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Seated professor

Various cast * Hogwarts * Complete

Yeah, 'cause silence is knowledge
And knowledge is power
I'm under explicit orders to dare not speak its name
Monday, December 11 * Afternoon

Vector stood at the head of the staff lounge, running briskly and efficiently through a parchment scroll of party plans.

"There will be no music, and entertainment will come in the form of an after-dinner lecture. I've found a supremely tedious man who does 20 minutes on the dietary habits of Wilfred Elphick."

"Board member Higgins will be ready to leave following the truite au bleu, because he is frightened of fish, even if they are prepared perfectly in court bouillon. The Martinses will be offended that we're going with a French menu instead of a traditional English."

"In short, I believe all the undesirables will be ready to leave by 8 at the latest, due to the highly unfashionable start time we've selected."

"At which point, restraint of the ..." Vera paused and closed her eyes, before using what Roger had insisted was the proper terminology, "'newbies and virgins' will be left up to my partner in crime and the real party may begin."

She folded her arms and looked around the room, quite pleased with herself on the whole.

Wait. What?

Adrian, Hestia, Roger and Vera * The Three Broomsticks * Incomplete

It's entertainment
keep the crowd on their toes,
it's justice, we're safe.
It's not a hit, it's a holiday
Monday, November 27 * Evening

"Honestly!" Vera's voice rang through the semi-crowded pub.

"It's like the second coming of the Weasley twins — but why did they have to choose both the Great Hall and the second floor classrooms? The smell will linger for days, mark my words."

The Arithmancy professor groused some more, grumbling loudly enough to get the elderly wizard sitting alone at the large table in the middle of the 'Sticks to clear off to a quieter corner where he could nurse his ale in peace.
Muggle Studies

Colin, Vera, Daphne, Harry and Anne - Hogwarts - Complete

Yes, yes, there's history involved. The important thing is that you get to make a really big fire!

Sunday, November 5th - Evening

It had taken a bit of finagling but Colin had managed to convince Minerva that having a bonfire would be an educational experience for the children. Of course it meant that now he'd have to actually try to teach them something, but with any luck the actual learning could be over and done with quickly.

That was the plan anyway.

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Pensive profile

Harry, Minerva, Remus, Roger and Vera • Hogwarts • Complete

Something is changing inside of me
colors seem darker in light
and I don't know what that means
but it's not a good sign
Wednesday, November 1 • Morning

The room smelled of smoke. It smelled of smoke, and she had to leave.

Vera didn't pause to get dressed. She walked out to the sitting room, to the fireplace, and opened the bag of Floo powder with shaking fingers.

"Roger? Wake up."

She stood next to his bed, arms wrapped tightly about herself.

"They're back, Roger. We have to go see Minerva. We have to ... we have to do something."

Minerva and Various ~ Hogwarts ~ Complete

You wouldn't believe
On All Hallow Eve
What lots of fun we can make,
With apples to bob,
And nuts on the hob,
And a ring-and-thimble cake.
~ Carolyn Wells
Tuesday, October 31st ~ Late Evening

As Minerva closed the door of her quarters a smile lingered on her lips. The annual Halloween feast had gone well and only three students had had to visit Poppy before heading to bed. She missed Albus the most on this day. His love of sweets had been legendary and while most of the teaching staff indulged a little, she'd always wondered if he hadn't indulged a lot.

I should see about having his portrait moved to the Great Hall for - Who am I kidding, she decided with an small laugh. He was probably peeking out from one of the other portraits the whole night.
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WWN Hallowe'en Broadcast

A spider crawled across my face,
Spreading its web on the human race …
Mama Loi, Papa Loi
I see fire in the dead man's eye
Saturday, Oct. 28 ~ Nightfall to dawn

"... Get your fun in while you can, because a cold front will be settling in tomorrow. Tonight will be a busy night across the land, with pubs packed and parties in full swing.

"And why do you think it is, my dear listeners? Just because the holiday proper falls on a weekday? Oh, no, I hardly think it's that simple.

"Hallowe'en is Tuesday. All Hallows' Eve, Samhain, the night when spirits may breech the barrier between their world and ours with ease.

"Let all the good little witches and wizards have their fun tonight. Make it your own. For Hallowe'en ... does not belong to us."

Roger, Remus, Vera and Izabel ~ Hogsmeade ~ Complete

You don't need new pants. You just need pants. And the party's in New York, so you may not even need pants.
- Gilmore Girls
Saturday, October 21st ~ Afternoon

Roger hadn't forgotten his initial concerns about the upcoming party at Potter's, far from it in fact.

Hence his current mission. A few words about his own pajama bottoms being worn enough to warrant the purchase of new ones - less the others split in the middle of the party - had secured company on this shopping trip, the off hand mention that perhaps he should pick up something covering warm for Vera to wear as well had been met with more skepticism.

Now in the middle of a department that could pass as a modest great-grandmother's closet - most assuredly not the same shop Vera had made previous purchases at - Roger held up a garment in front of him, asking for his reluctant accomplice's opinion. "It's still a bit low cut isn't it?"
On the town2

Roger and Vera • Barcelona • Complete

¿Qué es la vida? Un frenesí,
¿Qué es la vida? Una ilusión,
una sombra, una ficción,
y el mayor bien es pequeño:
que toda la vida es sueño,
y los sueños, sueños son.
Friday, September 22 • Evening

Portkeys were so much more convenient than dealing with airports and all that bother. No crowds, no waiting: just stop by an office and in an instant, one's holiday has officially begun, sans jet lag.

Vera hadn't been in Spain since one miserable holiday with her family when she was a teenager going through a rather sulky phase.

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Staff ~ Hogwarts ~ Incomplete

All those in favor for
cutting the workweek short,
raise your hands and say yeah!

Friday, September 15th ~ Afternoon

The school year is two weeks old, and the ebb and flow of classes have nearly become routine: or at least they will be once Hogwarts sports a full complement of teachers once more.

Hogwarts welcomes the new Muggle Studies teacher! And what better way to do so than the comforting embrace of a Friday staff meeting?