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Narcissa and Severus~ Malfoy Manor and Snape Cottage ~ Complete

Finding Plan B
Sunday, January 1st ~ Early Afternoon

Luckily for both Potter and Snape, Narcissa remained blissfully unaware of the danger they'd placed her baby in a few days before. She spent the majority of New Years Day looking for what she needed and she'd finally found it.

Perfect, she decided with a grim smile on her mouth as she skimmed the entry again. It can be altered to just one person by adding a single rooted hair and it takes at least twelve hours to become partially effective. A full twenty-four before the full impact and permanent unless an antidote is given. Which won't be the case here. He'll be well away from here when it kicks in - which should divert any suspicion from Draco that I had anything to do with it and he should believe it's all natural. Just a dunderheaded Gryffindor taking forever to realize he's in love. Too bad I can't use it right away - that would be suspicious.

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Molly and Narcissa ~ Burrow to Malfoy Manor ~ Complete

In-Laws - Of A Sort
Thursday, December 29th ~ Mid Afternoon

Molly slapped a hand over her mouth and glanced up from her guest list to the floo. The oversight - this far into the planning really required a personal visit - but who knew what would happen if she tried to approach that doorstep. Her husband is in Azkaban, she was never implicated beyond her marriage... She's his mother, Molly! You're practically in-laws!

Resolved, Molly rose from the table and threw in the floo powder, calling out, "Malfoy Manor." If she flinched slightly or glanced around for some sort of defensive spells - well - she was only human after all. The elf that answered her summons with a suspicious look on its face, as though it knew she shouldn't be there, did nothing to appease her concerns.

Narcissa and Severus ~ Malfoy Manor ~ Complete

Of Course You'll Help Me, Dear Man.
Tuesday, December 27th ~ Late Afternoon

After Draco left, Narcissa quickly wrote a note asking (read commanding) Severus to appear for afternoon tea. After sending it off, she carefully instructed the elves to prepare what she knew were his favorites and made sure the bar was stocked with his preferred drink. She didn't consider it was out of the ordinary to so carefully prepare a tea for an old friend who was going to be asked to help her yet again. It was merely the way things were done in her world. Every advantage was used to make sure that the results were what was desired. Nothing more, nothing less.

A suitable dress was selected that showed her figure to the best advantage and she arranged herself provocatively on the divan when the time for his appearance approached.

Such a good friend. I know he won't mind helping once I make him see reason.

Narcissa and Draco ~ Malfoy Manor ~ Complete

This Will Never Do - My Baby Is Unhappy
Monday, December 26th ~ Late Afternoon/Early Evening

From time to time, Narcissa would bring out the scrap book she kept that chronicled Draco's indiscretions. It didn't matter to her that he was gay. It did matter to her that he couldn't seem to settle on one man for longer than a month. Then it would be on to the next pretty face that caught his eye.

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WWN Broadcast Live at Un Peu de Ciel

Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking
if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity.
- Voltaire -

"Ezekiel Brunderbluss here, ladies and gentleman. We're interrupting our regularly scheduled programing at Wizarding Wireless Network in order to bring you a special broadcast live from Hogsmeade. Anastasia Witherpool, our reporter on the street, is there at the grand opening of Un Peu de Ciel. Anastasia, can you hear me?"

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