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Various ~ The Streets of Hogsmeade ~ Complete

The Hunt is On
Friday, December 30th ~ Night

Draco sauntered down the street, swerving slightly as though tipsy. Humming lightly to cover the pounding heart he was sure was trying to leap out of his chest - his newly enhanced chest - he kept his eyes watching the street before him.

They damn well better put me in my own bloody clothes before they let anyone see my dead body.

Ginny, The Watcher, Arthur & Molly Weasley - Hogsmeade - Complete

Tuesday, December 27th ~ VERY early morning

It was late; very, very late. Ginny had arranged for her things to arrive the following morning, only carrying a small bag with her as she walked through the streets of Hogsmeade. She didn't know why, but she had wanted to arrive in town after it had fallen into slumber for the night.

She had left without warning and was now returning without warning, which she knew was going to be met with less than quiet once the word was out. Mum, alone, is going to be heard all the way to London. So, she enjoyed this moment of quiet all to herself, the calm before the storm.

Things looked the same, but different, which was a familiar feeling to Ginny as of late. Taking that apprenticeship had been a blessing and a curse for her. She had learned so much, mainly about a lifestyle she had thought she wanted, but turned out to hate. Things moved slower for her now, now that she had no want of the fast lane. Instead she found that she did indeed want home, and home was here.

She smiled as The Three Broomsticks came into view. She ran her fingers across the glass of the front window, tempted to knock and see if anyone would answer at this hour. But she resisted, she really wasn't ready yet. She needed just a few more minutes to herself and the quiet.