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Draco, Seamus and Harry ~ Draco's Penthouse ~ Complete

Merlin, Defend Me From My Friends;
From My Enemies I Can Defend Myself.
Monday, March 13th ~ Evening

Daphne had asked Harry to let her handle the situation with Draco and while Harry fully intended to honor that request, he still wanted to know what the fuck was going on. Since Daphne was at work, Harry took the chance that Draco would be at home and Apparated over without sending any notice.

That way he can't take off and make me hunt for him.

Draco, Ginny, Seamus and Daphne ~ Flats to Un Peu de Ciel ~ Complete

Observation Experiment One
Saturday, March 11th ~ Afternoon

Draco had overslept. He had overslept and he was suppose to have lunch with Flammable today. After getting ready he hadn't been able to shake off the feeling that there was something he had forgotten to do...

"Fuck!" Apparating to the landing outside Ginny's door, Draco didn't bother to knock - he did own the bloody building after all - and barged in, hollering as he moved from room to room. "Ginny! Where are you? You'd better be dressed because we're-"

"What the hell are you doing?"

Various cast || Hogwarts to Glen Hollow || Complete

There is a party, everyone is there.
Everyone will leave at exactly the same time.
Friday, March 10 || Evening

They weren't due at Harry's for a while yet, but Remus was ready and knocking at Izabel's door.

It had been much too late to disturb her when he'd got back last night, and he was hoping for a moment of quiet talk before heading out to meet everyone.

And if she weren't ready yet and he got to sit on the bed and watch her prepare, well.

It was his birthday, wasn't it? He could do what he wanted.
Rita Skeeter

Various ~ WWN Live Broadcast From The Streets Of Hogsmeade ~ MA ~ Complete

"I Don't Give A Damn What Your Job Description Is, Witherpool. This. Is. My. Story!"
Wednesday, March 8th ~ Mid Afternoon

Rita looked up and down the busy street, moved over to a pleasant looking women and snatched the microphone out of her hands. "Damn it, Anastasia! This is my story! I spent the night under that table with their smelly feet - although the view wasn't bad - I deserve this! Shoo!"

Bumping the shocked woman aside, Rita smiled at the crowd and turned on the mic. "Good afternoon to all our listeners! Rita Skeeter here with a special live fuck, I hope very lively broadcast from Hogsmeade! As you may all recall, last night The Three Broomsticks held a poker tournament exclusive to men. Like I was about to stay away from that! Well ladies, it seems they have decided to make it up to us!"

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WWN ~ Commercial ~ Complete

If, after the first twenty minutes, you don't know who the sucker at the table is, it's you. ~ Unknown
Tuesday, March 7th ~ Evening

"The preceding program was brought to you by the Three Broomsticks who have a challenge for all the gentlemen in our listening audience. Looking for something fun to do on a dull night? Something stimulating, but not serious? Join us at the Three Broomsticks for our first ever Poker Night! No money will be involved, but there will be prizes in the form of free drinks, free meals and a grand prize for the big winner of the evening.

"As always ladies and gentlemen WWN is always interested in the comments and concerns of our listeners. If you have one, please contact us by owl or floo. We appreciate the interest shown and will respond as soon as possible. The Wizarding Wireless Network now returns you to our regularly scheduled programing."

Gabby, Daphne, Rose, Ginny, Vera, Hermione, Seamus ~ Three Broomsticks ~ Complete

Ladies Night
Saturday, March 4th ~ Evening

Gabrielle shrank down in her seat slightly as she saw Molly bustle behind the bar, hoping to go unnoticed. Thankfully her own family hadn't heard of the false engagement yet, but Gabby was afraid every time she saw Bill's mother that the woman would tie her to a chair and plan a wedding. As Molly went back into her kitchen, Gabrielle sat back up and looked around for Ginny.

When the other woman had suggested Gabby needed to get out more - well, she couldn't deny it. Although she had the feeling that she would have been more relaxed had they met somewhere else.

Various -- The Three Broomsticks -- Complete

Let Them Eat Cake!
Wednesday, March 1 -- Late Afternoon

If there was one thing Ron held close to his heart, it was food and on birthdays you got a lot of food. A lot of cake too.

So he was very, very excited when he walked into The Three Broomsticks on his birthday to see his mum and dad.

To be honest he was more excited to see his mum as she was probably the one with the food and his dad would more than likely be trying to steal it...
hey now

Adrian, Izabel, Seamus, Vera and Roger -- Hogsmeade -- Incomplete

Playing Hookey
Sunday, February 26th -- Early Afternoon

Adrian and Izabel walked along the path to Hogsmeade. It seemed like a nice day to go to the pub, and Izabel didn't want to go alone so Adrian was happy to go along. He believed there was nothing wrong with drinking on a Sunday, especially if you were going to be teaching a bunch of kids the next day. Mondays were always a bother.

"Well look who's back in town." Adrian said to Izabel, gesturing to a short Irish man who just walked out of Luna's shop.

I should owl Luna sometime. Ask her if she'd be interested in scheduling a study session.

Draco, Ginny, Seamus and Luna ~ Dragon's Lair ~ Complete

I guess I just prefer to see the dark side of things. The glass is always half empty. And cracked. And I just cut my lip on it. And chipped a tooth.
- Janeane Garofalo
Friday, February 24 ~ Afternoon

Draco leaned back into the soft dark leather of booth, watching the comings and goings of the cafe with blank eyes. He had sent Ginny an owl to meet him as soon as he had arrived home this morning, not yet ready to see whatever disgusting display Potter and Greengrass were sure to put on. After locking the two in a room together on Valentine's Day, Draco had made sure the staff knew not to tell him a damn thing about any noises or room service requests and proceeded to get thoroughly pissed.

And woken up in Venice. How was still a mystery, but the timing had been ideal. Away from his family, away from - them, just the break he needed right?

Until you took into account the number of vacationing lovers. Gah. So back home it was. As a flash of red caught his eye, Draco found himself grinning and hoping it was Ginny. He had actually missd a Weasley. Un-frickin-believable.

Seamus, Ginny and Luna ~ Hogsmeade ~ Complete

If You Once Turn On Your Side
After The Hour At Which You Ought To Rise,
It Is All Over.
~ Sir Walter Scott ~
Thursday, February 16th ~ Morning

The day began for Luna when she woke up. It didn't matter what the clock told her or if it was darkest night outside. She'd decided a long time ago that there had to be a reason for waking up and she wouldn't find out what it was if she stayed in bed and fell asleep again. Hence, the middle of the night visit to the little building beside the post office. She'd finally been able to rent it and had been anxious to get started cleaning it out. There were oodles of things the previous tenant had left and until she'd looked at all of it, she wouldn't know what to get rid of. Just trashing the whole lot would be something that most people would do, but would horrify Luna. Who knew what treasures you might find.

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