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Owl to Draco MalfoyCollapse )

Owl to Severus SnapeCollapse )
Don't confuse fame with success.
Madonna is one.
Helen Keller is the other.
~ Erma Bombeck
Monday, July 24th ~ Morning

After the very interesting and enlightening conversation with Severus the week before, Narcissa had assigned several of her more intelligent minions to look into what the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures actually did. She hadn't received any information back as of yet, but in such matters she was patient.

This was the first time Narcissa had been able to get permission from those holding the reins to see Lucius since Azkaban.Collapse )
Everything you do is triggered by an emotion of either desire or fear.
- Brian Tracy
Wednesday, July 19th ~ Evening

An adequate if unremarkable dinner, in Narciss's opinion anyway, followed by an evening of pursuing the new catalogs sent out by her favorite drapery manufactuer found her in her study. Pulling the notes she kept on what she'd purchased when, she was shocked to find that the drapes in the fourth floor guest rooms hadn't been replaced in over ten years. It didn't matter that they hadn't been used in all that time. It was the principle that mattered.

About the time the Dark Lord frenzy was heating up again.

So - tacky and inconvient.

Rising, she was preparing to inspect the draperies herself when an elf appeared, announcing Mr. Severus Snape was waiting in the drawing room. Her eyebrows rose slightly as she tossed the catalog back on the desk. After entering, Narcissa tilted her head taking in his appearance.

"I do wish you'd come along earlier, Severus dear. Dinner would have been much more enjoyable. Bella appears to be out and about and I had to dine alone."
Thank You For This Bitter Knowledge,
Guardian Angels Who Left Me Stranded.
It Was Worth It, Feeling Abandoned.
Makes One Hardened But What Has Happened To Love.
Thursday, June 8th ~ Late Afternoon.

Izabel left a note for Remus that she was taking a little trip with Vera. She didn't go into detail but tried to give the impression it was merely a shopping expedition. Vera had told her they weren't after a live target, but the manner in which she had told her - stiff and a little closed off made Izabel hesitant to ask many questions. She knew of course that Vera had unresolved issues with Cassius and finding out that he was dead probably stirred feelings long dormant.

I wonder if we'll find a real grave or merely a spot. Gods, I hope we don't find just a 'body' that's been left laying around.

With no small bit of trepidation, Izabel left her quarters to meet Vera at the main gates.

It's got to be better than crawling down a fire escape, she told herself as Vera came into view.

"Ready?" Izabel asked gently.
If You Ever Wanted To Know What A Person With Acute Paranoia Looks Like,
Just Keep Watching.
Monday, June 5th ~ Early Evening

Draco had thought of taking today off - it was his birthday after all - but then when would his students give him his gifts? Not that he had practically demanded them or insinuated that it might have an affect on their final - he would never do that.

Well, they couldn't prove it anyway.

Draco raised one eyebrow as his door opened - he never left it un-warded - and cautiously peered inside. It was - empty?Collapse )
We Are All Born Naked And Screaming And If You're Lucky That Sort Of Thing Won't Stop There
Friday, June 2nd ~ Evening

"I have no idea who is screwing who so just check them in like they say and then send them to the ballroom. Oh!" Draco's eyes widened slightly and he leaned over to talk to the manager in a hushed tone, "If a Ron Weasely or a Daphne Greengrass check in send them out to the stable." He smirked and his grin fell slightly. "Well - only if she's alone. Idiot would get pissy otherwise."

Leaving the man with his final instructions, Draco made his way back to his accommodations - only the best of course - to freshen up, he had an entrance to make after all. So far things were moving along nicely - the staff was well trained and had easily accepted the booking of a Wizarding Proctologists Convention - allegedly to keep the press away, actually to keep his family away and the ruse seemed to have worked. Not to mention it provided him with endless personal amusement.

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me...

Draco Birthday Invite

Your delightful Auntie Bella came by the Phoenix last evening and left a little note for you. I've enclosed it. I can only say, I don't envy you any of your relatives.


P.S. If it's a invitation to dinner - good luck.
A friend is one who knows us, but loves us anyway.
~ Jerome Cummings ~
Wednesday April 5th ~ Evening

Narcissa was not altogether pleased with the way things had been going lately. The Ministry still had not fully released Lucius, Bella's wand or given any indication when either of those two things would occur. Her solicitors swore they were doing all they could, but she didn't fully trust them either.

They're probably afraid Bella will hex them for getting her out of Azkaban. They're probably right, but I can always find new solicitors if the need arises.

The knowledge that Draco had assisted Sirius in leaving the Manor was another stitch in the conspiracy she was sure was intended to make her life more difficult. There had been no trace of the stupid man and she had been counting on his presence to placate her sister.

I do hope Severus is on his best behavior tonight. Without the release of training the puppy, I really should drug her for dinner, but it would make the conversation quite dull and she does have a superior edge to her tongue when she's lucid.
Reward For Return Of Black Puppy
Friday, March 10th ~ Morning

After rising and dressing Narcissa was sitting in front of her dressing table arranging her hair. This was the time of day when she mentally reviewed what needed to be 'done' or arranged. She glanced sideways and noted that the elf she used to assist her wasn't where it was supposed to be.

Odd. She's usually almost too eager. It is far earlier than what I normally rise, but not unprecidented.

A small frown appeared before it was banished as the final hair was smoothed into place. Rising from the chair she turned and surveyed her bedchamber. There were no elves in sight. At all.

Very odd. Bella can't have done anything with them, she's still on the potion. Sirius? What would he need with them all?

Leaving her roomsCollapse )
It's hard to make up your mind with a programmed brain.
Wednesday, March 8 * Morning

"I am Bellatrix Black Lestrange, and I stand before you an innocent woman."

She sat down sedately at the table next to one of her solicitors. Her carriage was upright, every line proclaiming her breeding. Bella's hair was sleek and smooth for the first time in years. Her silken robes were pressed; her manicure, spotless.

And equal parts rage and confusion pulsed through her veins.

She wasn't catatonic, nor was she dreaming — but she found herself helpless to move or speak of her own will. She was a puppet, pulled by strings she couldn't see.

As her hearing unfolded in front of her, she was unable to do anything to further her cause.

Bellatrix hated everyone and everything.
Family Ties

Thursday, March 2nd ~ Early Afternoon

The Malfoy Manor was enormous. Sirius wandered around for nearly an hour, and yet he had only covered a fraction of its halls. The more he explored, the more uncomfortable and lost he felt. The Manor was certainly filled with all sorts of expensive objects, but it was still empty. Empty and dark. Sirius didn't like it at all, and he knew that there was a reason for that. He would have returned to his room if it weren't for the fact that he couldn't bear to be confined to its walls any longer.

Despite the aura of the Manor, Sirius managed to sleep through the night. His dreams were more pleasant than they had been in a long, which he figured was due to the treatment he received the night before. The dreams still managed to grate his nerves, however. As he traveled through the Manor, he couldn't shake the feeling that he needed to look for someone, that he wasn't making the right decision by remaining with Narcissa.

Coming upon a long hallwayCollapse )
The Puppy Is Found.
Wednesday, March 1st ~ Late Afternoon

How was it possible for Bella and the Dark Lord to bring him back? We may never know now. He is dead and she is - what she is and probably will always be.

Pleasantly surprised, Narcissa looked at the unconscious man that was laying on the settee. His clothes would need to be burned, the hair tamed and a bit of weight put on him before he was presentable, but the fact that he was alive and in one piece was amazing. Turning in the direction of the two men responsible for depositing their burden on her settee, Narcissa raised her chin.

"That will be all for today. You may expect adequate compensation in the normal manner as long as these proceedings remain between us."

Nodding their heads the two gentlemen left as quickly as they could.

Lumbering oafs. They left black marks on the tile in the foyer.

Sniffing her disdainCollapse )
The Consequences Of Our Crimes Long Survive Their Commission,
And Like The Ghosts Of The Murdered,
Forever Haunt The Steps Of The Malefactor.
~ Sir Walter Scott ~
Monday, February 27th ~ Morning

Unwilling to turn the information her sister had given over to the soliciters, Narcissa had begun instructing a few of the more resourceful lackeys employees she had used over the years.

If Bella's ramblings do have a basis in reality the soliciters can be informed at the proper time.

If he's found and presented, I'll have to make sure that she doesn't expound on where he was located. It would be much more advantageous to our cause if the question of him being behind the veil at all was brought into play. 'What other lies were used to discredit her? To railroad an innocent woman into Azkaban?'

But how to ensure her cooperation?Collapse )
My little baby sister can do it with ease
Saturday, February 25th * Afternoon

Bellatrix paced.

A step a sinkapace forward on neatsleather creaking.

A cage is not a home. It is an accessory, an accoutrement for the feral. What you get the lady when she is a tiger. They treat me like this, then tut and simper when I act as surroundings demand. You shape something, you are responsible for its form.

It was only a little blood.

Men. No stomachs.

She hadn't been allowed to leave her cell for two weeks, due to "misbehaviour." Just as well, really. Dealing with the sycophants who would no doubt have come crawling when Lucius was released would have been more tiresome than amusing.

And that would have led to more blood. A vicious circle indeed.
Coverage Of A Press Release From The Ministry
Saturday, February 11th ~ Morning

The latest Weird Sisters song is cut off as an attention-getting sound chimes and the voice of Ezekiel Brunderbluss announces, "Ladies and gentleman, we interrupt this program to bring you an important news bulletin. We are going live to Horace Knickerbocker at the Ministry of Magic. Horace, are you there?"

"I am, Ezekiel and thank you. I was notified just a short time ago that Stamford Jorkins, Ministry spokesperson, was preparing to make a statement in reference to the recent activity concerning the inmates at Azkaban. As our listening audience is well aware, a lot of reforms have been taking place over the last few months. Rumors as to what these reforms are have been rampant, but the actual facts have been extremely hard to obtain."

I've got a bad feeling about thisCollapse )
Family Politics
Monday, January 30th ~ Morning

Ten days. Two weekend dinners missed and Draco knew his time was running out. He was half surprised not to have found his mother on his doorstep last night, as a matter of fact, demanding to know where he had been and what had gone wrong - by this point there was no way that she hadn't realized that something had happened.

Speaking of time running out... A slight stiffness in his mother's shoulders at her desk before him let Draco know that she had realized she wasn't alone. Stepping out of the shadows from where he had watched her, he greeted her coolly, "Hello Mother," before she had time to reach for her wand. Stepping behind her, he put a hand on the back of her chair, not being able to trust himself with it on her shoulder. Leaning down he glanced at the papers before her before arching a brow at her.

"And whose life are you running today?"
Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave,
When First We Practice To Deceive.
~ Sir Walter Scott ~
Tuesday, January 24th ~ Morning

I was sure that Draco and Potter would - well Draco at least would have contacted me by now. Unless that stupid Gryffidor is dense enough to try and fight the potion.

Moving over to her desk, Narcissa ripped open the latest reports that had been delivered that morning. What she read didn't please her. Not at all. If Lucius was going to be released soon, this situation had to be taken care of before that occurred.

He's still seeing the Greengrass wench.

The potion - Severus made it - it can't have failed. I wonder if she's using something equally as - subtle to keep him at her side?

What could persuade her -

A satisfied smile curved her mouthCollapse )
The Continued Investigation Into The Azkaban Allegations
Thursday, January 19th ~ Morning

"This is Ezekiel Brunderbluss, breaking into your regular programing to bring you this update. As reported previously by the WWN, investigations continue into conditions at Azkaban. Narcissa Malfoy, wife of imprisoned Death Eater Lucius Malfoy, has stepped forward among rumors of a counter suit filed against the Ministry and Wizengamot that surfaced earlier in the week."

Sounds of a banging door can be heard and an ensuing scuffle. The next voices are muted, as though through a covered microphone. "This should be my story! Do you have any idea who I am?"

"Damn it Rita, you can't do this! We're live! She asked for Lachlan, it was the only way we got the exclusive."
More scuffling noises, then a flustered Ezekiel whispering, "Sit down, shut up and don't touch anything!"

"Sorry for the interruption folks, we experienced minor technical difficulties."


She contacted our own Lachlan PeasegoodCollapse )
Solicitors Are Good For Something Beyond Being Annoying Prats
Tuesday, January 17th ~ Evening

Narcissa had taken great care with her appearance. She hadn't been able to see her husband for ten years and now was not the time to appear lacking in any manner. He would have expected her to keep certain standards, which she had of course, but to have even one hair out of place would not do. Satisfied at last, Narcissa moved to put on the newest ermine cloak she'd received just the day before to cover the low bodice of her gown.

If we're left alone, then I'll take it off. Those creatures that call themselves guards might actually drool.

Hearing the last of the evening newsCollapse )
This Program Was Sponsored By The Three Broomsticks...
Monday, January 16th ~ Afternoon

"The proceeding program was brought to you by the Three Broomsticks, located in central Hogsmeade. Stop in for a bite and a pint, or ask about their back room, available for party reservations! Book now, leave the cooking and cleaning to someone else while you sit back and enjoy your event."

"As always ladies and gentlemen WWN is always interested in the comments and concerns of our listeners. If you have one, please contact us by owl or floo. We appreciate the interest shown and will respond as soon as possible. The Wizarding Wireless Network now returns you to our regularly scheduled programing."
Evil Ovens And Interfering Mothers
Monday, January 16th ~ Afternoon

Draco turned over and scowled at the tapping eagle owl. How it knew which room he was in when it couldn't see through the glass was a mystery. "Winky!" As the form beside him in the bed grumbled at the noise, Draco kicked it lightly. "Why are you still - oh! The tongue, right. Stay put."

Grumbling about inept house elves, Draco made his way over to the doors and snatched the note.

Draco dear,Collapse )
You Never Know What You'll Find With A Little Surprise Visit
Monday, January 9th ~ Late Afternoon

Minerva watched the infuriating woman leave her office. She had been severely tested to the limits of her considerable patience in dealing with Narcissa. After the door closed behind her, the quill in Minerva's hand snapped in two.

"Albus, I don't know how you managed to deal with those people all those years. I certainly haven't found a way yet. She sets my teeth on edge the moment I see her. I'm certainly glad she didn't lower herself to attend the reunion celebration."
This Will Never Do
Saturday, January 7th ~ Late Evening

Shuffling through the reports that had been delivered, Narcissa sorted them and then began reading.

No trace of a child - so either the Weasley cow is totally demented or Draco is more resourceful than I realized. The 'shower' could still be useful either way. The interaction between Potter and Draco was somewhat restrained here - so it will give me an opportunity to observe how they react to each other in a - normal setting.

Picking up the next stack of papersCollapse )
Pre-strike Reconnaissance
Thursday, January 5th ~ Late Afternoon

The possibility of a child - that her child had never mentioned, drove Narcissa to move her plans forward. Exactly how took a little longer than she would have liked. An idea had occurred to her the night before while she was courting sleep. The morning sun found her searching her husband's desk once again and the satisfied glint in her eyes was the only clue she finally found what had taken her most of the day to find.

Calling one of the house elves inCollapse )