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Dung and the Fae -- Hogsmeade -- Complete

A wishing well of butterfly tears
Wednesday, June 21st -- Very, Very Early Morning

Dung had been skulking waiting in the shadows most of the night. Every time he began to creep out of his alley of choice, some drunken weirdo wearing a silly looking hat and clunky boots would stumble by.

He'd wandered past the 'Sticks more than once to see what all the fuss was about and those people... Sickos, the whole lot o' them. Playing their kinky pirate dress-up games. In public no less.

Didn't even get an invite. I even have a stuffed parrot. Could have shown them how a real pirate dresses, they all got the look completely wrong.

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Vasily 1

Maev and Vasily :: Winter Court :: Complete

Round like a circle in a spiral
Like a wheel within a wheel
Never ending

An afternoon near the solstice

The retreat had been long and wearisome. The horses would take some days to recover; Vasily left the stables displeased.

A warband lost its morale when sent out again and again on fool's missions. Let the queen's army maintain the borders against Summer; this near to the nadir of their power they should not be wasting steeds on doomed offensive runs.