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Daphne and Roman ~*~ Her Flat ~*~ Mature Audiances ~*~ Complete

One That Loved Not Wisely But Too Well
Wednesday, November 30th ~ Late Evening

It had been a long day at the restaurant, but productive. The new pastry chef had asked for the day off and Daphne had gladly stepped into take over the dessert baking. It was just like when she'd first opened the place and the whole morning had been spent up to her elbows in fantastic smells and textures.

She was pleasantly tired when she let herself into her flat.

And froze.

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Smoking Jacket

Roman and Izabel ~ His house ~ Mature Audiences ~ Complete

Eternity Begins With Tonight
Tuesday, November 15th ~ Late Evening

Roman had sent Izabel an owl when he had first arisen instructing her to meet him at his house. This evening was the perfect time to begin. The full moon would incapacitate the wolf and keep him weak for days. By the time he recovered from his cycle, the process would be well under way and the necessity for remaining away from the beast would be explained to Izabel.

No longer will she be his paramour, but eventually my wife in every way that is possible.

The satisfaction that ran through Roman at this thought surprised him in a small way. He never had liked the idea of sharing her with him, but had borne it with ill concealed discontent. Glancing around the small living room, he was pleased with the arrangements he had made. Soft pillows on the floor in front of the hearth, scented candles that smelled of the freshest roses and a bottle of wine with a single glass.

You will drink more than wine tonight, my love.

Roman and Daphne - Her Flat - Complete

Tuesday, November 1st - Hours before Dawn

He'd waited, patiently, for her to come home. Of his three Roman had decided she would be the one most likely to give him what he desired tonight - devotion and just a hint of fear.

Izabel's defiance still weighed heavily on his mind and the fact that all three of them were unavailable when he hungered this evening added to his unease. Where had they been, had he been found out?

Rose was young, sweet and easily manipulated. She would give in far too easily, make him want to forgive too quickly. On the other hand, he knew that another show of will from Izabel so soon might cause him to do something - regrettable. That left Daphne.

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Roman, Rose, Daphne and Izabel -- Daphne's Flat -- Complete

The insane root
That takes the reason prisoner.

Thursday, October 26th - After sunset

Roman reached for Rose's hand and kissed the back, looking up at her delicate face. "I shall return, my dark Rose."

He turned to the other woman and did the same. "I ask you both to remain here until I do, my titan haired beauty."

One final glance around Sandra - Daphne, he was forced to remind himself yet again - Daphne's flat assured him that the mood was set. Tonight he was going to introduce his third bride to the other two. He'd been surprised to learn that Rose and Daphne were already aware of his relationship with the other but it made sense. They spent time with each other and Rose had been in this very flat the night he'd first tasted Daphne, it was only to be expected that they would make the connection. He hoped they'd accept Izabel as easily. Tonight was the first time he'd called them both at the same time and Roman hadn't mentioned there would be another joining them.

Roman stepped out onto the small balcony and dissolved into mist, leaving the two women alone.

Roman, Rose, Daphne and Harry ~ Hogsmeade ~ Mature Audiences ~ Complete

Finding A Rose Amongst The Thorns
Sunday, October 23rd ~ After Sunset

Instead of heading for Hogwarts, Roman remained in Hogsmeade. Izabel had been his the night before, so it would be safe for him to seek the company of his lovely Rose this evening. Resisting the urge to take his dark haired beauty was easier when he'd been with Izabel. His heart, such as it was, demanded he wait and keep her unsullied until she was truly one with him.

He had followed the trail and found himself outside an eating establishment of some kind and for a moment he remembered what it was like to consume food as nourishment. The sweet tang of a long ago strawberry coated his tongue and the image of a titan haired beauty appeared in his mind as she fed it to him.

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Rose and Roman ~ The Streets of Hogsmeade ~ Mature Audiences ~ Complete

There is a Thirst
Tuesday, October 4th ~ Night

Izabel had kept him waiting again. He didn't like that she resisted, even if she was trying to keep their rendezvous secret. Especially from the one she was "involved" with. He'd taken only what he needed to dampen the thirst and then sent her away in punishment, denying them both the exquisite pleasure of coupling. In truth, Roman wasn't sure who he was angrier with, her for hesitating to answer his call or himself for caring too much.

He couldn't help but regret his choice now as his hunger was once again foremost in his mind.

There had been a few people out in the streets of the town, some alone even. But none called to him as Izabel did. Too bad I don't know where to find that woman from the other night. She would have been an excellent concubine. No, not a concubine... a bride.

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White Shirt

Roman, Hermione and Izabel ~ Forbidden Forest ~ Complete

Something Wicked This Way Comes
Thursday, September 22 ~ Late Evening

Roman paced the clearing in the forest, the grass under his feet quickly become flattened as his steps traced the trail of his agitation. She had not come. She had resisted him. The very idea was so ludicrous as to nearly be impossible, but she had done it. And yet... he paused and focused his energy on her. He could sense her frustration. She wasn't held against her will, but circumstances...

Shaking his head, a growl of frustration was his only outlet in that moment. He blinked as his body's needs overwhelmed his control for a moment, his eyes refocusing as they changed and the strange ache of his canines extending. Cursing, he drove his fist into a tree, his need for Izabel's blood and body great enough to fracture his control.

And then he smelled her. Not his Izabel, so familiar, so desired, but another. Fresh. Young. Untasted. With a superhuman effort, he reined in his hunger and returned his appearance to one more seemly to frail mortals. And waited.

Come to me, little one. Come to me.
White Shirt

Roman and Izabel ~ His Home In London And Hosgmeade ~ Mature Audiences ~ Complete

Destiny Unknown
Thursday, September 8th ~ Just After Sundown

Roman glanced at the glass of liquid in his hand and grimaced. One of his elves always made sure the vile stuff was ready when he rose.

Such joy that exists in my life. Another meal courtesy of the Ministry. Perhaps if they found a way to store and ship it without turning it to powder form it might make it a little more palatable, was the thought that crossed his mind before he took a sip. As a shiver of revulsion ran over his frame, I doubt it, followed close behind before he resolutely drained the glass.

She's to blame for this as well. It tastes even worse than before.

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star gazing

Izabel and Roman ~ Between Hogsmeade and Hogwarts ~ Mature Audiences ~ Complete

Oh, I Know You.
Monday, September 5th, Midnight

Having left the other women still having fun at The Three Broomsticks, Izabel was enjoying the walk back to Hogwarts. It was warm enough that the trek could be taken at leisure. Her gaze didn't stray from the stars very often, only long enough to make certain that she was on the right path. At one point a figure ahead of her gave her pause, but she realized who it was almost at once.

"Hello. I haven't seen you for a long time. How have you been?" she asked with a smile. "Have you been to see Horace?"