very eventful this past year, and obviously not always in a good way.

hogwartsghosts: The Bloody Baron, The Grey Lady and Moaning Myrtle are respected denizens of Hogwarts. They roam the castle halls and grounds, sharing them with the more "lively" inhabitants.

hogwarts_ghosts: The Fat Friar Sir Nicholas and Peeves are respected denizens of Hogwarts. They roam the castle halls and grounds, sharing them with the more "lively" inhabitants. Perhaps less than respected in the case of Peeves.

staffofhogwarts: Professor Binns, Firenze, Rubeus Hagrid, Irma Pince, Horace Slughorn, Pomona Sprout and Sibyll Trelawney are staff at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy.

hogsmeadians: Every town has its well known characters. Hogsmeade is no different.

official_notice: The offices of the Ministry of Magic are known for their documentation.

_wwn_: The WWN brings you all the news and entertainment the Wizarding Wireless can provide.

wwnstaff: Anchor Ezekiel Brunderbluss and his staff of reporters - Horace Knickerbocker, Lachlan Peasegood, Rita Skeeter and Anastasia Witherpool - work hard to make sure their listeners are up to date on the latest news and gossip.

Sorry, at this time Lightning is no longer accepting applications. We are gearing up for the conclusion of Lightning Strikes But Once sometime in July or August. However, many of our current writers shall be returning after the release of book seven for a new role-playing project. Check back for details in the coming months.

Currently Inactive Characters

buford_croaker: While retired Unspeakable Buford Croaker may have worked for the "Good Guys", his methods were anything but lawful and humane. Just how many beatings and deaths the Ministry covered up may never be known; Croaker has gone missing and no one is talking.

After 7 years home in France nursing a broken heart Fleur Delacour is finally back in England and dealing with the shock of learning her petite-soeur is engaged to her ex-fiance. She is currently serving as the French ambassador to England and works in the British Department of International Magical Cooperation.

gabrielle_d: After extensive research and English language and enunciation lessons, Gabrielle Delacour decided upon Hogsmeade as a base for her own shop, Femme Fatale. Her bid to succeed away from her family's influence has led to some complications which have only been compounded by her sister's arrival. Then Gabby was reunited with an old flame and eloped, leaving behind her "fiance" Bill Weasley to face the music alone.

A Muggle-born Auror with a history of unpleasant encounters with a wide variety of dark creatures, Kevin Entwhistle has recently been reassigned to the Hogsmeade Auror Station, and is looking forward to getting some interesting work.

shay_finn: Seamus Finnigan is an freelance reporter, often forced to leave Hogsmeade in pursuit of a story.

kingfinvar: Finvar is Consort to Queen Maev and King of the Winter Court. A recent attempt to bring two mortal Wizards and a Witch to the Unseelie court has failed and left him - testy. Especially since his artisan, Ginevra Weasley, never made the trip at all.

Hermione Granger has just returned to Hogsmeade after spending the summer back home with her family due to her father's failing health and his eventual passing. She is currently serving as the transfiguration professor at Hogwarts and sharing a romance with Ron Weasley.

_in_the_woods_: The Watcher in the woods was none other than Fenrir Greyback. Everyone assumed the Death Eater had been killed, until a rash of killings connected with the full moon hit the Hogsmeade area. Now he's dead in truth.

Hestia Jones has been reassigned to the Hogsmeade Auror Station after a quickly covered up break-in. A Diffindo that managed to slash the nerves in her leg that were healed too late has left her with a limp and the use of a cane if absolutely necessary. Although she's new in town and isn’t particularly close to anyone, she's determined to remain in the Auror station until they kick her out.

Neville Longbottom is a Healer with St. Mungo's who briefly moved to Hogsmeade before his need to be closer to his patients drew him back to London.

no_radishes: Never as flighty as she appeared, Luna Lovegood has finally put down a few roots. They're shallow at this point, but they are there as she rediscovers old friends, finds new ones and takes a few faltering steps into her first romance.

queenmaev: Beautiful and cruel, remote as ice: Maev, Queen of Air and Darkness, is the eternal ruler of Winter. Her word is law among the Fae. She patiently awaits the opportunity to extend her grasp into this world once more.

Adrian Pucey worked hard to become a Potions Master and is now a Professor at Hogwarts. The science of Potions, something he's always loved, is no longer the only thing he's fascinated with since Luna Lovegood came into his life.

After leaving for America shortly after graduation in a fit of belated adolescent pique, Alicia Spinnet is finally back in her homeland. She isn't sure how she feels about that yet, what with her parents on her back about things like stability and grandbabies and her gay ex-boyfriend (and best friend) back in the States. But she's missed England and her old friends and acquaintances and she figures she can write her smutty novels just as well from a flat near Hogsmeade as she can in North America.

Mischievous as ever, Fred and George Weasley are kept very busy running Weasley's Wizard Wheezes in Diagon Alley.

Percy Weasley has finally returned after 5 years abroad, bringing order to chaos in Ministry offices across North America. As the newly appointed Director of the Ministry's office in Hogsmeade, he sees it as his duty to bring the rule of law and order to the town's people. Percy returns with a new found respect for Muggle culture and a pride in his homosexuality. He's set to take the town by storm - as long as he can avoid his family.

Ronald Bilius Weasley is the proud owner of a rather successful Quidditch supplies shop in Hogsmeade. He lives in the flat above with his cat, Pie, and spends his free time with his friends, his family, and Hermione Granger. That's right, he has a girlfriend and has given up a few of his old ways -- including his Cooty Ball love -- for her. Ron also has much experience with helping to save ladies, and lately men as well, from terrifying creatures.

faerie_retinue: Aeval, The Stigg and Vasily do the bidding of the rulers of the Winter Court. There is no command these Fae will not carry out — or so the King and Queen thought, until Aeval betrayed the Court to help the wizards and brought upon herself a harsh punishment. The portal to their world hidden in Hogsmeade has been closed, until the cunning Fae discover a way to breach it once more.

Lightning is based off of canon through book 6.

MA stands for Mature Audiences which indicates this thread may contain material not suitable for those under 18.

*All Harry Potter Universe characters, locations and events are the property of J.K. Rowling. No infringement
is intended by the use of PB images. No money is being made off of Lightning or its contents.*